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Many things are learned

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Harry and Hermione uncover the true facts of Halloween night.

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I am restricted by birth and education to English or rather what small portion of it I try to convey my ideas in. I can not write idiomatic French, Italian, German, or any other language so I will not create the problem of you trying to decipher just what I meant to say in a different language using only translation programs. Just assume that you are reading English translations of whatever language is being spoken. As always the main characters belong to JKR, thanks to her for letting us play with them by the way. I am not making money off this but I am keeping my mind active and it beats playing cards during lunch at work.

There are currently 362,500+ Harry potter stories on FFN and this is not one of them so most of the ideas here have appeared somewhere in that vast selection at least once. With that said to the extent my memory functions I do not believe I am ripping off a main plot from anyone. I am writing this for fun and not profit of any type. To be honest I don’t think I’d enjoy being a billionaire and I doubt it will ever happen to me anyway.

Thanks to Google Earth and various other web sites for allowing me to view the area’s described.

I do enjoy reviews and use them for ideas and corrections more than you might believe.

Having said all that here is part 4

After a ride over and around several Swiss mountains Harry and Hermione decided to stop for the night at Altdorf, Switzerland. Hermione was pleased to find a statue to William Tell in the town center and Harry was pleased to find a hotel next to the train station where they could stay for the night. Playing the tourist Hermione had Harry pick up one of those disposable cameras and take her picture beside the statue. All the while kicking herself for not bringing one along in the first place. Finding a place to eat other than the hotel was surprisingly difficult it seemed the streets rolled up early in this town. After what passed for a restful night for the two of them they were back on the road early the next morning heading further eastward.

Harry pulled the motorcycle in to the open parking space in front of what the sign called “Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum” before noon the next day. The Memory strand learning they’d done definitely helped with the variety of languages they were encountering allowing him to read this as Liechtenstein National Museum.

“This is great Harry I’ve always wanted to visit this principality and to do it with you is really special,” Hermione gushed as she headed towards the museum’s entrance.

Harry just chalked it up to making Hermione happy. His joy came riding Sirius’s motorcycle over the winding mountain roads. If her joy was visiting new museums so be it.

They were walking around looking when Hermione looked at Harry sharply. “I felt it too. We just passed through a major barrier ward,” Harry replied. Unknown to them an individual watching remote monitors in a secure room reached over and keyed a microphone saying, “Positive reaction by the long haired man in a motorcycle vest and the woman with him running identity checks now.”

They were in the next exhibit when Harry announced, “We are being watched.”

Hermione didn’t bother asking any questions since their little adventure with the Vampires she awaited his instructions instead of questioning. A gentleman moved to stand beside them saying, “I believe a private conversation would be in order if you two don’t mind.”

Harry glanced at the man before replying, “If you insist. Would it be better for us to leave peacefully? We don’t want trouble and meant no offense by entering.”

The gentleman waited for a moment before saying, “There is no need for you to leave. If it helps I’ve been told to show you extreme hospitality. I’m sorry we didn’t recognize you when you arrived it would have made this slightly easier. We have various wards in place. One of which let us know of your abilities. A check with our friends allowed us to identify you Mr. Potter and Miss Granger.”

“Very good work,” Hermione said distracting their visitor as Harry quickly scanned the rest of the room for additional problems.

“Thank you, although your participation in the tri-wizard tournament was covered rather well here making the identification easier. Once we had you Mr. Potter, Miss Granger was rather obvious.”

“And you are?” Hermione asked.

“Herman Gunter, I am the curator of the magical section of the national museum. Perhaps you’d like to see it?”

Harry didn’t hesitate just nodded as Hermione surprised him by waiting a moment almost like she was waiting for his permission before saying, “We’d love to.”

They were pass a section of drawers when Gunter stopped pulling open one drawer before carefully opening a very old bound book and with a look at Harry asked, “Mr. Potter can you read this?”

Harry glanced down replying, “Yes, it’s a little archaic in language but it is readable.”

“Perhaps you’d be willing to provide us with a rough translation?” Gunter asked.

“It’s in Parseltongue Harry,” Hermione said as Harry looked towards her confusion evident on his face.

“Oh, I suppose I could spare a day or two to give you an overview of what’s in this book. That is if you don’t mind allowing Hermione to browse through your books?”

“Let me make a few calls and I think I can do better than that. Do you have any reservations for tonight?”

