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Chapter 3

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Frank and Nonnie's friendship

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I was relieved to walk into my house a four bedroom Victorian. It had high ceilings and the original molding. I could smell that Frank was warming up some of his mother’s lasagna. Then I suddenly got worried that he was eating my leftovers that I had specifically saved for me.

“Frank Anthony Iero, you had better not be eating my leftovers.” I yelled causing a fresh ache in my left temple.

“Nope, although I did think about It.” he said coming out of the kitchen to meet me. He handed me a glass of water and two aspirin. “Now go sit down and I’ll bring you your food.”

“You are the best.” I said swallowing the two pills and sitting on the couch. I picked up the TV remote control and started flipping through channels.

“So how was lunch with the rock stars?” he asked handing me my plate with half as much lasagna as I had saved.

“Where’s the rest?” he showed me his plate it had the other half. “Frank you ate all of yours.”

“You helped. I’m just returning the favor.”

“Fine but you’re going to have to get her to cook more.” I said taking a bit.

“I always do,”

“Cause Fwankie’s mommy luves him so much.”

“No cause you can’t cook,”

“I can too,” I said I was truly offended. Any one knew the Nonnie Woods could throw down in the kitchen. “It’s engrained in my being,”

“Aww did I hurt Non’s feelings?” he said.

“Maybe a little,”

“Okay I’m sorry now tell me about this new band.” I had hoped he wouldn’t bring them back up. I didn’t want to think about them till tomorrow when I had to. “Yeah I noticed that, I don’t wanna talk about it face, but I want to talk about it so shoot. Tell me about them.”

“Well, their name is ‘Fall Out Boy’ you know I’ve been playing their CD Non-stop for the past two weeks. I was trying to get a feel for the music, but apparently I got it all wrong cause they looked at my samples and hated them.”

“That just means that the music meant something different to you,”

“Yeah but I had to get them to like what I made for their album cover. They were nice about it… Patrick, Andy, and Joe were nice about it. Pete was a complete ass.”

“Why what did he do?”

“Well he just sorta…I don’t know he just made me feel like crap, which let me tell you wasn’t that hard.”

“Aww, I could beat him up for you,”

“Then who would pay our bills?”

“Oh I have good news,”

“What’s that?”

“We are going on tour,”

“Frankie that’s great. I wish we could go out and celebrate, but I have to get up super early in the morning tomorrow.”

“That’s okay Non; I’d rather we just chill out here and watch a movie anyway.”

“Good cause I can swing that with no problem.” Just then my cell phone rang.

“Miss. Woods?” I didn’t recognize the voice.

“Who is this?” I said back.

“This is Miss. Woods?”

“Yeah who is this?”

“Oh it’s me Joe from…”

“Yeah Fall Out Boy, why are you calling me?”

“We just wanted to know if you wanted to show us around the City. I mean we haven’t ever been here and we don’t know what to do with our selves. Judging by the way you were earlier today you obviously know where the party is…”

“Okay I get it. I can’t come out tonight though I have plans.” Frank looked at me like you better not leave me hanging.

“I really think you should come,” he lowered his voice. “Pete’s threatening to say that you weren’t going through with your commitment. You know about getting to know us and all.”

“What? He can’t do that…”

“I wouldn’t test him. He’s had people fired for less.” I didn’t much like that he was bullying me into hanging out with him. I looked over at Frank so I could see his reaction when I gave my answer.

“Okay, but I’m bringing my friends with me.” I said, and then I hung up. I didn’t even wait to tell them I would come and get them from the hotel. “Frankie…”

“Non you didn’t. What happened to us hanging out here watching movies?”

“I know but he threatened to fire me again and you know you won’t be able to afford the rent here.”

“This isn’t fair.”

“I know but at least you get to come and meet them. I’m going to get Gerard, Marcia and Janay to come too.” he still didn’t look convinced. “Come on it will be fun,”

“Fine.” he caved.
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