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The duo have a good time.

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Motorcycle section 3

As a point of reference I am restricted by birth and education to English or rather what small portion of it I try to convey my ideas in. I can not write idiomatic French, Italian, German, or any other language so I will not create the problem of you trying to decipher just what I meant to say in a different language using only translation programs. Just assume that you are reading English translations of whatever language is being spoken. As always the main characters belong to JKR, thanks to her for letting us play with them by the way. I am not making money off this but I am keeping my mind active and it beats playing cards during lunch at work.

Having said all that here’s the next part of my tale.

The French countryside was green and blooming, the weather was clear with puffy clouds, and the road winding. Hermione had taken the hints from the other women to heart and was wearing a bikini top borrowed from Ann and her own short shorts. While Harry was wearing leather pants and just the vest with his patches, no those were his ‘colors’ Hermione reminded herself glancing around at the group riding with her she couldn’t believe how much of a change this was to what she had expected this summer to be like. Harry was happy and enjoying himself. A big change from how he’d been when they’d left school. Thinking about everything she realized he needed this. This was his rest and recreation from the constant battles at school and over the lasts few summers. He was recharging his spiritual batteries for the fight to come. When she realized this she considered what she need to do to assist. As they finished a light road side lunch she realized she was doing exactly what she need to do, just be there for him.

As it started to get towards dinner time passing through Vaux-sous-Aubigny on n74 they noticed a sign Hotel Le Vauxois sitting at an angle over a road side building just before it was a second hotel sign on a one of the pillars supporting a ornate gate that was open allowing them access. They were about 30 km north of Dijon and it was a good place to stop for the night.

Hermione was happy that night’s phone call to her mother was out of Harry’s hearing range. When she returned and he asked her about the phone call she told him it was just something her mother requested to insure she was safe before she cuddled up to him and fell asleep.

The next morning Remus’s call to “Bright Smile Dentistry” was quickly transferred to Jane Granger who told him, “I’ve talked with Hermione and she said she hadn’t seen Harry for a while. She also said if you had taken this position on being Harry’s godfather in late 1981 things would be a lot different today.”

“Can I talk with her?” Remus pleaded.

“I’m sorry she’d not available right now. I’m sure she will contact you when she wishes to hold a conversation. If you will excuse me I have a patient waiting,” Jane said hanging up. She’d learned a lot about the relationship between this man and her potential son-in-law during her daughter’s phone call last night and she didn’t like the way he’d kept his distance for all those years. Even when he was around him most of the boy’s third year he hadn’t seen fit to fully inform Harry about his family, an unforgivable act in her eyes….

‘Damn,” Remus thought looking at the dead phone in his hand. Hanging it up he starting walking back towards 12 Grimmauld place his mind free associating, ‘Thank goodness Dumbledore is gone I’d hate to explain loosing track of Harry to him the rest of the council will be hard enough. At least I’m free of being blackmailed for being his spy on Potter and Black. Getting away with pranks was my price at school for keeping him informed and them more or less in line… at least they didn’t destroy the school while we were there. Now Potter’s boy has up and disappeared, Damn!’

The next days ride took the warlocks through the mountain area at the junction of France, Switzerland, and Italy. Intending to stretch their legs by just browsing the offerings the Gang pulled off to the side of the road next to an estate auction just south of Cluses, France. Harry and Hermione stopped walking suddenly looking at each other in shock, “Yes I felt it too,” Harry reassured Hermione.

“But what is it?” Hermione asked looking around at the items in the shop. Harry held out his hands slightly trying to avoid suspicion and tried to locate the direction the feelings were coming from Hermione noticed what he was doing and walked further along before repeating his actions following their individual paths they met at an old trunk that was covered with items from a house.

“Interested in the trunk?” An individual called out from behind them in French.

“Not really just thought it looked interesting,” Hermione replied in passable French while thanking her parents for insisting she learn the languages where they vacationed.

“Interesting it is. We still haven’t found a key for the lock. I was thinking about breaking it open but then that would reduce the value.”

Hermione looked the trunk over and noticed there were a number of scrape marks where the lock was. “It looks like someone has already tried to break it,” She replied watching the individual closely. ‘It was him. Wonder if he’d sell it cheap?’ she thought to herself knowing she had a credit card her mother had given her incase she needed things.