“No Harry and I were planning on checking the local hotels after we left.”

“What level of… comfort are you interested in,” Gunter asked.

Harry looked to Hermione before replying, “I think something upscale would be a good choice.”

“Then may I suggest the Parkhotel Sonnenhof. It is about a kilometer north of here on Mareestrasse. I think you’ll find the level of comfort you want but it does come with a price.”

“Not a problem,” Harry assured him.

“Why don’t we continue our tour? Then Harry and I can go settle in and see some more sights then tomorrow morning Harry can work on this in earnest.”

“Sounds like a plan. Would you like me to arrange a scribe for you Mr. Potter?” Mr. Gunter asked,

“No need, I’ll charm a pen to write as he reads it,” Hermione said quickly causing Harry to wonder what she was up to.

After saying their goodbyes to Mr. Gunter Harry and Hermione traveled around Vaduz for a little while taking in the sights with Hermione making a note to visit the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein before they left. They were walking by a dress shop when Hermione stopped and looked in the window. “Harry I think I need a few things…” Hermione said trailing off. The sparkle off a few of the fancy dresses reminded her of the twinkle in Gunter’s eyes when he said he might be able to do better than allowing her to browse through books.

Harry didn’t understand the sudden change in Hermione’s mood but replied, “It’s on my card then. No need for your parents to wonder why you are buying these.”

Hermione nodded heading into the shop. Several shops later Harry was wondering just how ‘a few things’ had blossomed in to the several bags of garments he was carrying. Being totally clueless he had no idea what was going on beyond seeing Hermione talk with a woman in each shop before disappearing in the back while several things were brought to her only for her to emerge a while later with a bag or two. At which point the woman would look to him and he would produce his Gringotts credit card. A slip of paper and his signature later they were off again. Hermione even insisting that he pick up some dressy slacks and shirts along with having a suit made at one of the men’s shops.

Their arrival at Parkhotel Sonnenhof raised a few eyebrows until Harry introduced himself as he inquired about a room for the night. Evidently Mr. Gunter had called ahead smoothing their path.

They had an elegant dinner that night under the stars in the hotel’s patio dining area.

The next morning Harry and a dress wearing Hermione arrived via taxi at Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum Harry with pen and a notebook to begin translating and Hermione to find out what Mr. Gunter had planned for her.

Gunter was waiting at the door for them with a lady slightly younger than her parents if she was any judge, “Mrs. Weirather-Wenzel will escort you today Miss Granger. I’ve made arrangements for you to visit a very special library.”

Hermione held out her hand to the older woman saying, “Please call me Hermione.”

“Then I’m Hanni,” The woman replied taking the hand and giving it a gentle shake before leading Hermione to a waiting car.

Harry followed Gunter back to the drawer fill corridor where he followed Gunter’s lead donning a pair of white cotton gloves before taking the book and adjourning to a small room where a comfortable chair and writing desk awaited. After silencing and anti-snooping charms were cast Harry opened the book set up Hermione’s charmed pen and paper before beginning to read aloud.

When she noticed she was being driven up to the castle overlooking Vaduz Hermione was glad she’d shifted out of her leathers into a dress and heels that was more suitable for a young lady to wear.

At the castle Hanni lead her through the main door and past several guards before knocking on a door. Once they were inside Hanni said, “Marie Aglaë may I present Hermione Granger. Hermione Marie Aglaë, Princess consort of Liechtenstein.”

Hermione quickly went on autopilot taking the offered hand while executing a quick curtsy. Not noticing Hanni leave the room.

“I’m not your Queen my dear. No need to be so formal although it is appreciated,” She replied adding the last when she noticed Hermione’s face fall slightly. Continuing she added, “My husband and I tend to avoid all the social trappings unless it is a state occasion, although this might be considered such.”

“I’m sorry?” Hermione asked confused while glancing around the room to see who else might be around. Noting they were now alone.

“It is not every day that one meets the significant other of “The Boy who Lived.”” Marie replied a hint of grin on her face.

Hermione took only a second to digest that statement before blushing to the tips of her ears while attempting to protest the description.

Marie let Hermione regain her composure before saying, “Call me Marie, it is my name after all. Now as to why you are here. I have been asked by a close friend to allow you access to a rather special collection our family has been keeping secure for centuries. Its existence is know to only a very few and I’m afraid I must ask an oath from you to keep that existence a secret.”

