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Part IV

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In which our heroines find themselves lost in a sea of frills, thrills, looks to kill and somewhat of a pain in the lower region…

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Once they got home Slash, Duff and Steven tore off their clothes in seconds, eager to get into their costumes. Axl and Izzy went upstairs to get ready. The French maid dress had a tricky corset back, which the singer needed help with.

"No that's too tight!" Axl cried as Izzy pulled the ribbons on the back of the dress. Izzy ignored him and kept on pulling.

"It's not tight enough! You're too skinny for this dress!" Izzy made one final pull making the singer stumble backwards. The guitarist fumbled with the ribbons trying to tie them together.

"Make it into a bow Izzy, a big fancy one." Izzy rolled his eyes and did as he was told.

Another bow was to be made with the black ribbon around Axl's throat. With the singer's loose, red curls tied up, the bow on the back of his neck wasn't going to be hidden so Izzy had to take care. He didn't pull too tight on this ribbon though. Talented singers were hard to find.

"How do I look?" The singer turned to face Izzy.

The dress was a slutted-up version of the traditional black and white French maid dress. The short, frilly sleeves came off the shoulder showing off Axl's protruding collarbones. The hem of the skirt was just about below his ass and there were lots of layers of frills and lace underneath, making it fluff out. With the sexy dress, smoky eyes and done up hair Axl looked stunning, even as a slut. Izzy found himself feeling a tiny bit jealous, but at the back of his mind he felt a pinch of worry. He couldn't let Axl know that though...

"You look like such a whore!" Izzy had to laugh.

"Hey!" Axl scowled, "Let's get you into yours and then we'll see who the true slut is!" He always had to be so dramatic.

Izzy slipped into the red and black, tartan skirt, which barely covered his ass. The white shirt had short sleeves and was tied into a knot at the front exposing his skinny torso. He had an additional pair of white socks that went all the way up to his mid thighs. Izzy really looked the part with the skimpy outfit, the pigtails and the garish make up. The guitarist put on a final touch in the form of large, silver hoop earrings. He turned to the singer and waited for the ridicule.

"You actually look kinda hot!" Axl admitted. "I just wouldn't bend over if I was you!" The singer remarked with a giggle.

Izzy sighed and walked over to the bed but then stopped.

"I can't sit down either! This skirt is way too short!"

Axl doubled over laughing. Izzy wasn't pleased so he pushed the singer, making him fall over onto the floor.

"I can't see your ass! The frills underneath your dress hide everything!" Izzy pointed out.

It was true. Sitting on the floor with his legs apart, you could not see anything. How annoying.

"Sucks to be you," Axl said while picking himself up from the floor. "So?"

"So what?" Izzy asked.

"Are you gonna chicken out?"

Izzy carefully considered this while looking from his own outfit to Axl's. At least, he thought, he wasn't the only one that looked stupid.

"No, I'm gonna go through with it." He decided.

"Good. Now we have an even bigger issue to deal with."

"What?" Izzy asked.



"I'd look so much better with tits." Duff said while looking in the mirror after putting on his dress.

The nurse's outfit was a caricature of the traditional look. A short white dress trimmed with red ribbon. There was a large red band tied around the waist and a red cross on the chest. The dress had a matching nurse's hat and white stockings too. Similar to Axl's dress, there was frilly netting underneath the skirt making it fluff out and to Izzy's dismay, it would also hide his ass. Duff's accessory was a shiny stethoscope hanging around his neck. He looked as if he'd just walked off the set of a porno film with his slutty dress and painted lips.

"I never want to hear you say that again." Slash said as he adjusted his veil.

It was one of those netted veils, attached to a thin, white hair band that hung behind the head rather than in front of the face. The dress was a typical slutty wedding dress. Too short and very trashy looking. He also had a single, white garter to wear around his thigh, which he thought really pulled the whole look together.

Steven meanwhile, was jumping up and down on the couch with excitement. His long, blonde hair was flying around his head like crazy. His cheerleader costume wasn't really that different to a normal cheerleader uniform, just tweaked in all the right places. He seemed very excited about his new green and yellow pom-poms.

Their excitement was interrupted by the sound of Axl and Izzy screaming and landing at the bottom of the stairs with a loud thud. The other three ran to the scene of the fall and burst out laughing. The two men were tangled in a sea of legs and frills.

"Maybe you guys should have come downstairs first and then put the shoes on." Duff kindly suggested as he helped Axl up.

Slash looked down to Izzy and smiled.

"Nice ass!"

Izzy just grumbled as Slash pulled him up.

"Have you seen these fucking shoes?" Axl cried.

They each had a pair of 12-inch platform and heeled stripper shoes to match their dresses. You could really tell the costumes were from a fetish store.

"I think my ankles are bleeding." Izzy frowned poking at his feet, which had become numb from the pain of the shoes.

They went back to the living room, Axl and Izzy stumbling behind the others.

"It can't be that bad." Slash said.

He sat on the couch and strapped himself into his own shoes and stood up.

"See? They're perfect!" He said to Axl and Izzy.




Slash shakily took one step forward and he was gone. His ankles twisted so painfully as he fell onto the floor that he let out a little girl squeal.

"I can't see his ass either!" Izzy yelled in frustration as he looked down at Slash.

Steven helped up the fallen guitarist and got him onto the couch.

"This is ridiculous!" cried the drummer, "Let me have a go."

A minute later, Steven was looking up at his band mates from the floor, his ankles and feet throbbing.

"I see." He said, reaching up to Axl's hand to pull him up.

"Amateurs!" Duff cried, "Complete and utter jackasses, all of you! How hard can it be walking in heels? Let me show you idiots how it's done."

The bassist bent over to pick his shoes out of the box. Izzy looked to Axl.

"I know, I know." The singer rolled his eyes, "You can't see his ass either."

Duff stood up and looked at the shoes in his hand. They had little red crosses on them to match the dress. How cute.

"Duff, before you put those on, could you come over here for a second?" Slash asked.

Duff obediently walked over to his four friends.

"What's up?" The nurse asked.

He cocked his head up a little and saw grinning faces bearing down on him. He understood what they were doing. They just wanted to relish having Duff look up to them for a change.

"Do you think I'm gonna be the tallest at the party?"

"Duff, you're always the tallest at the party." Izzy pointed out.

Duff shrugged and sat on the couch. He slipped his feet into the 12-inch terrors and stood up. To the annoyance of the others, he started walking around the room with such poise and grace it was shocking. Duff, the clumsy, towering blonde bimbo, was like a fucking gazelle in those heels.

"You guys want a drink or something?" Duff called back as he floated into the kitchen.

The others looked at one another in shock.

"Unbelievable." Slash said, shaking his head.

The bassist walked back into the room, did a ballet spin to annoy his friends and then sat down and drank his beer.

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