“Would you consider selling it as is?” Hermione asked looking between the trunk and the salesman.

“Of course you could buy anything in here for the right price.”

“And what would the right price be?”

“Oh say 300 euros.”

“Not even if you tossed in everything resting on top of it,” Hermione replied shaking her head and heading for the door.

“Wait what would you consider the right price?” he asked stopping Hermione who had no real intention of leaving the shop without the trunk. Twenty minutes of haggling later Hermione was watching Harry drag the trunk out of the shop having spent far less than the initial price. Harry had insisted on paying cash once he figured out what Hermione was doing and that lowered the price even further. Cash didn’t have to be reported to the authorities. The group was mounting up their bikes to head out when Harry rounded the corner trunk being dragged behind him.

“Hey Snake, how are you going to put that on your bike?” Thor asked causing chuckles to break out among the rest of the gang.

“I’ve always wanted one of these. We’re going to ship it home to my folks,” Hermione said speaking up.

“Don’t worry I know where you are stopping tonight in Aosta, we’ll catch up with you,” Harry said waving them off. Once they were able to get out of sight Hermione was able to shrink the trunk and place it in Harry’s saddlebags.

They took their time on the trip and pulled in to a hotel that night after the gang getting a room for just the two of them “She was quite good with her charms,” Hermione said when the trunk opened after five minutes work by Hermione up in their room.

Harry was reaching in for one of the last items as they slowly worked their way through the trunk when his hand brushed against the side by the left handle. “Hermione take a look again at the inside of this trunk right here,” Harry said motioning to where his hand had brushed.

“Not quite sure what it is though it is rather well shielded. We wouldn’t have found it if you weren’t so sensitive to magic and had brushed up against it.”

“Yup that’s me mister sensitive,” Harry deadpanned his reply while watching Hermione practically climb into the old steamer trunk to work her magic on whatever he’d found. It took her close to half an hour but at the end Hermione had a small door open and after checking for additionally charms reached in to a surprisingly deep pocket withdrawing a bag with the Gringotts’ seal full of galleons. Repeatedly reaching in she soon had five bags of galleons sitting on the floor beside her the next time her arm disappeared up past the elbow before she withdrew it and looked at the object in her hand.

“A time turner?” Harry asked his eyes fixed on the object in Hermione’s hand.

“I think so but it’s quite a bit bigger than the one I had in third year,” Hermione said turning it over in her hand. This one had its hourglass set up in the middle of an oval frame and a locking bar across the top of the hourglass to prevent inadvertent turning. She was examining it closely when her eyes caught the inscription on one end of the hourglass. “It’s in Latin. “3 days per turn, maximum of 10 turns.”” Hermione said looking at Harry.

“What do you think?” Harry asked looking at Hermione.

Hermione thought for a moment. She’d agreed to spend two weeks of her summer to insure Harry was safe. With this she knew he’d be spending as much time as possible training doing some quick math she realized that in two weeks they could spend over a year together without anyone else to buffer them. Despite the attraction they were currently feeling being together for so long would cause them to either end up fighting and split up or… or possible end up as a permanent couple. “Harry it is a great opportunity for you to train if you do it right,” She said carefully.

“Come with me?” Harry asked hesitantly his eyes fixed on hers.

“Of course,” Hermione replied wondering if it was a good thing his eyes never left hers, never drifted down her body as if he was thinking of her as a convenient female to take along for how do they say it? Ah companionship that’s the current word.

The next morning they took their leave of the Warlocks for the day saying they’d meet up with them tonight. Before gathering up everything and shrinking it down to fit in one saddle bag. With the bike parked in a grove of trees Hermione looped the time turner’s chain around both of them as they sat on the old Triumph and gave the turned one turn only. With that accomplished they took off into the western area of Switzerland staying in the city of Zermatt for the three days before they met up with the Warlocks again for the Football match in Torino. They spent the time debating various travels and working out how to avoid running in to the up to thirty copies of themselves that would be running around Europe. The football match proved to be anticlimactic. Both sides were playing more not to injure themselves than to win the match. It was enjoyable just to see the stars from both countries running around as the coaches yelled from the sidelines trying to insure that the players at least learned a little about playing with each other.

