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While looking for his sidekick Madison and Bob get trapped in a trailer.

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Adam saw Madison and knew he was screwed. He didn’t really like the girl he was with, but when Madison left he never thought she would be back the next day.

He walked up to her and sighed, “Madison, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright Adam. Honestly I like you as a friend nothing more. We can still be friends, right?”

“I’d like that,” he leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Madison spent the whole day with Bob she never realized how much work he actually did on show day. Making sure everything made it from one destination to the other and in one piece. He checked the pyros making sure that they were in good working order. It was time for the sound check and the rest of the band joined. For the first time ever Madison watched them. After listening to them she thought she might even catch a show before she had to leave.

An hour before the show Bob ran into the two girls that he met the night before along with their friend. They thanked him profusely for the backstage passes. They took pictures with the band before they started to get ready.

Madison was escorted back to the bus as she didn’t really want to get caught in the mayhem. Elisabeth and Derek on the other hand thought the show was great and laughed at how the fans got into it, especially when Frank rubbed his head against Gerard’s crotch. They giggled because the girls really seemed to love those moments.

After the show was done, everything was packed up and they made their way to the next venue, Dallas. It seemed they just fell asleep and they woke up in the new venue. They must have been here for a while because the bus driver was sleeping too.

The band prepared as they did for the last seven tour dates. One thing was for certain it was sure hot that day. The boys took the stage fifteen minutes earlier than the posted time as did every other band that day.

Madison decided to stay for this particular show as she didn’t know when they would be leaving. She watched Lyn-z and the rest of MSI then Taking Back Sunday. Everyone was being so nice to her. Okay not everyone. Even though she was stuck to Bob like glue he barely said two words to her, he was being a complete jerk. He confused the hell out of her being there when she saw Adam and the bimbo were together and now completely ingnoring her unless to bark orders.

She watched as the band did their pre-show antics of jumping jacks, high-fives and group hugs. It was finally time to take the stage.

She was enthralled as the crowd went crazy when they walked onstage as the music played and fire was popping out from either side of Bob’s drum kit. Gerard introduced the band and started into their first song, “How I Disappear”, Madison jumped when the fireworks went off before Gerard started singing. She was in awe of everything going on around here, the crowd, the band, everything. Next was “The Sharpest Lives,” Madison couldn’t help but notice that Bob was looking at her side of the stage, whenever she looked back he turned back to his kit. The next song she watched them perform was “I’m not Okay” which her mouth dropped as she watched the antics of Gerard and Frankie taking place on stage. At the end Gerard said that somebody should call the fire department. The next song “Famous Last Words” had her on edge as she watched all the flames around Bob and for the first time noticed the one behind him. They rocked the house during “Give ’Em Hell Kid” and “House of Wolves”. She loved the song “Heaven Help Us,” but nothing compared to “Welcome to the Black Parade” she loved all the tempo changes and her eyes sparkled as they watched the waterfall of sparklers raining down on the band. She also jumped at the one at the end that went off just behind Bob. The next song they sang was “Mama” and she loved watching the pyros but the end had her laughing as Gerard went through the bases on his body. At the beginning of the next song “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison,” Gerard goaded the band to take their shirts off. Frank was first, then Ray and finally Matt. Madison was hoping that Bob would do it too but was glad in the end when he didn’t. Next they did “Teenagers” where Matt and Ray were still shirtless but Frank ended up with a tank top on. After that was “Helena” and she loved how the whole band got into it. The band left the stage as Gerard laid on the floor.

Madison turned to Ray, “Isn’t anybody going to help him?”

“He’s fine it’s part of the show.”

Gerard started singing “Cancer,” and Madison had a tear in her eye. It’s how Elisabeth’s mom died. She suddenly felt his arms around her again this time she leaned back on his chest.

“Are you okay?” he whispered.

“It’s how Elisabeth’s mom died.” Bob held her tighter and whispered, “I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

“This song is probably on of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.”

“It’s my favorite,” whispered Frank.

Gerard finished and thanked everyone for coming and to get ready for “Linkin Park.”

Bob waited as it was time to take down the stage before Linkin Park took it.

“Wanna stay and watch them?” asked Bob.

“Sure why not.”