“I am concerned. I do not keep things from Harry.”

“When he finishes with that book we will bring him here and take his oath also. I dare say it might go better with him if you can assure him of the need,” Marie replied.

Hermione nodded and after giving the requested oath Marie walked over to a wall and entered a secret passage leading Hermione down several stories into a torch lit cavern where several pensives were arranged along one wall and thousands of silvery vials were arranged on special racks against the opposite wall. “Oh my…” Hermione remarked as she took in the room.

Marie saw the question forming on Hermione’s face and answered it. “The memories in here date back to before the founding of Hogwarts. This room is one of the reasons our small principality exists. Like the Swiss we are neutral Howqever we are small enough to avoid entanglements that the Swiss occasionally find themselves in. It is also easier for a royal family to keep something like this a secret. No government to intervene for “the common good” as it were. It might interest you to know that your head master having heard rumors tried to find this library. He was unsuccessful my husband’s parents did not find him worthy.”

Hermione didn’t know what to say to that other than looking around with her mouth slowly opening and closing as if trying to speak.

“I have been told this pensive here will provide you with enough information to use this resource. Just give a tug on this cord when you wish to leave,” Marie said motioning to the pensive nearest the entrance and an adjacent hanging cord. Before she turned and left Hermione alone with the thousands of memories.

It was approaching dinner time when Hermione pulled the cord. Several minutes later Marie arrived, “Was it time well spent?” she asked as she led the way back to the main castle.

“Yes, very well spent. Once Harry is done with his current project I’m sure he will need to spend a few days down there.”

“You do realize that most of those are unique?”

“I wanted to ask you about that. We have developed a method of duplicating memory strands. I was wondering if it would be possible to use it to duplicate some of those memories?” Hermione asked hopefully.

“I will discuss it with my husband. He has the final say. I suspect it might go better if either of you are able to offer a memory in exchange. With your ability to duplicate them it should not be a strain,” Marie replied in what Hermione quickly realized was a counter offer.

“I have no problem with any of my memories you would wish but I will need to discuss it with Harry before speaking for him,” Hermione said smiling at the ease she was able to return the volley.

Marie nodded her agreement as they reached the front door. “I have been told Mr. Potter managed to complete his project at the museum today. Why don’t you both take tomorrow off and on Monday perhaps we could have both of you stay for dinner after you spend the afternoon visiting our archives?”

“Of course we’d be honored,” Hermione replied telling herself Harry would be thrilled to gather some memory strands from their archives. Walking to a waiting car for the ride back to their hotel She thought of what to do if he objected to dressing up for dinner.

They re-connected after their separate days in their room at Parkhotel Sonnenhof. Harry telling Hermione he managed to finish the book before he asked how her day went. She related her story finishing with, “I told her we could duplicate memory strands and she said if an exchange could be worked out she’d be willing to let us duplicate some of them.”

“So how many are you thinking about?”

“Several, possibly as high as ten or twelve. I came across a fencing memory from Comte de le Fère not quite sure how that ended up here but I was thinking that might help you with your sword.”

“Comee de ferr?” Harry asked slightly bewildered.

“Comte de le Fère, you might know him as Athos from the three musketeers.”

“They were real?”

“Based on real characters I suspect or Alexandre Dumas just liked the name and took it,” Hermione replied with a shrug.

“Sounds good to me but what are we going to offer them in return?”

“I think the big items you might offer them your memory of the end of the tri-wizard tournament along with your Parseltongue ability,” Hermione replied ending with a hopefully tone.

Harry thought for a while before replying, “I won’t do a one for one on either of those memories, It will need to be something extra special to get the Parseltongue I know I shared it with you but that’s it, however I’d be willing to trade the individual tasks of the tri-wizard as well as the Chamber memory. I would like to start with both of our memories of the events in the shrieking shack. If we string it out we might get all we want without giving up too much.”

“I think that might work. We will play it by ear then but before we go we’re going to have to prepare all the blank memory strands ahead of time. I do not want you casting Obliviate with all those memories around.”

“Okay after dinner I’ll get started.”

True to his word after a wonderful dinner at the hotel’s restaurant Harry went to work filling vials with blank memory strands while Hermione disappeared into their bathroom for a long soak. He was just placing a strand in the last vial when Hermione came back in dressed for the night.

