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A shadow of the valley of death

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Later in the day Ray and I left the whore house into bright sunlight, the streets were still extremely wet and water was running into the drains. Ray took a deep breath and gave a contented sigh. "Ahh, I love the smell of air right after rain. Its so fresh." He said happily. I nodded and turned to look back at the door of the whorehouse. It looked so normal from the outside, but no one knew of the horrors that took place behind that painted door with its shiny golden numbers. Like a cruel person hiding behind a kind mask. And I had unintentionally ripped away that mask to reveal what was beneath. Ray saw me staring at the door and laughed.
"Oh Gerard, not missing it already are you?" I spun round to face him, a look of outrage on my face.
"No!" I cried. Ray laughed harder and patted my shoulder.
"You sound like a child who has just been caught stealing food from the kitchen. Lighten up, I was only messing with you." He had a large smile on his face and clearly had thought the whore house as nothing more than a humorous tale to tell once we got back to America once the few months here were up. I, on the other hand, would be happy if I never saw nor heard of this place ever again.
But as we began to walk away I couldnt help but keep looking back at the building, wondering if Frank would be okay. After all, now he had been...taken... surely Merl would see it as an oppurtunity to get more money. As far as she was concerned Frank was now capable of anything customers wanted and he was a gorgouse little something as well - if he was raking in enough money without sex just imagine what he would be earning once other men found out that one little boundary had been broken. The thought churned my stomach and the fact that Ray knew nothing of last night made it worse. No doubt he would probably be talking about this for the rest of the week, probably finding it extremely funny.
I decided that the best thing to do was to forget about all of it. Forget about the house, forget about Gary, forget about Merl and more importantly, forget about Frank. The kid was in there and I couldnt get him out, he was gonna have to face his life alone. So forget about him.
Talk about easier said than done.
All day he was on my mind, it was like I could still hear his begs for help and the sound of his sobbing. I was beating myself up for not helping him, but then I had to keep reminding myself that I wouldnt have got into the room anyway. Some one had already tried to help him. I knew it wasnt Merl because of how happy she was in the morning, and it couldnt have been Ray because he was asleep. I guessed that meant it was one of the other whores who worked there. Surely some of them were friends with Frank and heard and tried to help. That seemed most likely to me, and I felt a little better knowing even if I had tried to help I wouldnt have been able to.

For the rest of the day Ray and I went round to some of the old places Ray had been to the first time he had been in London, like St. Pauls cathedral and the houses of parliament. He told me all about the Gun powder plot and then about the different monarchs who had ruled over England, the current one being Queen Victoria. Ray knew a lot about this sort of thing, he read a lot and was interested in history and stuff. I listened intently not just because it was sort of interesting, but in an attempt to get that damn whorehouse off my mind. It worked for a while, until we went back to the place we were staying to take baths and change for the evening.
I lay in the metal tub that I had filled with water from the kettle, having to boil it around fifteen times. For the first few minutes - as I washed and relaxed I thought about the day and everything Ray had been telling me. London had turned out to be a pretty interesting city, and I had enjoyed hearing about it. Didnt stop it from being cold though. I smiled to myself and tilted my head back, we would be going to a pub later (we had even got directions to the nearest one to avoid being in the cold for too long and then ending up in another whore house, or a morgue or something) and I was looking forward to talking to some English people. Normal English people, not whores and dirty old men. In the sexual sense of course, I dont think any one in this city is immensly clean in the hygeine department.
I had closed my eyes and was happily relaxed when Frank once more began prowling my thoughts. I was getting sick of thinking about him and it was only day one of being away from him. I guess I'm just feeling sorry for him, but thats no reason to have him constantly on my mind. I needed some one to talk to about it, but I couldnt tell Ray without having to tell him the full story.
"This is crap." I whispered to myself as I lay in the tub. I just wanted to relax for a while. Was that too much to ask? But every time I closed my eyes I saw his face, with those strange rings of metal peirced into his flesh. It was the oddest thing I had seen, yet it was in no way horrible to look at. In fact I found it interesting, making me unable to take my eyes away from his face. Or maybe it was just because he was so handsome...
Agh. That was completely uncalled for, I cant believe I just thought that. Anyone would think I fancied him. Ugh, I hate that word, fancied, it makes the person sound like a peice of cake or something. Though I suppose cake isnt a bad thing...
I sat up, deciding I needed to stop thinking - Now! I climbed out of the tub and grabbed a towel, drying and dressing quickly. Humming to myself to drown out my thoughts. Well, that was the theory at least.
When I met up with Ray we walked to the pub we had been told to go to as quickly as we could, though it wasnt raining the wind was still cold and the streets were crowded once more. All I can say is, thank God for Ray Toro. Without him I probably would have been hunting for that damn pub all night. It was tiny and the doorway was crowded with people socialising outside. Outside! In the freezing cold! I had been about to walk right past them when Ray had dragged me backwards into the pub. I was ready to punch him when I saw the bar and realised where we were.