“I have a few things to do, Worm will stay here with you.”

“Oh, okay.” She was really hoping Bob would and they could talk.

After Linkin Park played they finished breaking everything down and packing it up.

The trailer was loaded with Bob’s riser and all the equipment, pyro and lights it took to put on their part of the show.

Bob and Madison made it back to the bus, everyone had gone to another party that Adam was throwing in honor of his brother Nathan joining the tour.

“You want to go?”

“Not really I’m kinda tired.”

“Me too.”

Bob wrote on the the note, ‘Be Quiet when you come in Madison and I are sleeping.’

Bob was getting ready for bed when he realized something. “Fuck.”


“I lost my sidekick.”

“Your kidding,” sighed Madison.

“I have everything stored in there I need to find it.”

“Where did you last have it?”

“When we were loading the trailer.”

“Do you think you dropped it there?”

“Maybe, we better get there before they leave.”

“Can’t you wait ‘til tomorrow?”

Bob gave her an evil look, “Never mind,” she said. “Well have fun on your search mission.”

“You’re coming with me.”

“Why do I have to come?”

“Do you see any security around here?”

“But I’m on the bus.”

“We’ve had fans just walk on our bus before.”



“Then I guess I’m going with you.”

They made their way to the trailer and started to look through the equipment. Suddenly they heard a clanking whoosh sound.

“Was that what I think it was?”

“If you thought it was the trailer door closing, I think you’re right.”

Madison made her way through the equipment and stuff and started banging on the wall of the trailer.

“It’s not going to work. The walls are covered in blankets.”

“It looks like we’re…”

“Don’t you dare say it.”


“I told you not to say it.”

Madison was again banging on the walls of the truck, hoping that someone would hear them.

“Save your energy, no one can hear you.”

With that they heard the roar of the truck engine starting.

“We’re going to be moving. How are we going to get out?”

“Let’s look for my phone then I can call the guys up front and the bus.”

The light in the trailer was dim so it made looking for the phone difficult. The trailer jerked forward throwing Madison into Bob. She quickly got off, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Let’s just find the phone and get out of here.”

They continued looking and fifteen minutes later, success.

“I found it,” yelled Bob.

“Finally, we can get out of here.”

“I don’t think so, it needs to be charged.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“I wouldn’t kid about something like that.”

“So how long is this ride going to be?”

“About four hours.”

“Well at least it’s not one of those seven to eight hour trips.”


“So what do we for the next four hours?”

“Whatever you want.”

“How about twenty questions?”


That grew old after a half hour.

“I know tell me ten things about you and then I’ll ask ten things I want to know about you,” said Madison.

Bob rattled off ten of the most obvious things like his physical appearance and that he was a drummer. He told where he grew up and how he used to do sound for different bands before becoming the drummer for My Chem.

“Let’s see. Last time you cried?”

“When I was really young during Howard the Duck.”

“First kiss?”


“First date?”

“Also fifteen goes with the first kiss.”

“First time you did it?”

“Sixteen, it was a one night stand. I hated myself afterwards.”

“Most embarrassing moment?”

“Hitting myself in the head with my drumstick and then I kept on hitting my head. I almost knocked my self out.”

She smiled when he told the story. He could look at her smile all day.

“Most exotic place you visited?”

“Russia, it was beautiful.”

“When were you there?”

“Almost two months ago.”

“I’ve never been it’s usually so tough to get in.”

“It was beautiful, and probably be one of those places that I’ll never see again.”

It was then that Bob felt something crawl up his arm. He looked slowly down and then got up and started waving his arm screaming “Get it off, get it off.”

“Get what off?”

“The spider, get the fucking thing off me.”

“You’re not serious.”

She looked at the sheer panic on his face and she leaned over and picked the arachnid up off his clothing.

“My hero. Can beat down four guys, but one little spider comes a long.”

“Shut up, like you’re not afraid of anything.”

“Of course I am.”

“Like what?”

“I’m not telling. Do you have any other fears?”

“Heights, but only when I look up and being out in the middle of the ocean.”

“What happened to your leg?”

“I got second and third degree burns on it. Then it turned gangrene, then I got a staph infection which traveled to my face causing an abscess.”

“You had an abscess on your face?”

“Brain actually.”

