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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2008-06-27 - Updated: 2008-06-27 - 872 words

I woke up and felt as though a small creature was ripping my brain to shreds. The light burned my eyes the second I opened them, so I squeezed them shut again, and rubbed them. I groaned as I sat up, feeling like the creature was joined by a few friends, and they were all shredding furiously. I knew exactly what I needed to make them go away. I sat up, rubbing my eyes again before opening them.

I stumbled into the main area, and five heads turned in my direction. Everyone was silent. I stopped dead in my tracks. "Uh...hi?"

"Hey Mikey," Our manager Brian said. He patted the seat next to him, "Why don't you take a seat."

Oh. Good. Fuck. "I was just about to get some coffee actually–"

"There's some on the table for you," Gerard said, not looking at me.

I walked to the table and grabbed a coffee. It was bland, needed some whiskey. I turned to face them, leaning on the table. "So what's up?" I asked, nonchalantly. There's nothing good that can come out of this situation. Nothing good at all.

"Can I start?" Frank asked. Brian nodded. Frank's eyes darted around the room to everyone but me. He pulled out a piece of paper and read off of it, "Mikey, I've already done this once. I really didn't want to have to do it again–"

"Then don't!" I yelled, storming off the bus. I wasn't going to let them so this to me. Once outside I hastily dumped the contents of the flask in my pocket, into my coffee. Only Gerard followed me outside.

"Mikey," he said softly, "I know that you like to think that you were good at hiding this. But we knew a long time ago. I just...I didn't know how to help..." he stared down at the ground, his shoulders shaking. He was crying.

He had this incredible was of making me feel guilty. "Gee, I don't want to do this right now,"

He sniffed, and wiped at his face with his sleeve. "But Mikey, we found this great place. It not anything like rehab, its like a fucking hotel–"

"Rehab?! Fuck you Gerard. You refused to go to a nuthouse, well so do I," I was shaking, I was so furious. I polished off my coffee, and tossed the cup onto the ground. "I'll try to quit while we're on this vacation okay?"

"No, Mikey. That's what's different about our situations. You have the perfect opportunity to go. We were so busy that I couldn't abandon everyone to go to rehab, I had to stay." he said calmly.

"I'm an adult Gerard, you can't make me go," I scoffed, wanting to go back to bed, so badly.

"I knew you would say that, and I checked into it." I scowled at him, "As your older brother, I can put you in there. And I will."

I exhaled loudly through my nose. "Fuck. You." I grunted, shoving him against the bus with all the force I could muster.

He grabbed me before I could walk away. "You're going," Everyone else rushed outside, after hearing the commotion. Brian and Bob grabbed hold of me and took me to a black car. I was screaming inaudible words at the top of my lungs, reminding myself of a two year old.

Once they got me in the car, I calmed, folding my arms across my chest. Brian climbed in the drivers seat, and Bob in the passengers. "Where are all my suitcases?" I demanded.

"They guys are loading them into another car and following us. Everything is going to be fine Mikey." Bob said, not turning to face me.

"This is a fucking joke." I muttered. I stared out the window as a blur of buildings passed by. We were heading out of the city. So many thoughts we racing around in my head, it was difficult to process all of them. I just wanted to shut down.


"Mikey, wake up," my brother said. My eyes slowly opened. The vehicle was stopped and just Gerard and I were in it. "I'm going to give you some advice," taking a long drag of a cigarette. I held out my index and middle finger, signaling I wanted a drag.

I took the cigarette and put it up to my lips. It instantly calmed me upon taking a drag. "What's that?" I replied.

"If you don't put up any fights, this will go a lot better. But if we drag you in there, and you're kicking and screaming think of the impression you'll make," he said quietly. He had a good point. Then I thought about it, if I played along with everything they were planning to do to me, I would be outta there in no time. Score. "Are you ready to go in?" he asked.

I nodded, getting out of the car. A large brick building towered in front of us. This did not look like a pleasant place. It looked like a fucking hospital. I hate hospitals.


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