After the match they rode off to a little town called Rubiana to spend the night. It was a little out of the way but up in the mountains and promised a relaxing night. Dusk was turning to night when they approached the town only to find their way blocked by a group of black clad individuals spread across the road Riding in the lead Thor did an impressive job of stopping his bike without hitting them, or dumping him and Shella on to the road.

“So kind of you to bring us our dinner,” One of the group said approaching Thor and Shella as they were the closest. Before opening his mouth revealing the protruding canines of a vampire ready to feed.

“Ah Shit,” Harry called out drawing their attention.

Hermione heard Harry’s outburst recognizing vampires confronted them at the same time as Harry. Reaching into her pockets she pulled out some toothpicks she’d picked up from the restaurant the day before intending to use them as they were intended but now a better use presented itself. Taking one in her hand she quickly used her wand to transfigure it into something resembling a javelin before hurling it at the vampire directly in front of her. Although she was successful in eliminating that one she realized that without the element of surprise that was now lost her chances of killing another with her weak throwing ability was slim at best. Looking around she could see their compatriots were either stunned in to inaction or under the vampires thrall.

Harry hadn’t hesitated throwing his arm in the air he shouted “Gryffindor!” causing the sword bearing that name to appear in his hand. A few swings later and the remaining vampires trying to surround him were giving him greater respect now that several of their clan were lying headless on the ground.

Hermione’s next javelin responded well to her overpowered banishing charm blasting through her vampire target before it pinning the dead body to the tree behind it.

When Harry removed the head of his next attacker the remaining vampires fell back for a moment giving the appearance they were retreating before the majority suddenly surged at Harry while two of the females attacked Hermione. Fifteen seconds later it was over. The last head of Harry’s attackers fell to the ground still processing the realization that it was possible for one person to swing a sword through that many necks at once while Hermione’s attackers were looking at each other’s dead eyes with the opposite ends of the same javelin impaled in their chests.

Catching his breath Harry looked at the rest of the Warlock motorcycle club and their companions as they were coming around. “Hermione we need to obliviate them,” Harry said looking to his girlfriend.

“I can’t do them all at once. We’ll need to separate them.”

Harry nodded casting Petrificus Totalus on the entire group.

“Hey if you can do that why didn’t you just obliviate them,” Hermione asked.

“I’d probable wipe far too much. Over powering spells I can do easily it’s when I need fine control that I have problems,” Harry explained.

“All right then over power the clean up here.”

“What do I do with the bodies?”

“Transfigure them into rocks or something and leave them out until the sun comes up. If I’m right the moment the sun hits them they’ll disappear,” Hermione countered.

“Works for me,” Harry said pulling out his wand only to whirl around at the sound of several individuals apparating in.

The individuals quickly raised their hands in the air in the universal sign of non-aggression when they saw both Harry’ and Hermione’s wands on them before quickly rattling something off in Italian.

“Any one speak English?” Hermione asked.

“I do. Who killed these vampires?”

After a quick glance between the two Harry spoke up saying, “That would be me.”

Only to be interrupted by Hermione, “Actually that would be us,” when Harry glared at her she added, “If you get in trouble I get in trouble I’m not letting you take the blame for something I did to protect myself.”

“No sorry, misunderstanding, you are not in trouble. This is a vicious clan we’ve been hunting for months. I suspect you will be rewarded. We will take care of the mess and obliviate the others. Let me notify our superiors the hunt is finished.”

While everything was being cleaned up Harry and Hermione had been hustled off to the side were several new arrivals questioned them about their actions. “That was quite resourceful of both of you. I intend to add the transfiguring of toothpicks to our training Miss Granger. Before we leave let me present you both with these Dark Creature Hunter licenses. They should make things easier for both of you should you run in to similar problems in the future.”

Harry looked at the license in his hands for a moment before looking up at the older man who had given it to him. “Thank you sir. I can’t tell you how much it means to be rewarded for something instead of punished.”

“Having read what passes for a newspaper in England I can understand that feeling Mr. Potter. My people appear to be finished with your traveling companions and the clean up You and Miss Granger have a good evening,” The man said before apparating away leaving just the warlocks and their women on the road.

