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I dont want to be your regret

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Maddy tries to reconcile a past fued. read and review.

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Maddy's POV.

The next morning I woke up before Brendon. I looked down at the ring he got me. I still couldn't grasp that I was going to get married. I mean I'm sure it would be some time before we actually had a wedding, but he was my fiance and in some time he was going to be my husband. It was kind of crazy to be thinking this when I've been twenty for less then twenty-four hours, but I loved him. Despite all that we have gone through I love him and I never stopped. Even through Ryan and I's short-lived relationship. I loved Ryan, and I still do, but more like a brother or a favorite cousin. I quietly made my way out of the bed and crept towards the kitchen. I wasn't used to the size of the new apartment. It seemed like it took me ten minutes to get to the front door. I tried best to open it without making any noise and walk down the short flight of stairs towards the street. It felt good as the Nevada sun hit my skin. I quickly snatched up the newspaper and fetched the mail from the mailbox. As I made my way back inside I noticed Brendon sitting on the couch watching Family Guy. I laughed at how disoriented he looked. He still had a tired look to his eye and had a total bedhead.

"Morning," he mumbled in a zombie-like trance.

"Good morning," I laughed as I walked over towards the couch. I snuggled in beside him and laid my head on his lap. He absentmindedly began to play with my hair.

"So when are we going to start telling people?" he asked.

"Later on today, I guess."

"Well if we get to my parents house within the hour we could probably make it to Los Angeles by five or six to tell your family."

I was a bit nervous to tell Brendon's family about our engagement. Extremely nervous. His brothers and sisters liked me, but his mom and I never really made up. He loves his family to pieces and I a bit afraid that he might not keep going with this if everyone doesn't get along.

"Um, on second thought why don't we wait a little while to tell everyone. No rush, right?"

"No, but there isn't any reason to wait either. I'm excited, aren't you?"

"Of course, I'm ecstatic. It's just that the last time I spoke to your mom we pretty much had a bitch fit."

"Well maybe this will help to smooth things over. I'm sure you two will be fine, my mom isn't one to hold grudges. Besides, I'm sure she understands where you were coming from."

"Yea. Well then I better go get ready," I reluctantly got off the couch and made my way back to the bedroom. Obviously Brendon thought his mother was going to be happy for us. Even if his mother and I were on good terms, she wouldn't be as excited as him and I. He is her baby boy, in a sense.

...on the way to Brendon's parent's house...

"Why are you so nervous?"

"Oh I don't know because your mom hates me and I'm telling her that I am marrying her youngest son."

"She doesn't hate you."

I rolled my eyes and felt my heart stop as we pulled into the driveway. I sort of fell into a trance and drifted off. I jumped as the car door next to me opened.

"You coming?" Brendon asked as he reached out his hand. He was always a gentleman. I took his hand as he helped me out of the car. As we walked up to the front door I squeezed it tight. He let himself and I in. We heard a bunch of noise coming from the back. I'm guessing everyone was outside by the pool. He lead me through the house and on to the back deck.

"Brendon! What a pleasant surprise!" His mother greeted as she rose from her chair. "Oh hi Maddy how are you?"

"I'm fine, thanks." Brendon walked over to her and gave her a hug. I wasn't sure if Brendon had clued her in on everything that had happened over the past six or seven months. I said hi to Brendon's dad and his sister who was over with her kids. Brendon went over to the pool to say hi to his niece and nephew.

"I'll go inside and get us some drinks," Brendon's mom announced.

"Uh, I'll help you," I barely managed to squeak out. I shyly followed her into the kitchen. I was nervous, but this was my chance to try and make things right and I had to take it while I still had some nerve.

"Mrs.Urie can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure, Maddy."

I swallowed hard as I wondered how to begin.

"The last time we spoke things were left pretty bad. I really meant no disrespect, I was just defending my mother. I shouldn't have cursed and used my words so freely. I was kind of hoping we could put this past us."

She looked down at the counter as she continued to pour the drinks. I was waiting for her to say something, anything. Whether it'd be bad or good.

*so thank you, thank you, thank you for all the reviews. I hope to see more. There is another chapter to this that i've already begun writing and then after that there may be an epilogue. I already have some part of a plot for the sequel but nothing too definite.*
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