Madison moved the fringe off his hair and looked at the wound from the fight. She could see that it was red and looked irritated. She felt around the wound and there was a slight puffiness to it, which only meant one thing infection was starting to settle in.

“You need to get that checked, why haven’t you been taking care of that?”

“You put that stuff on so I thought it would be fine.”

“It wears off you know. You could die if it gets really infected.”

“I promise next venue, I’ll go to the hospital and get it checked, okay.”

“Okay. Best part of being in a band?”

“Playing the shows and for a little while help these kids forget about their shit. That’s why we hate canceling shows. Last question.”

“What happened between you and your girlfriend?”

Bob sighed deeply, “I usually go to New Jersey when we take a break on the tour then head back to Chicago. This time I went straight to Chicago. I quietly walked in the apartment we share and didn’t see her in the living area. So I quietly walked in the bedroom thinking she was sleeping. But no there she laid on our bed with some guys fucking dick in her. I told her she had an hour to pack her stuff and get out. I found out later she had quite a few men there. The only one that should have been there was my cousin James.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t do anything.”

“I didn’t know what else to say.”

“There’s nothing to say. Your turn.”

After telling ten things about herself Bob proceeded to ask his questions. They were more or less the same she asked him. He was down to his two last questions.

“What’s your biggest fear?”

“Ending up like my father. Everbody thinks that I don’t like hard work. That’s so not true, I graduated the top in my class and have excelled at every class I’ve taken. I had to work hard for those grades. I just don’t want to have a family that I’ll end up ignoring.”

“Have you told him that?”

“Several times, but he doesn’t believe me he just thinks I’m being lazy. You’re not the first one you know. I had three others that was supposed to teach me about hard work and commitment. The first one was summer of 2004 he was a personal trainer. Funny his name was Bob too. Anyway I found out that he really wanted to help obese people lose weight and change their life style.”

“People like me.”

“Bob if you think you’re obese then you have some serious weight issues and should be seeing someone.”

“Not now, before. When I first joined the band I weighed over three-hundred pounds. Since then I lost over a hundred and twenty.”

She remembered the picture from photobucket realizing that it really was him. “What happened?”

“I was never thin growing up I always had a weight problem, when I gave up drums for sound it just grew worse and then when I hooked up with The Used it was one big party after another. We ate, we drank and I just didn’t care about anything, especially myself. When I was asked to join the band and we started doing shows I found myself totally out of breath halfway through and back then we were only playing for half hour, forty minutes tops. I knew I needed to do something. So I changed my diet, started working out while on tour and drumming believe it or not is a good work out. At least for me it is. The guys helped me through it all. You hear it often said that this band saves peoples lives well I’m living proof of that. If it wasn’t for this band who knows what I’d look like and what my health would be like.”


“So where were we?”

Madison sat on an amp leaning against the truck wall, while Bob sat across from her sitting on a trunk. She looked at him as she started talking again fondly about Bob, the trainer.

“He was sweet and this was something he believed in so I hooked him up with some Hollywood type where they were creating reality game type show where the person who lost the most percent of body weight won two hundred and fifty dollars. We talk every once in a while, he really loves what he’s doing and he’s happy about being able to help people help themselves.”

Bob knew it wasn’t Bob who had raped her she spoke too fondly of him.

“Next there was the major he was gone shortly after I found out his secret.”

“Which was?”

“He was gay and like to dress in drag. Even though he was retired he had a stunning military career and didn’t want any one to find out.”

“You blackmailed him?”

“I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Believe me he was paid handsomely for it.”

“Was that it?”

Madison looked down, “There was one more. He was running for state senate and my father wanted me to see how much someone with passion was willing to work hard to get it. He was also on old friend of my fathers, they actually were business partners at one point. My father bought him out and two years later father became a multimillionaire. He went into politics. My father has given very generously to his various campaigns over the years.”

Bob had a gut feeling that this was the one that hurt her.

“Is he the one that raped you?”

She looked up at him, “How did you know?”

“The signs were all there.”

Just then the truck hit a huge bump throwing Bob on to Madison. He stared into her eyes for a few seconds and leaned in to kiss her.

“Don’t do it unless you mean it,” she whispered.

With that his lips came crashing down onto hers.

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