“Let’s get to that hotel. I need a nights sleep,” Harry said watching as the others joined him and Hermione in mounting their bikes and riding off towards the village.

The next morning they parted company with the Warlocks Harry told them he’d look them up in two weeks when he returned to England but for now he and Hermione wanted to ride around Europe for a while. “You take good care of Snake,” Shella said walking with Hermione while the guys were teasing Harry.

“I will, He’s my best friend,” Hermione said doing her best to ignore her current feelings.

“Best friend my arse girl let me tell you right now if you don’t have him properly taken care of by the time you two return to England I’m going to call up a few girls I know and I guarantee one of them will do the job proper like. How long have you know him?”

“We met on the train to boarding school at eleven. He’s been my best friend since late October that year.”

“And you or one of the other girls at your school haven’t checked him out yet? What is it with you boarding school types? I’ve watched him for a short while and I know he likes girls and is packing some good sized equipment. What is wrong with you girl? You’ve known him six years, even the most laid back of my girlfriends would have at least attempted to bed him by now.”

“Harry and I don’t have that type of relationship,” ‘at least yet,’ she added mentally.

“Oh, I knew that the first night. You two in the same bed alone for a while before we returned and not even a hint of a smell, well until Thor and I arrived,” Shella said with a grin turning to wave at Thor when he yelled at her to get moving.

“We’ll see you back in England,” Hermione said hugging the other girl who’d given her a lot to think about.

“That you will. Now remember what I said,” Shella said passing Harry as she joined Thor on the bike.

“What do you need to remember?” Harry asked once he was standing beside Hermione.

“Oh just that we’re going to meet up back in England,” Hermione said slipping an arm around Harry and smiling to herself when he returned the gesture with his own arm around her waist.

That afternoon found Harry and Hermione in a little cul-de-sac off the beaten path sitting on Harry’s bike with a time turner looped around them. “Three turns,” Hermione said flipping the hourglass.

“I trust you Hermione and we need some good memories to over come last night,” Harry replied just as Hermione let the hourglass tumble sending them nine days into the past.

Chapter 3

Back in England Remus was leaving the owl post office in Diagon Alley in disgust, ten owls, ten bloody owls three of them international owls had refused to leave with a letter for Harry. The only bright hope had come when the first international owl had left the Owlery only to return when Remus was paying the owner. The remaining two international owls never even left their perch. ‘I’ve truly gone and buggered things up. I was suppose to keep Harry on track destroying the Horcruxes without letting him know I was aware of them while Molly and her family’s youngest were on track to keep Harry focused and Hermione distracted. Not sure what happened there Molly had begun dosing both Harry and Hermione with mild attraction potions keyed to her youngest around Christmas time. The elves were keeping up the regiment at Hogwarts. No problems should have occurred there. All the elves are loyal to the headmaster and he was in on the scheme.’ Remus thought before realizing someone had to deal with the Horcruxes and with Harry out of the picture he knew where that burden fell.

Harry was enjoying the view as they rode along side Lake Geneva when Hermione tapped him on the shoulder pointing to a hotel on their left at the water’s edge just south of Montreux, Switzerland. A head nod later Harry was slowing down and negotiating the hotel’s winding entrance road. At the front desk they were surprised when a door being the counter opened and a gentleman walked out before smoothly taking over registration just a the woman was explaining the hotel was booked. “Mr. Potter you should have owled us you could have avoided the front desk entirely. I am Snichook, would your traveling companion be Miss Granger?”

“Glamour spell?” Harry asked slightly confused and stalling for time to recover.

“Yes my… you would call him second cousin said you enjoyed his.”

“That I did he was quite helpful,” A nudge from Hermione brought him back on track. “Yes this is Miss Granger we were wondering if you had a room available?”

“For you always. One room?” Snichook asked.

“Yes, we are planning on staying several days,” Hermione added speaking up. She fought blushing at the implication the one room gave.

“As I said not a problem at all. Would you like us to bill your Gringotts account directly Mr. Potter?”

“It is Harry, Snichook. Would that be a problem?”

“Not at all this hotel is goblin property,” Seeing Hermione’s eyebrow rise at that statement he couldn’t resist adding, “Not all governments are as restrictive as Great Britain Miss Granger.”