We were now sat on stools laughing and drinking and I was feeling happier than I had for the entire time we had been in this damn City. Ray was trying to talk to me about politics I think but I wasnt listening. I was looking around the pub and seeing how the Brits interacted. They were laughing and smoking their pipes, flirting with the bar girl who was sweeping the floor. But it was good hearted flirting, not the stomach churning fondling that went on back on Acacia Avenue. She was a pretty girl I guess, wearing a red corset and long skirt, her brown hair pulled back into a loose half pony tail. She had dazzling green eyes and a sweet smile. She kept glancing over at me and giving me that smile, and I was beginning to hope she would come over and talk. I wouldnt mind talking to her...
"Anyways, it was amazing in short. Enjoyed every second of it - he pretended he didnt but I knew he loved it really." The voice caught my attention as two men sat down beside me, the cackle that followed was enough to confirm my suspicions but I turned my head to look anyway. And sure enough there he was. Gary. Sat talking with a man just as ugly as he was. They ordered drinks and then continued laughing, I was staring in horror at them but they didnt notice I was there.
"I told ya' he was good didn' I? Cant believe you fucked the lil' beggar though. Even I didn' get that lucky! Well, I'll have to go down there tommorow night or somethin' and try him out meself. Wooh, tha' kids gonna be gettin' a lotta customers now - Wait till' I tell the rest of the guys about this." The man with Gary laughed and took a deep gulp of his drink. Gary laughed along with him and pulled a small box out of his pocket.
"Snuff John?" He asked. The other man, John, looked at the box in Garys hand and grinned.
"Of course. Where d'ya get tha' then? Isn' it really expensive?" He asked. Gary smirked and flicked the box open to reveal a fine brown powder.
"Usually. But I found a dealer back at Acacia and he sold it to me for a few shillings. Got loads of it he says." Gary pinched some of the powder between his thumb and index finger, he raised it to his nose and sniffed it up in one breath before handing the box to John who did the same. They both exchamged grins and gave a deep sigh, Gary putting the snuff box back into his pocket. He turned to get his drink and saw me, Ray was still talking to me but he too stopped when he saw Gary.
"Well well well, aint you the guys from Acacia? Its good to see ya' again." He offered me his hand but I didnt take it, I was giving him the best death glare I could muster. Gary faltered before offering his hand to Ray instead who instantly shook it.
"Hey, good to see you too." He smiled. Gary grinned and introduced us to his friend John who shook Rays hand but got rejected by me. Ray gave me a confused look but didnt say anything. He began talking to John adn Gary about general things before Acacia was brought up.
"So, who did you sleep with last night then?" Gary asked. Ray chuckled and shook his head.
"Oh we didnt. We were only there the night because of the flood." He answered. Gary chuckled and took a gulp of his drink.
"Ah, shame. Well, if you go there again theres a great night in store if you go for that Frankie kid." My heart seemed to turn to ice and my eyebrows furrowed, but Ray merely laughed and shook his head.
"Oh no, I'm not gay." He said. John and Gary both shrugged and exchanged glances.
"Oh believe me, I wasnt gay either but that Frankie - he knows what he's doing. I highly recommend you try him out." Gary winked at Ray who opened his mouth to reply but I cut across him.
"Oh I'm sorry sir - but me and my friend here would not care to become a scandal like yourself." Ray gave me a shocked look and Gary raised an eyebrow.
"What is that supposed to mean?" He snarled. I gave an angry laugh and got to my feet, Gary doing the same. Fortunately I was slightly taller than him and being able to look down at him tied in with my rage gave me a high sense of power.
"Oh I think you know what I mean. That boy didnt want to have sex with you at all last night did he? Yet you took him anyway, completely ignoring his begs for you to stop. I swear, I have never been so sickened in my life." I said loudly, the whole pub went silent and turned to look at us, giving Gary looks of outrage and horror.
"That boy did want it. He just didnt realise it himself -"
"Thats the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard! How can you say he wanted it? He was sobbing and begging for help, he didnt want that anymore than you want my foot down your throat!" I snapped. Gary held his head up high and laughed. He laughed right in my face and that - was a baaad move.
"What would you know about what he wants? I know he wanted it, you werent there to see it were you? But I was there right in the front row having him pushing his ass against me, sobbing from the pure pleasure I was giving him, his hand pumping away at his cock with his hot little body glistening with sweat as he called my name -" Gary was standing on tip toe getting more and more in my face. "Oh Gary, oooh yessss, mooore Garry! Un I cant hold on! And I was causing those sounds as I thrust hard and deep into that tight little virgin ass -"
I had snapped. He had got so close his disgusting breath was reeking in my nose and I could feel his body temperature against my face. And he had just kept pushing it and pushing it, going on about Frank like that and I wasnt taking it - I had punched him with all my force and my god it felt good. He was lying on the floor with the rest of the pub staring at him to me, to him to me. But no one tried to help him, only John fell to his side and tried to stem the flow of blood coming from his nose. The bar girl walked over to me with pink flushed cheeks as she mumbled.
"I'm sorry sir, you'll have to leave. There'll be no fighting in this pub." I nodded and turned on my heel, sick of the place anyway. Ray followed me to the door but as we went to leave Gary called after me - his voice groggy.
"Ya' know what pal? Its not my fault your too uptight to admit you want to fuck that kid looong and haaard." My eye twitched and I turned round ready to storm back and kill the mother fucker, but Ray seized me by the collar of my shirt and dragged me out of the pub, everyone watching us as we left.
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