Hermione came in to the bedroom looking over to see how Harry was doing to watch him placing a strand in the last vial she’d conjured. His eyes swung from the vial to her and he stopped dead. Hermione was wondering if he was breathing he was so still. “Harry,” she asked watching his eyes the only thing on him moving as they swept up and down her body. “Harry!” she repeated herself.

With a shake of his head Harry snapped out of the trance she’d put him in. “Merlin Hermione, I’m glad you didn’t wear that around Thor,” He said his eyes occasionally drifting up to hers.

“Harry,” Hermione said trying to get his eyes to settle on her face.

“Yes love?”

Hermione felt a tingle go through her at his words. Harry was getting better by the day at letting her know how he felt about her. “Why don’t you go get cleaned up I want to try and tinge these memories with a little color so we can tell the originals. That way Marie will be assured she’s getting them back while we have the copies.”

Harry nodded and headed off to the bathroom to take his shower and get ready for bed bumping into a door jam on the way.

Watching him go Hermione shook her head thinking, ‘Mom was right show a guy a little skin covered by lace and they lose most of their reason,’ before she turned her attention to coloring the blank memory strands before her.

Later during a break from an enjoyable snogging session Harry asked, “Hermione why do witches and wizards get married so young. I mean most muggles wait until their like thirty or so now a days.”

‘And just what caused that thought to cross your mind right now?’ Hermione thought a smile crossing her face before replying, “I think there’s three things going on; tradition, hormones, and magical maturity.”

“Right I get the hormone part,” Harry replied with a light blush while his hand was caressing Hermione’s hip.

‘So do I Harry, So do I,’ she replied in her mind while saying, “Magical maturity is the big one I think, it’s the indication that a witch or wizard has completed his growth.”

“I remember something about that from our why Wizards should wait and Witches must wait classes… not much though. Isn’t it supposed to happen around your seventeenth birthday?”


“But I don’t remember you or Ron going though it.”

“That’s because there isn’t much of an exterior change for most people. I gained a bit in my magic,” ‘and shape but no one noticed with those school robes.’ She replied adding the last only to herself.

“But shouldn’t I have noticed?”

“The only thing you would have noticed is our magic going wonky for a while, normally about a week. The teachers notice and tell each other who to avoid calling on for a while.”

“But still,” Harry said honestly confused at his inability to notice the change in his friends.

Hermione smiled but decided to be blunt, “Harry for a good portion of last year you were so fixated on Malfoy, justly as it turned out, that you wouldn’t have noticed.”

Harry hung his head nodding his agreement before picking his head up, “That means… does it work on a calendar date or actual age?”

“Actual age but there are things that can change that and your treatment before Hogwarts is one of those things.”

“So it might be late?”

“More likely will be late. Though how much later I don’t know.”

“Hope it’s before school,” Harry said before taking Hermione back in his arms for a good snogging session.

They spent Sunday walking around Vaduz Hermione finally taking in the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein or the Black Square as the locals called it. Harry was doing his best to hold in any comments as Hermione walked around obviously enthralled with the artwork, though what some of this was doing classified as art was beyond him. He’d made the mistake of voicing that thought once early on and her come back had him silent for the rest of their visit. From there they went back to the Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum to see the rest of their collection having been diverted to the magical one on their first visit.

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel in casual clothes Monday and a few hours spent relaxing in the lobby listening to the various people come and go, Harry and Hermione retired to their rooms to dress for the day. Until Hogwarts Harry had never worn a tie nor clothes that truly fit him. Their visit to the men’s shop two days ago had been a revelation. It had taken two visits and more cash than he thought but now he was donning a suit that fit him. A quick room service lunch and they were out the door to find Mrs. Weirather-Wenzel waiting with a car to take them up to the castle. “Marie wanted me to pass on a few points of information so you’re not surprised later, the Prince has agreed to allowing you to copy memories if their Archivist agrees. She wasn’t around this weekend but is at the castle now and waiting for you. I’m to show you to her, as Marie and her husband are busy with other business. Dinner this evening will be slightly formal and several prominent individuals are attending, no I will not be there, I believe it is a theme reception.”

“Theme reception?” Harry queried.

“Yes, like when the skiing season is over they host a dinner for the national ski team.”

Hermione nodded and seeing this Harry stopped his questions, deciding to worry rather this Archivist will allow them to copies memories or not.