“If you call him Harry I am Hermione.”

“Very well Harry Hermione if you will follow me I’ll show you to your room,” Snichook said leading the way to end room on the top floor Where he keyed both of them into the door so they’d only have to place their hands on the knob to gain access.

Hermione was taking in the view out three sides of the hotel including a great view of the lake. “Wow this is fantastic. This is how the minister would be treated,” She remarked.

“The minister would not get this room he would at least be a floor or two lower,” Snichook replied.

“Harry can you afford this room?” Hermione asked suddenly realizing just how much a room like this must cost.

At Harry’s glance then nod Snichook replied, “Actually Hermione Harry would pay the same for any room in this hotel. He gets a flat rate.”

Hermione looked between Harry and Snichook deciding Harry would be questioned later about that remark.

Realizing the time had come Snichook went to the door and turned saying, “Harry, Hermione if either of you need anything to improve your stay let either myself or a member of the staff know.”

Hermione stood and walked over having a quiet conversation with Snichook who nodded replying, “Tomorrow morning at breakfast,” before taking his leave.

At an quisical gaze from Harry Hermione replied, “Girl stuff,” causing Harry to blush slightly and drop his inquiry.

Their first night’s sleep in the hotel was just like the previous night. Hermione started to shake as memories of the vampire attack surfaced. It was only when Harry put his arm around her while kissing her forehead that she was able to relax and fall asleep. Harry on the other hand suffered far less problems having been left alone after worse mental stress. Still wrapping his arm around his best friend also eased his nightmare problems. The next morning neither wanted to admit just how pleasant their sleep had been.

Harry and Hermione spent that day either in the pool or their room relaxing appearing only for meals. During this time Hermione managed to worm out Harry’s explanation about his rapport with the goblins. “It seems that one of my ancestors did them a favor. They feel compelled to repay it despite the fact several generations have passed.”

“Must have been a big favor,” Hermione mused.

“I have no idea what it was so I just do my best to keep an even balance with them. I’ve promised to help them when they ask and they seem to accept that.”

‘I bet they do.’ Hermione thought to herself.

Leaving the pool at the end of their second day Hermione’s comment to Harry “I wished I’d spent more time studying other languages,” Was over heard by one of the service goblins who informed his supervisor.

After dinner Snichook was waiting for them at their door, “Harry Hermione if I could have a moment of your time?” he asked.

“Of course Snichook come on it,” Harry said opening the door.

Once everyone was seated Harry asked, “What is the problem?”

“One of my associates heard Hermione’s complaint regarding languages. This caused me to wonder if you are aware of memory learning.”

Harry and Hermione exchanged looks before Harry replied, “No to any great extent although I believe Hermione has heard of it.”

Seeing her opening Hermione added, “I’ve read something about it but I believe it was outlawed.”

“Only in England although they have been lobbying the international for years to have it outlawed world wide. Something like this could reduce the need for years of schooling in some subjects. The memory strand would be cheaper than the years of tuition.”

“I take it this would help with our language problem,” Harry stated.

“Yes, and before you ask although it is legal here it is a bit expensive.”

“What does it involve?” Hermione questioned.

“Gringotts local branch accepts memory strands occasionally in place of Galleons. They then sell the memory strands to individuals who wish to acquire those abilities.”

“What’s to prevent the person from re-selling those strands?”

“Hermione when you remove a particular memory strand the individual loses the ability contained in that strand. They remember being able to do it but now lack the knowledge as to how to do it,” Snichook explained

“So if we wanted to learn to speak and write German. We’d need two strands one for each of us?” Harry asked.


“How much would that cost?” Hermione asked.

“Prices for memory strands start at 1000 galleons and go up from there depending on how rare the ability being purchased is, reading and writing French would be 1000 galleons. Replicating Harry’s Parseltongue ability currently cannot be done, as we have no memories of that ability.

“All the memories are freely given?” Hermione questioned not wanting to take part in anything that was against her moral standards.

“No memory is taken by force. Most individuals have no need of the abilities they are giving up. For example individuals moving to another country will give up the language from their old country and get one for their new. Sometimes they make a few galleons sometimes they pay but it is an quick way to adapt to a new environment.”

