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Chapter 28

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It took about 5 seconds for the door to open. Mr. and Mrs. Bryar stood at the doorway with big smiles on their faces. My eyes widened from their smiles and also of how much they changed. Mr. Bryar had white strands of hair at random places and Mrs. Bryar’s skin sagged a little but they both looked amazing. I smiled back at them.

“Mary!” they said at the same time and they each hugged me.

“You look so beautiful honey” Mrs. Bryar patted my head.

I grinned, “Thanks”

“So is it true Frank? Mary is a famous model in Australia?” Mr. Bryar asked Frank.

Frank grinned from behind me. “Yep”

I blushed.

“Why don’t you all come in” Mrs. Bryar said and they moved out of the way.

Inside the living room we found the rest of the guys. Ray, Gerard, Mikey and Bob all stood up when we entered. It was reunion.

“Mary!” They all screamed in unison.

I grinned at them and nearly got taken down by the group hug.

After the group hug I hugged Gerard and Mikey very tightly.

“I’m so sorry for your loss” I mumbled.

They nodded uncomfortably.

Frank leaned his head on my shoulder when we sat in a circle in the couches.

“So how have you guys been?”

“Really good actually!” Mikey spoke up. “The band is like getting famous now”

“Yea, this chick ran up to me and hugged me” Gerard laughed. “And said ‘I wanna have your
babies’ how hilarious is that”

I laughed too. “Well you guys are celebrities now, you expect that now”

They agreed.

I focused on Gerard. He had black circles under his eyes and he seems to look very fragile. I
bit my bottom lip. I didn’t like the sight of him. He didn’t look healthy. I looked at Mikey next. He looked slightly better than Gerard minus the black shadows under his eyes. I sighed. I noticed that whenever they smiled or laughed it was like they forced it.

“Do you live alone?” Mr. Bryar asked.

I shook my head. “No, I love with Dylan”

Dylan grinned.

“He’s like my personal manager” I said.

“Good. Look after her” Mr. Bryar said to him.

“I will!” Dylan said.

I giggled.

“Can some people help me please!” Mrs. Bryar called out from the kitchen

I automatically got up and made my way to the kitchen.

The tables were filled with all kinds of food that you can think of.

“Whoa” I awed.

“We gotta take all this outside on the table”

I nodded.

“Bob you help too”

I turned and saw Bob standing next to me. “Hey” I said.

“Hey” he smirked. He grabbed some empty plates and exited the room.

I cursed myself on how stupid I can get before I carried other things outside.

At last we sat on the dining table outside and we were in the middle of out eating/conversations.

“May I say. No offence Mary but this is the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever tasted in my life!” Dylan said.

Mrs. Bryar giggled. “Thank you”

“Traitor!” I joked.

Dylan poked his tongue at me.

“Gosh, Mary act your age. We all know that you can’t cook” Bob said.

“Oh!” I looked shocked in a playful way. “Fine!” I narrowed my eyes at him.

The rest of them laughed.

Abruptly Frank’s phone started ringing and he picked it up. “Hello? Um… Mary? Why? Uh… I don’t think you can speak to her… I’m telling you…”

“Who is it?” I asked in curiosity.

Frank held the phone away from his ear and looked at me in puzzlement. “Uh… this lady is saying that she wants to speak to you and asked her who she was and she told me she was your… mum” he raised an eyebrow.

“Oh” I slightly slapped my head. I forgot to tell him well everyone that I found my real parents and forgot to tell Frank that I gave my mother his number since I couldn’t change my number so quickly here. “Give me the phone”

He shrugged and gave it to me.

“Hello?” I answered the phone.

“Hey Mary-Anne. Didn’t you tell your friend about your real parents?” my mother asked.

“Um... no I forgot”

“It’s ok. You’re safely at America right?”


“Send my sorry’s to the Way family”

I nodded, “Ok”

“I’ll let you go honey. I’ll call later”

“Ok, buh bye”

“Love you”

“Love you too” I hung up and looked at everyone who were looking at me.

“Mary who was that?” Mrs. Bryar asked.

I bit my bottom lip. I will never replace the Bryar’s. I was stupid to tell them about my
biological parents now. I hope they don’t kill me. Or be upset.

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