At the castle Hanni Weirather-Wenzel made the introductions and was surprised to see the Archivist curtsey to Harry much to his embarrassment. “Please Mrs. Sibatal there is no need I’m just Harry.”

“And I’m Hermione,” A voice chipped in from his side.

Mrs. Sibatal nodded saying, “And I’m Heidi,” before adding, “Thank you Hanni, I’ll take care of them from here.”

Hanni nodded and made her way out wondering just who this Harry was to cause such a reaction. Heidi turned and lead them to the hidden stairway and her realm below the castle dungeons. Once everyone was situated and Harry over his initial shock of seeing so many vials of memory strands Heidi said, “I’ve been told you can duplicate memory strands without a problem. I’ve placed on of my own memories in that pensive and would like you to duplicate it. I will then view the duplicate and the original separately before deciding rather to allow you to duplicate any of our archived memories.”

“Sounds fair,” Hermione replied taking out a vial with a blank memory and placing the pensive memory strand in it before handing it to Harry.

“So Harry is the key to this?”


“What is he doing?” Heidi asked watching entranced as Harry rolled the vial between his hands while they glowed slightly.

Hermione shrugged not wanting to reveal any information. “Not sure, all I do is place the blank and actual memory strands together in a vial and pass them to him. He does his thing and then we have two identical memories,” She said after a pause.

Minutes later Heidi said, “You have my permission but if you don’t mind I’d like to stay down here incase of questions.”

“Not a problem,” Hermione replied quickly retrieving several vials that she’d decided on earlier including Comte de le Fère’s fencing memories. While Harry was duplicating those she started to browse the rest of the stack.

Marie saw her and came over saying, “I’ve got something hidden that I think you might be interested in. A decade or so ago we received several jars of memory strands from one of our friends in England who acquired them from an individual who bought several pensives after the fall of your “Dark Lord” he wasn’t interested in the contents and was planning to throw them out when our friend managed to acquire them.”

Hermione looked at her interest plain on her face.

“I’ve been cataloging them as I can. They were full of people doing horrid things and I can only handle a few at a time.”

“Doesn’t the memory leave with the removal of the strand?”

“Yes but my body’s reaction is still there and I have to overcome that. Would you care to look at one?” Heidi asked motioning to an pensive holding one strand.

“Why would they put things like that in a pensive?” Hermione asked shuddering as she returned the memory glad to be free of it.

Heidi shrugged her shoulders saying, “I can think of several reasons but one of the main ones would be if they were headed for trial removing the memories would allow them to truthfully reply, “I have no current memories of that,” Then once they were free they could retrieve their memories.”

Hermione shook her head saying, “That’s how they avoided Azkaban,” to herself. Then “I take it you found something interesting?” to Heidi.

“I think so. It’s a murder of a young couple along with the death of their killer.”

Hermione’s hands flew to her mouth trying to hold in the words, “You don’t mean,” without success.

Heidi nodded and waited for Hermione to make a decision.

Hermione knew she had to have that memory but she also had to keep it from Harry until she had him in a safe place to view it. “I will definitely want that one but don’t tell Harry it’s anything special I will show it to him later.”

It took them until just before dinner to duplicate all the memories they had blank strands for. Harry ended up leaving duplicates of all of the tri-wizard tournament and his encounter with the basilisk. All in all a fair trade he thought as they ascended the stairs for dinner.

Harry had no trouble falling asleep back at their hotel room that night. While not physically exhausted the magical strain from the day’s work combined with the mental strain of the Dinner. They were the “Guests of Honor” at combined to create one worn out Harry Potter. The only reason Hermione fell asleep later was the longer time it took her to get ready for bed. Time she spent insuring everyone of the ten other witches and wizards she met tonight were logged into her memory along with which ones were social climbing snobs, which once she suspected would report this to Voldemort in fact was probably doing so right now, and the one or two besides Marie and her husband Hermione felt could be call on for assistance should the need arise.

The next morning they checked out deciding a few days rest back with Snichook would be an excellent way to unwind and incorporate the memory strands they’d acquired. It wasn’t until the second day there Hermione inquired if a Ritual Chamber was available.

“We do have one Miss Granger but it is a bit unusual for a witch to request its use,” Snichook replied observing Hermione closely.

“It is more a precaution than anything. I have a disturbing memory to show Harry and I would like a room that would contain any accidental magic should it come to that.”

