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The past aint through with you

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I ignored the look Ray was giving me as I stormed down the street, I was just going to go to my room and get some sleep or punch something to work out my rage. But Ray clearly was not prepared to leave me to my thoughts without an explanation. He struggled to keep up with me and had to jog to keep by my side. The wind was unsurprisingly cold and whipping my hair about my face, drops of rain making me even colder and if possible more angry.
"Gerard - Gerard slow down! What in the name of God was that all about?" Ray cried, tugging on my sleeve and trying to stop me, but I just sped up instead and shook away his grip.
"It was nothing." I snarled, rounding the corner to the inn we were staying at. Ray gave a bark like laugh that sounded pretty angry.
"Yeah, it looked like nothing too. I mean, its perfectly normal to just break a guys nose for no bleeding reason!" I stopped just outside the door to the inn and rounded on Ray who skidded to a halt, panting as he glared at me.
"Dont be such an ass Ray, of course I had a reason!" I snapped. Ray leant on one hip, brushing his hair roughly out of his face.
"Care to share it with me?" I shook my head and went to walk into the inn.
"No - I dont to be honest." I took hold of the door handle only to have Ray grab me by the shoulders and push me roughly into the wall, his face barely an inch from mine.
"Listen Way, I think I've been pretty patient with you so far. All you've done is complain about the weather and then all of today you've been acting weird but I figured you were just home sick or something and decided to leave it, but one thing I cant stand is people starting fights for seemingly no reason. You know I hate fighting so either tell me the reason or just fuck off back to America!" My jaw had dropped and I was glaring at Ray as he glared back at me.
"I dont want to argue with you Ray, I'm tired and pissed off so just let me go and we'll talk in the morning." Ray shook his head and gripped my jacket tighter, pressing me harder into the wall.
"Not before you tell me the reason." He snarled. I rolled my eyes, why did he care anyway? "Gerard... tell me the damn reason." I groaned and using all my force managed to shove him off me.
"Because that bastard Gary raped Frank last night, and I heard every fucking second of it. There - that reason good enough for you!?" I snapped before going to walk into the inn but once again Ray stopped me. He grabbed my arm and spun me round to face him as I rolled my eyes.
"What? Gary raped Frank? What are you talking about?" He cried. I sighed and looked to the sky in exasperation, god he was slow to catch on. I ended up having to tell him the whole thing, right there on the street in the cold. By the time I was finished Rays jaw was pretty much on the floor and my fingers felt as if they were about to join it. For a moment there was silence, Ray was giving me a look of horror as I waited for all I had told him to sink in. Eventually he spoke.
"Thats...awful..." I groaned and put my head in my hands.
"Thats all you have to say!?" I cried. Ray shrugged and gave me a helpless look.
"I dont know what to say. I mean, I cant beleive I slept through all of that, and how I didnt even catch on. I mean, signs were there I just didnt notice them. I'm such an idiot Gee." I sighed and shook my head.
"No your not Ray. You werent to expect this kind of thing to happen. But seriously, can I just go to my room now - I'm gonna get a drink and then go to bed. I'm tired." Ray nodded and followed me into the inn, he looked slightly dazed and he didnt say another word as he went into his room which was next door to mine. I called good night to him but he didnt answer - the poor guy had a pretty innocent heart. The difference between us was when something evil happened I was the one to go and start a fight and Ray was the one who would wonder why God would allow something so terrible to happen.
I sat down on my bed and undid the buttons on my shirt, wondering whether I may have over reacted when I punched Gary. As I allowed the fabric to slip from my shoulders onto the floor I decided I hadnt, after all that bastard deserved it. And I sincerely hoped I had broken his nose. I was about to take off my trousers when there was a knock on the door. I guessed it was Ray and wondered what he wanted. I answered the door without any shirt since he was my best friend only to find a young girl there, she only looked around eighteen and I recognised her as being one of the maids that worked here. She blushed when she saw me and I noticed her eyes lingering on my midriff, I cleared my throat causing her head to snap upwards - her cheeks going a darker shade of red.
"Erm, can I help you?" I asked, feeling a little self concious as she kept her eyes anywhere but on my face.
"Yes err, I was told to give you this - Mr Way right?" She asked my belly button. She held out a letter and I took it from her as I nodded, not like she could see anyway - her eyes were now fixated on my chest.
"Thanks." I said, going to close door but she stopped me, finally looking at my face - well my chin anyway but that was close enough.
"Sorry - could you tell me where err -" She looked down at the name on another letter. "Mr Toro is?" She looked at my collarbones and I rolled my eyes.
"Sure, he's next door. Good night." I said before shutting the door. The girl blushed as the door was shut in her face and I leant against the cool wood, tearing open the letter - it must be from back home. We had only been here a few days and it would take the same amount of time for the letter to get to England, that meant something bad had happened back at home and I was beginning to panic as the slip of paper fell out of the envelope into my hand. I unfolded it quickly and began to read, only for my panic to deminish to annoyance.
Will you be spending Friday evening alone? Will you bored with only your hand for company? If so come down to 22 Acacia Avenue, where we are having a party to celebrate our 10th anniversary, theres a free drink for everyone and you can stay in the bar and flirt with the girl (and guys) for free! Thats right, theres no charge. So come on down, it will be a great evening and you wont regret it.
Love the girls and guys at number 22 xxxxxxxx
I groaned and crumpled the paper in my fist, I guessed Ray had got one of these too and he would prabably want to go. I threw the paper into the bin and pulled off my trousers, climbing into the bed with a sigh. I supposed it would be nice to see Frankie again but then there was no doubt that Gary would be going, and if I saw him again I would probably kill him. It didnt matter though, I could always tell Ray I didnt want to go - he might not even want to go anyway.
There was another knock on my door and I rolled over to face it, I couldnt be bother to get up and answer it so I hoped who ever it was would go away. There was another knock and I heard Rays voice.
"Yo Gee, did you just get a letter for Acacia?" He called.
"Yeah - and I'm trying to get to sleep!" I called back.
"Oh, sorry man - but we'll go on Friday yeah? I dont mind the idea of a free drink and maybe you can see Frank okay?" I sighed and rubbed my eyes.
"Whatever Ray." I called back.
"Cool - night man!" I heard Ray walking away and pulled the duvet up over my head. Great. Looks like we havent seen the last of that whore house after all.

A/N: Sorry the chapters short, but the next one will be (hopefully) pretty long.
Just watch it be short now =/
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