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I must be fine cos' my hearts still beating

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When I woke up my head felt as if it was filled with concrete, weighing it down and making me feel, quite bluntly, like shit. My stomach felt weird too, I couldnt figure out whether I had cramp or felt queasy and I had disgusting taste in my mouth. Groaning, I rolled onto my other side and pulled the blanket right up over my head hoping that if I just went back to sleep then I would be okay. There was a small chink of golden sunlight across the floor from a small gap in the curtains, at least it wasnt raining anymore. With some luck we could leave this god damn place today. Damn whore house with its damn whores.
Wait... whores...
I shot up as the memories of last night came flooding back, Frank - Gary.
"Oh god..." I put my face in my hands and shook my head frantically. I couldnt beleive it, surely it was all a dream. There was no way I would have done nothing if it was real. Right?
I heard some one knocking on our door and moved my hands away from my face, looking over at the door wondering if it was Merl. But I knew it wasnt from the quiet, timid knock. I looked over at Ray who was still asleep, he was lying on his stomach with the blankets twisted round his legs - his pale back showing. He was snoring and his curls moved in time with his breathing. Gingerly I climbed out of bed and made my way over to the door in just my underwear, who ever it was they worked in this damn place so they've probably seen worse than a grumpy, guilty, queasy, depressed, vampiric looking sod wearing only watery grey underwear.
At least lets hope they have.
There was another knock just as I gripped the handle, wishing they would be a little more patient I turned the metal in my hand and swung the door open. I had to look down a few inches to see who was there, my heart skipped more than one beat and my stomach twisted into knots. He looked up at me, streaks on his cheeks where his tears had fallen and dried. His eyes were badly blood shot and his hair a mess, he was wearing the trousers he had been in last night and he was shaking from head to foot but I doubt it was because he was cold.
"Err - Hey. I - I was just wondering if I could get my clothes." He said quietly, his voice wobbling. I nodded silently and stepped aside, unable to take my eyes off him. When he walked past me into the room I saw bruises over his back and the top of his arms, a particularly nasty bite mark on his left shoulder was surrounded by bruised and swollen flesh. I felt like bursting into tears, or falling to my knees and apologising over and over again for not helping him. I wanted him to yell at me and hurt me - I wanted him to hate me for how I just stayed here as he got hurt. But he just walked over to the small chest of drawers and pulled out a baggy white shirt made of very thin fabric - it looked like something worn by gypsies, simple and flowing. He also took out a pair of quarter length brown trousers and then shut the drawer.
He turned to face me with the clothes in his hands, his eyes caught mine and we both looked away. But then my eyes drifted back to look at him and when he too looked back he seemed angry.
"Why are you staring at me?" He snapped, although he tried to sound feirce I could tell he was scared. I blushed a light shade of pink and looked down at the floor.
"Nothing its just... shouldnt you get that checked out?" I asked, nodding at the bite on his shoulder. He looked at it and went bright red when he saw it, his lips quivered and he took a deep breath before speaking.
"Its fine, it looks worse than it really is. A few of the customers we get here are into the err.. the weird stuff." His voice got quieter as he spoke until I could barely hear him and he turned away from me. I bit my lip, wondering what to do but I wasnt given a chance to do anything before he walked to the door and left the room without another word.

After breakfast I considered telling Ray all I had heard the night before, but I didnt want him to turn round and start yelling at me for not helping Frank, and besides - it was Franks business anyway. I had no right to tell any body about it. Even so, I felt like I needed to tell some one. I didnt know what to do and wanted some body to give me advice. I mean sure, technically I didnt have to do anything but deep inside I knew I owed it to Frank to do something. But what?
Merl led us out of our room once we were dressed and ready to go, she chatted happily to us as we walked down the stairs and I struggled to stop myself from lashing out at her. It became even harder when we reached the bar to find Frank serving, and Gary sat on a stool trying to flirt with the poor boy. Ray noticed my clenched fists and gritted teeth and asked me what was wrong. I took a deep breath and shook my head.
"So gentlemen, did you have a good night?" Asked Gary as we approached the bar, Ray answered in the positive and sat down on one of the stools. I groaned and sat beside him, all I wanted to do was leave this damn place - I definitely didnt want to have a drink with this bastard at god knows what time in the morning.
"What about yourself sir?" Asked Ray as Frank served us two pints of ale. Gary looked over at Frank and smiled at him with a wink, Franks cheeks flushed pink and he turned away, washing some glasses with a dirty cloth.
"Oh, my evening was just wonderful thanks." Gary responded, finally dragging his eyes off Frank to look at Ray. He looked over at me and then smirked. "So, are you two gentlemen a couple?" He asked. Ray turned and looked at me before giving a nervous laugh and shaking his head.
"No, no. We're friends." He chuckled, finishing with a large gulp of ale. "But... do we come across as gay? I mean, you must be at least the second person to ask us that." He added, leaning forward and looking curiously at Gary who shrugged with a grin.
"Well, if I saws ya' on the street I wouldnt 'av. But its not often do fine looking gentlemens like yourselves come in 'ere together, so I just assumed is all." He said in a voice I think was meant to sound sweet. Ray breathed a sigh of relief and nodded as I gave a sickened look at Gary before looking away - Coming face to face with Frank who was leaning his elbows on the bar and ... staring at me. I blinked a few times and looked at him in shock. He stared at me for a moment longer before whispering.
"Will you come out back for a minute?" I nodded silently and followed him as he came out from behind the bar and over to a door in the corner of the room. He opened it and was about to step outside when Gary shouted at him.
"Where you going kid? No hanky panky now" He cackled to himself and Frank gave me a helpless look before seizing my wrist and dragging me outside, pulling the door shut behind us. I didnt have time to say anything before he slammed me into the wall, gripping my shoulders with surprising strength. I opened my mouth to speak but he cut across me.
"Last night - Did you hear anything?" He demanded, his eyes frantically searching mine. I began to stutter, unsure of what to say - unsure of what he wanted me to say. "Well! Did you!?" He cried. I tried again to answer but couldnt, finally, unable to lie I nervously nodded my head. Once I did he sighed and loosened his grip on me, looking down at the floor, his body trembling lightly.
"I - I thought you did. I heard someone trying to open the door but it was locked, and then I could hear you crying in your bed..." Frank looked back at me with sad eyes. I didnt know what to say, he thought I had tried to help him. Someone had tried to open the door.
"I - I just wanted to know if I was right. I mean, just so... ya' know... I could ask you not to say anything... it'd be even more painful if everyone knew." He whispered looking away from me. I sighed and put my hands on his shoulders, making him look back at me.
"Dont worry, I wont say a word to anyone." I promised. Frank gave me a weak smile and I just about heard a thankyou. He went to turn away when I stopped him. "Frank. Err... are you... okay?" I asked. He sighed and shrugged.
"I guess so, I just cant wait for that - that... that demon to get away from here... I'm alright. I mean, I'm still alive right?" He smiled warmly at me before brushing a stray strand of hair out of my face and then walking back over to the door.
"Oh - what was your name again?" He asked.
"Its Gerard." I replied. Frank stopped with his hand on the door handle.
"And where are you from? Your accent sounds strange..." He mumbled. I grinned.
"I'm American." I answered. Frank flashed me a genuine smile and giggled, a sweet warm sound that made me want to squeeze him tight. Why did I feel like this?
"Coo. See you around then maybe?" He said before opening the door and going back into the bar.

A/N: Yaay! Actual Gerard and frank interaction! XD Sorry the chapter was so short but hope y'all liked it anyway :]
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