“You feel this memory has the potential to cause accidental magic?”

Hermione thought for a moment wondering if the need of the chamber out weighed the need to keep the contents of the memory strand involved secret. Reaching a decision she replied, “I can not tell you why but I do believe it to be an excellent safety precaution.”

“Don’t worry Miss Granger I would almost appreciate some magical discharge in the room. It would be drawn off and put to good use,” Snichook said with what passed for a goblin smile.

“It is still Hermione Snichook and I suspect it would do me no good to question you as to what the use would be.”

“No more than me asking just what is in that memory to have you so worried.”

They ended up smiling at each other before Snichook said; “Let me know an hour or so before you need it. We shouldn’t have an long term rituals going on over the next week.”

Six days after arriving back with Snichook Harry and Hermione finished incorporating most of the memories, including; master sword craft, hand to hand combat training from an old Chinese memory, several ancient languages including their runes, beyond master level of; Occlumency, Legilimency, charms, ancient runes, Defense against the Dark Arts, and transfiguration including Animagus knowledge but they had not met nor harnessed their inner creature remaining was the one memory Hermione had left in her purse for safe keeping, “Harry we need to use a pensive in their ritual chamber to view one memory I have left when you are ready,” Hermione explained as they were getting ready for the day.

“Do you want to do it this morning?”

“No I was thinking about totally relaxing today except for working though our physical exercises we need to support our new abilities. Then tomorrow after lunch we’ll view that memory that will allow the goblins a day’s notice to get the chamber ready.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Harry said reaching for his swim trunks. Hermione had taught him to swim using one of their first memory exchanges and since them he loved being in the water.

They had a light lunch the next day at Hermione’s instance before Snichook escorted them down to the chamber situated deep under the resort. There was a small antechamber outside the main one where several other goblins met them. “If it is agreeable I would like to observe,” Snichook asked just before they entered the main chamber.

Hermione thought for a moment before saying, “Harry and I will be entering the memory alone. We would be honored should you chose to watch over us. However we will decide afterwards rather this memory should be shared beyond us.”

“I would be my honor to watch over you,” Snichook said following them into the main chamber a wave of his hand later the goblins outside had shut and sealed the only door.

Harry looked around the room noting it was a pure cube carved out of a continuous section of the area’s bed rock. He was sure that if it was precisely measured it would not deviate from a perfect cube. A wooden table sat in the middle of the floor with a pensive on it.

Hermione approached the table pouring the single memory strand into the shallow bowl. Harry approached the bowl remembering Hermione saying this would be very difficult to observe. Taking her hand he entered the memory with her. Harry found himself in the middle of a stopped memory. Standing with Hermione he looked around noting they were on a rural path next to a much younger Severus Snape who was standing next to a hooded figure while off in the distance a slim figure with hunched shoulders approached a gate. Suddenly he noticed the sign by the gate had been removed recently. “Is this?”

“Yes do you want to see all of it?”

Harry took a deep breath before nodding. Seeing his agreement Hermione started the memory playing.

“James drop the wards it’s Peter I’ve brought news,” The figure by the gate called out.

A person bearing a strong resemblance to Harry appeared at the cottage’s door looking around before waiving his wand obviously rendering the wards passable. The instant he did Severus and the hooded figure apparated to the cottage’s door the hooded figure raising their wand. Avada Kedavra was uttered before Harry’s father could finish his curse towards the figure having chosen to warn his wife first.

“Severus it is time for you to separate them,” the hooded figure said calmly.

“Yes my Lord,” Severus said starting up the stairs.

“Severus what are you doing here?” a voice a that Harry heard any time a dementor came near asked.

“I’m here to save you Lily.”

“I told you it’s over I married James and we have little Harry now.”

“But Lily he was never right for you. With your gift in charms you could be so much more that just his wife.”

“You forget Severus I’m muggle born. I am sure your master would not approve of us being together.”

“On the contrary my dear as Severus’s wife you would be protected by me. Once my takeover is completed there will be a place for you in the new world,” The hooded figure said having apparated up the stairs.

“I’m already married to James,” A surprisingly unshaken Lily Potter replied.

“Mummy?” Harry said causing heroine to stop the replay allowing them to approach and walk around the figures.

Harry as silent looking at his mother tears falling freely as he fix this memory of her in his mind knowing she had to distract him Hermione said, “Loot at Peter he’s as close to the door as possible.”