“Thanks for the information I assume should Hermione or I be interested you would be able to set something up,” Harry stated.

“This is a goblin establishment,” Snichook replied with a toothy grin.

“Right we need to talk this over if we decide to we’ll let you know,” Harry said standing to signal the end of their meeting time.

“Of course I’ll be awaiting your reply,” Snichook said leaving them alone.

Once they were alone Harry asked, “So what do you think?”

“Let me sleep on it tonight. Something is tugging at my thoughts. Hopefully a good nights sleep will bring it to the front and just for clarification a good nights sleep means me in your arms.”

Harry grinned happily at the thought before going to get ready for the evenings rest.

They were at the pool the next morning Harry enjoying his new morning ritual of watching Hermione apply sunscreen to the areas not covered by her modest bikini. “You do know there is a charm for that,” He said teasing her.

“And as I’ve told you before I prefer doing it this way,” Hermione covertly admiring the way Harry’s form was filling out this summer. While enjoying the growing attraction she was feeling towards him. Deciding to get him more involved she asked, “Would you mind spreading this on my back?”

Harry shrugged wondering why she asked today. She’d managed to do it herself yesterday morning. Still he was game, “Sure let me get situated.”

“Just take a good size dollop and spread it. By the way I’ve remembered what was tickling my brain yesterday. Before we do any memory strand learning I would like to try out a few things with your help.”

Harry looked up from were his hands were spreading the sunscreen on her prone form, “Any time.”

“Our room we’ll leave here a little before lunch. Think of some memory you’d like to share with me before then.”

Slightly confused Harry still nodded in agreement before turning is attention back to his task. When he’d finished he realized that it really was a shame that she’d managed to do the rest of it herself.

“Okay Harry what we are going to do is extract that memory and place it in this vial. Then we’ll take a blank memory from you and mix the two.”

Harry finally realized just what Hermione was up to. She was looking for a way to duplicate a memory strand. “Don’t you think the goblins would have already tried this?” he asked looking at her.

“Yes but I recalled reading in my parents science journals how it was possible to take one strand of DNA and copy it using a solution that contained the basic building blocks until you had millions of copies. I think it might be possible to do the same thing.”

“So what’s special about your method?”

“Your magic,” Hermione said in her I am utterly convinced I know what I am doing voice.


“”You are going to take the vial in your hand like this and spin it like so will trying to focus your magic on it,” Hermione said demonstrating by sliding her palms back and forth against each other with the vial in between. While Harry did his best to avoid looking at Hermione like she’d lost her mind being his best and not to mention most attentive friend she could practically read his mind. “Oh, just do it!” she said in exasperation.

Knowing she was at her limit of being teased Harry closed his eyes to remove any distraction and complied not daring to ask just how to focus his magic on it. Thus only Hermione could see the glow between his palms as the cylinder rotated. “Kept it up for another minute Harry,” she said softly when he started to slow down, then “That’s it.”

“So what now?”

“There’s two strands in there one goes back to you and one to me. If this worked we both now have your memory.”

“And if it didn’t?”

“Then one of us has your original memory and the other has nothing. Don’t worry if I get your memory I’ll give it back,” She teased putting her wand in the now open vial between them and extracting one of the silver strands placing it against her temple where it was absorbed into her mind. Suddenly she had a vision of herself lying face down while her hands were spreading sunscreen on her back. ‘Wait a minute that was this morning and it’s Harry’s memory of him spreading sunscreen,’ she thought then looked at Harry as he placed the other strand back in his mind. Unable to contain herself she asked, “Did it work?”

Harry was going to tease her but the look on her face brought forth an honest answer, “Yes I still have the memory of spreading sunscreen on your back.”

“I do too!” Hermione squealed excitedly before reminding herself that she did not squeal.

“Time for lunch,” Harry said standing up adding, “I know you want to talk about this but I’m hungry.”

“Then order room service. We, well at least I need to talk this out,” Hermione said standing up and starting to pace while replaying the memory in her mind several times.

“Salad for you and a burger for me?” Harry called from the phone.

Hermione nodded her mind fixed on some… under memories that came along with the transferred memory. Once Harry was back and seated she said, “Let’s try oblivating the next blank memory strand before we put it in.”

