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Chapter 2: Super Trunk

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Harry wanted a new trunk. And not just any trunk, but one with multiple compartments that he could use to train in over the summer. Too bad the need to breathe got in the way.

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A/N: The plotline with that super-trunk that Harry trains in is so overused it's not even funny. And thus it begs to be made fun of. Poor, poor Harry. (smirks) Please read, review, and enjoy!


Realism: Breaking Clichés

Chapter 2
Super Trunk


Harry hummed happily as he stepped into the trunk shop on Diagon Alley. It was the summer before his fifth year and, now that he knew that Voldemort was back, he decided to start taking his training seriously. And of course, for in order for one to train, they must have supplies.

"How may I help you, young man?" the shopkeeper asked jovially.

"I need a new trunk, one with good security."

"Any other special features you're looking for?"

Harry grinned. He could remember quite clearly the special 7-level trunk that Professor Moody--or rather, Crouch Jr.--had had. Something like that would be absolutely perfect for him. Plus, having a super trunk like that would be just plain awesome.

"Yes, actually," Harry replied. "Do you have any trunk with multiple compartments? In particular compartments that are large enough to be used as rooms that people can stand up in."

"Ah, yes, actually," the shopkeeper replied. If he was surprised by the teenager's extravagant request he hid it very well. "I got one in the back of the story. It's been around for years since no one really has a need for that sort of thing..."

The man continued to chat about the trunk's features as he led Harry to the back of the store. Once he'd pulled out the trunk--which looked surprisingly clean and new, despite its age--he proceeded to open it and show Harry what it looked like on the inside.

The trunk had five compartments that opened when you unlocked their particular lock. It was small than Moody's, yes, but three of the compartments were large rooms while the other two were the size of a normal trunk. Harry grinned widely; this was exactly what he needed!

"I'll take it!" Harry declared almost instantly. "How much?"

"Seventeen galleons even," the shopkeeper answered. Harry gave him the money, picked up the trunk, and then quickly left the store so that he could continue with he shopping.

Once Harry was gone the shopkeeper stared thoughtfully at the door. "I wonder if I should have told the kid that if he stayed in the trunk for prolonged periods of time without ventilation charms on the compartments, he'd eventually run out of air and suffocate?" he mused. "...Nah, he can't be that stupid."

When the Order of the Phoenix arrived to pick Harry up that summer, all that they could find of him was a shiny, new-looking trunk.
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