Harry looked over to where Hermione was pointing then took in Lord Voldemort. “At least I know why Severus always hated me. It wasn’t his hatred of my father for his treatment it was because Mum chose my dad.”

“Or the day his Lord and Master died,” Hermione interjected.

“That’s a better thought,” Harry agreed a slight smile on his face.

Once Harry regained his composure Hermione re-started the memory and they watched Voldemort stat looking thorough the rooms until he found the nursery, “Ah, here is the boy,” Voldemort exclaimed entering the nursery.

Harry and Hermione watched Lily break free of Severus’ grip bolting into the nursery screaming, “No not Harry you’ve taken James from me, at least leave me his son!”

Severus followed Lily arriving at the door to see her knocked to the floor by his Master, Voldemort pulled out a cloak fastener setting it to one side before turning back to the infant while Severus helped Lily to her feet holding her much firmer this time.

Hermione again stopped the playback turning to face Harry a question obvious on her face.

“Yes Hermione, I need to see the rest,” Harry said with a sigh knowing his worst pain was still to come.

Without another word Hermione restarted them memory to see Voldemort cast Avada Kedavra at Harry only to have it rebound striking an astonished Voldemort as Lily Potter fell dead in Severus’ arms. Severus’ cry of anguish over Lily’s death echoed in the memory as he cradled her dead body not seeing the streak of light burst from a collapsing Lord Voldemort before striking Harry’s head.

“That explains the connection Harry has,” Hermione thought most of her attention focused on the present day Harry observing with her.

They were ejected as the memory ended giving Hermione just enough time to warp Harry in her arms before he started to scream. It took only a few moments for Snichook to agree doing this in the chamber had been a good idea. Rogue unfocused magic was leaping from Harry to the chamber walls. Snichook found Hermione was actually casting a shadow of magical protection saving him as she held Harry close to her. It took over an hour before the magical discharge from Harry calmed enough for them to open the door.

“Get out and shut the door I’ll be safe in here,” Hermione said just as the wild magic from Harry started to increase again.

The goblins quickly complied. Over the next twenty four hours the door opened only long enough to pass food in and to ask a quick question about their condition. Finally 24 hours later two other individuals entered bringing in food. Seeing all that was left of the table was a pile of ashes under a charred pensive they turned to Hermione asking about her and Harry.

“I’m alright, tired but okay. What are you two doing here?”

“The goblins thought I might help and Bill is here to protect us,” Fleur Delacour said before looking at Harry. Pulling her wand she looked at Hermione asking, “May I check on both of you?”

At Hermione’s nod Fleur approached slowly casting several diagnostic spells at both her and Harry. Not wanting to disrupt what Fleur was doing Hermione said to Bill Weasley, “I didn’t know Fleur had gone into healing.”

“She didn’t, she is a top ritual specialist. The goblins are concerned Harry might have been cursed in the memory.”

“Finished Fleur moved back to stand beside Bill who put a protective arm around her waist. “The goblins were unable to tell use what was in the memory that set Harry off.”

“I’ll need an oath that this stays between us,” Hermione said looking at them. They quickly gave their oaths before she continued, “I found a memory of the night Harry’s parents were murdered.”

“The reactions of the other two were ones of total astonishment. “How,” Bill finally asked.

“I found a pensive memory, don’t ask me how it’s covered by several oaths. We viewed it in here for safety. When it ended Harry just stated emitting massive amounts of magical energy before crumpling to the floor.”

“He’s how old?”

“16 he will be seventeen on the 31st of this month,” Hermione replied.

“A little early but I think he’s going though is magical maturity.”

“I thought that was more of an over night thing not this.”

“For most people you are correct but we are dealing with Harry Potter. Dumbledore’s took three days,” Fleur explained.

“So how long are we looking at?” Bill asked his attention split between his fiancée and Harry.

Fleur knew what her diagnostic spells told her but she hesitated to believe them. The results were so far out of the norm they were obviously flawed. “I not sure but at least two days,” she finally said.

Seeing how exhausted Hermione was Bill suggested she go up to her room and rest.

“Good idea, wake me when Harry comes around,” She said knowing these two would keep Harry safe. Starting to move away she found Harry’s arm tighten on her. “On second thought I’ll sleep here,” she said before falling quickly nodding off.
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