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Chapter 4

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The boys and Nonnie go to a club.

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I pulled up to the hotel and waited for Marcia and Gerard to park. We were driving in separate cars. Frank, Janay and me in one car and Gerard and Marcia in the other. Why you may ask? Cause Gerard and Marcia wouldn’t shut up. All they ever did was argue, but you could tell it was more of a game with them than anything else.

“Okay so guys my job depends on them having fun and me getting to know them enough to do this stupid cover. So please be nice.” I begged them in the elevator. They all nodded and we walked to their room.

“Hey Nonnie, long time no see,” Joe said with a smile.

“Yeah two hours.” I said smiling back.

“Well come on in,” he said moving to the side.

“These are my friends. That’s Janay, Frank, Gerard and my sister Marcia.” I said quickly introducing my friends. “Guys this is Fall Out Boy, that’s Andy, Patrick, Joe and…”

“Pete’s coming down the hall now; we are split up in two rooms.” Patrick said I just nodded. Seeing as how he’s the one who wants me to be here at the butt crack of dawn you would think he would be a little bit more considerate. Ten minutes of the others getting to know each other and me fuming cause this was his idea and he was keeping us waiting. The door opened.

“We ready?” he asked. I just looked up for a minute then stood and walked past him.

“Alright lets go,” Frank said. He had caught on that I wasn’t going to say much tonight so long as I was around Pete. We piled into the two cars and drove off, Pete insisted on sitting in the front seat of my car. Every move I made he criticized.

“You could have made that light,” he said. I just kept my eyes on the road and gripped the stirring wheel like it was his throat. Until finally we arrived at Maryland’s biggest mall Arundel Mills. It had everything you could ask for in a mall. I was taking them to a club/arcade/restaurant/bowling ally called Jillian’s. I pulled into the parking spot and got out of the car slamming the door behind me, barely waiting for Frank to catch up. He just pulled me close to him and wrapped an arm over my shoulder.

“It’s only two weeks.” He whispered.

“Not if I kill him first.”

“Non you’re not built for jail, you’re way too small,” he said with a smile.

“Like you could talk,” I said.

“Okay you win.” We all walked in and I asked if anyone was hungry or what they wanted to do.

“What is there to do?” Pete asked smartly.

“Well there’s bowling, dancing, eating and video games.” Frank answered. He can read me like an open book and we both knew that if I opened my mouth at that moment some rather choice words would have flown his way.

“I guess I’ll go check out the arcade.” Pete said, and then he walked away. I jumped at his back and Frank grabbed me around my waist to hold me back. The other guys in the band just laughed at the exchange and I headed over to the bowling alley. “Where do you think you are going?” he called over his shoulder.

“I’m going to go bowling with my friends.” I said not understanding why I was explaining myself to him.

“What happened to getting to know us?” I bit my bottom lip and followed him and the other guys into the arcade. Frank and the rest of my friends decided to follow along. I watched him and the others playing video games for over an hour, till finally they decided to go into the club part of the building. We all had to show id to get in.

“Hey Non,” Marcia said.


“I dare you to drink this,” she said handing me a weird blue drink.

“No! I can’t.” I yelled over the music.

“Oh come on its just one drink,” Janay said.

“Yeah, but I have work tomorrow,”

“That didn’t stop you last night,” Pete said from across the bar.

“Someone asked me not to show up hung over tomorrow. Can’t remember the name though,”

“So I guess that just means you can’t hold your liquor.” He said another challenge. I looked around for someone to get me out of my own way, but Frank was no where in sight. I snatched up the glass and downed the blue liquid. Suddenly it was entirely too hot in the room.
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