“What? I didn’t notice anything extra.”

“You wouldn’t let’s just say I got a little extra and leave it at that.”

“What did you get?” Harry asked truly curious.

Hermione debated for a moment then realized it was his memory after all, “I now know beyond a doubt you think I’m sexy. Is that sufficient?”

Harry’s eyes went wide then he hung his head.

“Don’t be embarrassed Harry that thought makes me quite happy. Who knows may be some day you will find out how the girls really feel in your hands.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I know boys have thoughts like that. In fact I’m pleased you think that about me if you didn’t I’d wonder if you preferred boys.”

“I’m not Colin!” Harry responded sharply.

“No you’re not. Now let’s get back on track.”

They ate in between a few more trial runs then Harry went to see Snichook and ordered up single strands of French, Italian, Spanish, and German. Hermione’s thought being those four would give them the ability to travel through most of Europe without major problems.

Snichook was able to deliver them the next morning and by noon both Harry and Hermione had headaches and command of four new languages, the only change to their process being Harry’s overpowering obliviation of the blank memory strand prior to its insertion in the vial.

Despite their best attempts to keep the fact both had learned languages quiet it was only the next evening when Snichook approached them saying, “I have heard rumors that you are both proficient in French. I was wondering how this was accomplished as you were supplied only one memory strand.”

Harry’s glance at Hermione had her almost slapping her head. “The couple we were talking with at the pool this afternoon it started in English but switched to French. I only realized it when she complemented me on my accent.”

“Yes the towel attendant thanked me for acting on his comment. I suspect he was fishing for a promotion,” Snichook added.

Harry gave in to the inevitable. “We have developed a method however the current potential for abuse causes us to prefer to keep it private,” Harry explained and waited for the goblin’s outburst.

“I suspected that might be the case. If asked I must tell our director about it however.”

“You, and your goblin director I do not mind I would request that knowledge of it be kept at the goblin director level,” Harry asked.

“Of course, Harry. Might I suggest a visit to Lichtenstein when you finish your stay with us. I think it has the potential for being quite informative.”

“Thanks for the suggestion I suspect Hermione and I will be here a few days longer however.”

Snichook presented them when a travel guide that listed all the wizard friendly accommodations Gringotts was involved with across Europe when they left. They decided to avoid the hard riding that had brought them out of Italy and take two days to cover the roughly 200 miles of mountain roads to Lichtenstein. That way they could leave late while taking their time allowing for sightseeing along the way.

Remus sat looking at the other members of The Order of the Phoenix’s guiding council, “I was unable to find Harry He’s just dropped out of sight.”

“He’s gone muggle,” Mad Eye Moody countered his artificial eye in constant motion not wanting to be surprised again.

“Possibly, What were you able to find out about Miss Granger?” The Headmistress of Hogwarts Minerva McGonagall asked.

“Arthur Weasley gave me her address. I asked Moody to check it out,” Remus replied.

“No student was there male or female. I watched the place for a full day. Two adults came and went spending the night like it was their home but there was no sign of anyone else living there. One room was fixed up for a girl but it didn’t look like one had been there in the last few days.”

“What about the other option?” Remus asked.

“Augusta Longbottom has refused to allow us access to Neville. I’m not sure just what is going on there. I had the feeling should I push Neville wouldn’t be returning to Hogwarts,” Minerva stated.

“I never did like that option, Neville is a far different boy from Harry. I’m not sure he is up to this task,” Remus said.

“He is our only option. Like a lump of coal under intense pressure he will either become a diamond or coal dust,” Moody countered.

“Molly said Ginny will be trying to buck up Neville. She suggested Ron but I think using him in any fashion is not a good idea. He’s too associated with Harry. To have him suddenly befriend a boy he’s ignored for six years isn’t right,” Remus said.

“Arthur still in the dark?” Moody asked.

“Along with the rest of the Weasleys. Molly thought it best to keep this portion of the order’s plans restricted to her, Ron, and Ginny. Harry’s support of the twins puts them firmly in his camp it’s on the oath the gave Molly that is keeping them quiet right now,” Remus said not liking this new plan at all.

“That woman’s a bit ruthless when she sees a need to be,” Moody replied drawing nods from the rest of the table.
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