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Part III

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In which our heroines receive the finishing touches on their makeovers...

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Steven had been in for his waxing for about five minutes now. Slash and Duff were sitting on the couch again decked out in their fancy new robes and admiring their smooth legs. Axl and Izzy had gotten a good telling off for lying to them about the pain and forgetting to warn them about the Twins.

"You told them Steven was gay?" Duff laughed out loud. "That's awesome!"

"That's mean!" Slash didn't share the humour.

"He deserves it for perving on Axl all the time!" Izzy justified.

"Oh that's just an innocent little crush he's got going on." Slash said, not looking up from his magazine. He was reading about what conditioner he should use for his crazy curls.

Axl was ignoring the conversation by looking at the hairstyles he could choose from. Curls, waves, straight, bun, up dos, braids...

He considered braids for a moment but then shook his head at the thought. Maybe he could get braids sometime in the future...

He decided on getting an up do with loose, flowing curls. It would look perfect for his French maid dress. Duff was getting sexy waves and Slash refused to let anyone touch his mane. They had chosen straight and flowing hair for Steven and Izzy's schoolgirl hairstyle was chosen for him too, against his wishes of course. Pigtails.

Axl giggled at the thought of Izzy in pigtails.

Just then, a very dazed drummer stumbled out of the waxing room and shakily made his way to the couches. The rest of the guys stared at him as he plopped down next to Slash.

"What a ride!" He cried.

Izzy's jaw fell open.

"W-what do you mean, ride?" The guitarist asked.

"I mean that waxing crap isn't as bad as chicks make it out to be! I had a blast! And the Twins..." He grinned, "How awesome were they? We got on very well, I must say."

"What spontaneity rating would you give the Twins?" Duff asked.

"We didn't get on that well! Although, they did think I was gay..."

Steven threw a dirty look to Axl and Izzy before smiling.

"Ready for more pain?"


They were in the salon part of the parlour. Five guys sat at five stations waiting to get their eyebrows plucked.

"These robes are soft on the ass aren't they?" Steven looked very smug.

"Steven, are you completely naked underneath your robe?" Duff asked a little nervously.

"Yes. Aren't you guys?"

The Twins entered the salon before anyone could answer.

"Are you boys ready for your eyebrow plucking?" Clive called out to them.

"Yes!" They chorused back to him.

No they were not.

"I'll start with Izzy here and you guys can see how it's done." Collin said as he adjusted Izzy's chair so that he was lying back looking up at the ceiling.

Izzy held his breath as a pair of shiny tweezers slowly approached his face.


Collin paused and stared at the guitarist. Izzy looked over to Axl in the chair next to him and held out his hand. The singer sighed at his scaredy cat friend and linked his fingers around Izzy's.

"Ok I'm ready." Izzy looked back up and smiled and closed his eyes.


The plucking wasn't as bad as the waxing. They all agreed on that, but it did take longer and they didn't get used to the pain after a while. It was now time for nails and make up. Each band member had a girl doing his make up while another painted his nails. Unfortunately for the guys, getting a break from the Twins was not a good thing. They had all expected hot, young bimbos working at the parlour but instead they got saggy, middle aged women who wore too much make up and gossiped non-stop to eachother.

"What'll it be then, eh?" The painted face leaned in close to Axl making the singer squirm in his chair.

"Um...just a French manicure please."

Steven giggled.

"French manicure for a French maid!" The littlest things made him happy.

They were all getting French manicures except for Steven who wanted tacky nail art in the green and yellow colours of his cheerleader uniform.

Make up wise, Axl got the sexy, smoky eyes, Duff got bright, red lips, Slash got the natural look that brides go for and poor Izzy...he got the full slut treatment. Red lips, blue eye shadow, mile high eyelashes and far too much blush.

"I look like a clown." Izzy sulked and sank down in his chair after the ladies had left.

"It goes with the slutty schoolgirl look though." Axl said, "All you need now is those pigtails!"

This wasn't exactly what the guitarist wanted to hear and he buried his face in his hands.

"Don't smudge your make up Izz! The scary ladies will have to come back and do it again!" Axl warned.

Izzy's head quickly popped back up in time to see the twins re-enter the room. They were each holding flat irons, curling irons, rollers, hairbrushes and hair clips.

"Ready boys?" They said in unison.

They were ready. The guys were actually looking forward to this bit.

A few minutes later and Axl had his hair in rollers, sitting underneath one of the big helmet-hairdryers blowing his nails. Duff kept twitching every time Collin got nearer to the bassist's scalp with the curling iron. Slash was getting his hair shampooed and conditioned. Steven was sulking as his pride, his feathery, teased out locks were getting straightened, and Izzy...poor Izzy had his eyes shut tight in pain as his hair was pulled tight into high, bouncy pigtails on either side of his head.


The pain paid off. The boys strutted out of the parlour looking sexy and feeling great. They had even made new friends. Duff was sure he had seen Steven exchanging numbers with the Twins. They took a back alley home so as not to get the shit kicked out of them. As they walked home Axl and Slash, who were both wearing tight leather pants, noted that smooth legs worked well with the material.

"Still feeling crappy Izzy?" Duff asked, blonde waves flowing around his face in the breeze.

Izzy was walking ahead of them in a rush to get home, his pigtails bouncing like mad with every step. Suddenly he spun around on his heels and faced his friends, making them halt abruptly.

"This is a bad idea. I shouldn't be dressing up as slut! Look at me! I look ridiculous!" The initial doubt had returned.

Steven flicked his hair out of his face and stepped up to the guitarist.

"Izzy, you're gonna look the best out of all of us! Everyone at the party tonight is gonna admire you! Steven assured. "It's not as if you're all alone in this, you've got four very trashy looking whores alongside with you!"

It was meant to be a compliment but the others still glared. Izzy was still unsure so Axl spoke up.

"How about we get home and get you into your costume. If you're still having doubts then, you don't have to do it." He smiled at his friend and Izzy relaxed a little. The guitarist noticed that Axl's face took make up very well. The singer looked very alluring with his sexy eyes and Izzy had to stop himself from staring. As they walked home Izzy wondered if looking like such a pretty slut was a good thing or a bad thing...
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