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Chapter 27

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I looked at myself in the mirror in the bathroom of the aeroplane. I was putting on finishing touches of make up because we were going to land in about 15 minutes. I looked healthy, I think. I smiled at myself. I looked okay. I got out of the bathroom and made my way back to my seat. Dylan was anxious and I still don’t know the exact reason why.

“It’s ‘cause America is cool” he answered before when I asked him why he was jumpy.

“Dylan we’re gonna land so take the headphones off” I instructed him and I realised that he couldn’t hear me. I pulled his headphones off and listened to the music that he was listening.

“Hmm… ‘(Bee)n stalking Jaque’ eh?” I said as I turned off the music.

“Yea, they’re cool” Dylan grinned.

I was excited as Dylan was now. Frank was going to pick us up from the airport. It’s been like forever since I saw him.

“Are you sure that you don't want me to push the trolley?” I asked as I circled Dylan who was pushing the trolley filled with our luggage.

“It’s totally fine Mary” Dylan rolled his eyes.

“Ok” I stopped circling him.

“You better put on your mega sunglasses” Dylan warned me.

“Oh yea almost forgot” I put on my sunglasses just before we went through the doors to greet

“Um... Mary I don’t see him” Dylan mumbled to me.

I frowned as I looked everywhere; he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. “Maybe he’s running late” I suggested.

“Hey Mary” Frank’s voice was heard and suddenly someone whom I guessed was Frank hugged me from behind and left a kiss in the hollow part of my neck.

I turned with a grin to Frank, “Hey!” I hugged him again.

“Dylan dude!” Frank said and gave him a hug. Frank then grabbed my hand, “Come on this way”

“So where are we gonna go?” Dylan asked from the front passenger seat.

“Um… I don’t know” Frank answered him and turned to me. “Where do you wanna go?”

I blinked a couple of times before saying something. “Where can we go?”

“Uh… let’s see, my house or Gerard’s or Ray’s or Bob’s house” he counted with his fingers.

“They do know that we’re here right?” Dylan asked.

Frank nodded, ‘Yea of course”

I sighed. “Should I go to Bob’s? Would his parents allow me back?” I asked as I squeezed my
fingers till they hurt.

Frank’s eyes widened. “Of course, they’ve been longing for you to come Mary”

“Then let’s go, I wanna meet them!” Dylan jumped.

I sighed, “Fine”

“Ok” Frank started the car, “Don’t worry Mary, everything will be fine”

I nodded hesitantly and looked out the window. I watched all the familiarity in the area.

By the time we arrived at Bob’s house my hands were red from me fiddling with it too much. My fear from what might happen when I meet then after a long time made me stay in the car.

“Come on Mary” Frank said when he opened my side of the door.

I looked up at him and my eyes pleaded him to drive me some place else.
He sighed and bent down and took off my seat belt. “Mary they are grateful that you are here to see them”

“Are you sure?” I asked in a low voice.
He kissed me on my cheek. “Yea, trust me”

I sighed and let him pull me out of the car. I looked out to the house that I loved in. it hasn’t changed I felt like 17 again. Frank clicked his tongue and held my hand and walked me to the front door with Dylan behind us.
I hardly heard Frank ring the doorbell. I don’t know why I was scared, maybe because these were the people who gave me a real home and a real life. They looked after me even though I wasn’t their biological daughter. I should be thankful for them.
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