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After Maturity

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Harry finally wakes up and gets a big surprise.

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As I’ve said before: I am restricted by birth and education to English or rather what small portion of it I try to convey my ideas in. I can not write idiomatic French, Italian, German, or any other language so I will not create the problem of you trying to decipher just what I meant to say in a different language using only translation programs. Just assume that you are reading English translations of whatever language is being spoken. As always the main characters belong to JKR, thanks to her for letting us play with them by the way. I am not making money off this but I am keeping my mind active and it beats playing cards during lunch at work.

Thanks to Google Earth and various other web sites for allowing me to view the area’s described.

I do enjoy reviews and use them for ideas and corrections more than you might believe. To those reviewers who are pointing out problems caused by my lack of a Beta reader all I can say is thanks. You are improving not only the following chapters but any future story as well.

Having said all that here is part 5

Hermione had been asleep only a short while when Fleur noticed a change in Harry’s magical discharges. Moving over to check she was shocked to see slight arc’s of magic between Harry and Hermione who was wrapped up tightly in Harry’s embrace. “What do you think should we separate them?” Bill asked from behind her.

Fleur moved slowly taking out her wand and casting a new charm. She didn’t want Harry’s magic to see her as a threat. “Not a chance, there is too much magic flowing between then. We need to pick a spot over by the door and settle down for an interesting wait.”

Bill helped her sit down beside him near the door and cast a magic shield to protect them. The one he chose was crap against physical objects but would stop most magical discharges that were not actual spells.

Two days later Hermione woke and took in her surroundings noticing Bill in the corner with Fleur sleeping on his shoulder. “Hey Bill any food over there?” she asked.

“Yea, We’ve got a few things left from our last meal. Want me to bring something over?”

“No I’ll come over there,” Hermione said moving Harry’s arm off her before she got to shaky feet making her way over.

The first bit of food that passed her lips had her craving more. She answered Bill and Fleur’s questions with nods or shakes of her head until the craving passed. “I’m sorry I ate like Ron does but I was ravenous,” Hermione said.

“It is to be expected you were out for two days after all.” Bill replied.

“How is Harry?” Hermione asked realizing he was now at three days.

Fleur had gotten up to check on Harry after a few questions and was now returning to the corner. “He is still out. It looks like we are past the mid point at least,” Fleur replied sitting down beside them.

“Did I miss anything?” Hermione asked.

“A black mist came out of Harry’s head shortly after you went under. Bill destroyed it.”

“It was a good test of my skills. We’re going to need to have a very private talk real soon,” was Bill’s reply as Hermione looked intently at him.

“Thank you, I will let Harry tell you just what happened should he chose. It is his story to tell,” Hermione replied.

“Problem?” Fleur asked noticing Hermione struggling to get comfortable.

“Yes I think a few things shrunk.”

“Bill I think it’s time we had some more food. Why don’t you go get our meals,” Fleur said looking directly at Bill.

Being a smart man Bill knew he was being dismissed by his intended and took his leave.

Once he was out and the room re-sealed Fleur said, “Actually I believe you will find you are a bit taller and curvier.”


“Actually what I should say is you are now or soon will be Harry’s idea of the perfect woman.”


“Harry’s magic has been working with yours for two days. What do you think it has been doing?”

The question of ‘But why?’ died on the way to her lips as Hermione recalled their conversation during lunch prior to entering the ritual chamber three days ago. Under some religions they were now, at the least, intended, looking down at herself she was pleased the changes were not more drastic.

Fleur noticed the moment Hermione realized she was taller now and as Hermione glared over at Harry Fleur said, “Don’t worry I’ve noticed his magic has been healing him ever since we showed up.”

“But he was feeling fine.”

“Yes, I am talking about all his childhood and school injuries. Those are being fixed, I suspect he will not need glasses and should top out at a meter eight, meter nine tall.”

Hermione was stunned by Fleur’s revelations and didn’t notice Fleur casting a privacy spell before asking, “You know why witches must wait?” Getting a nod of agreement she continued, “Now I will tell you why you and Harry should not wait.”

The privacy spell was gone when Bill returned with more food, which Hermione dove in to eating automatically. Her mind processing all Fleur had told her. If Fleur was right, they now had the chance to form a very strong bond.

Five days after beginning his magical maturity Harry awoke. Hermione was on her feet rushing to his side with a sandwich as Bill and Fleur showed themselves out sealing the door behind them. If Hermione followed through on Fleur’s comments the magical fireworks were not over.

“Thanks,” Harry uttered before devouring the sandwich, once he was finished he asked, “How long this time?”

“Five days.”

“Wow, what happened?”

“You went through your magical maturity.” Hermione replied watching Harry grab a second sandwich.

“I thought it was an over night or one day thing.”

“For the most of us it is, Dumbledore’s took three days.”

“Oh,” Harry said his attention on his eating until he noticed Hermione was unusually quiet and very nervous. “What’s up Hermione?” he asked.

“Harry were you lying when you wished we could get married?” Hermione blurted before biting her lower lip in her nervous gesture.

“No, I love you but as you pointed out we are too young,” a puzzled Harry replied.

“Actually now there is a way for us to get married.”

“Really,” Harry replied his face brightening with hope, which was also reflected in his voice.

Hermione’s spirit picked up with his reply. They were going to do this. “In fact we could be married before we leave this room,” She said.


“I was talking with Fleur and…”

“I assume you mean Fleur Delacour and could you make it the short version.”

Hermione huffed in annoyance but acceded to his wishes. “Given we are both virgins we could… to use Fleur’s words “consummate our bonding” right now and that would marry us,” Hermione said the last in a rush.

“You and me… We….”


“And we’d be married?”

“Bonded actually, but to the wizarding world it is the same thing.”

“Why now?” Harry asked trying to hide his enthusiasm for the idea with little success.

“The sooner after your magical maturity we do this the stronger our bond will be. At least according to Fleur.”

Harry looked at Hermione focusing solely on her. Feeling what he was seeking she nodded smiling shyly drawing a smile from Harry who nodded in reply before leaning over and kissing her.

Three hours later Bill and Fleur watched the goblins unseal the Ritual Chamber allowing a beaming and disheveled Harry and Hermione to emerge arms wrapped around each other’s waist. “Mr. and Mrs. Potter your room is ready for you when you wish to use it,” Snichook said.

“Thank you Snichook, but it is still Harry and Hermione,” Harry said with a smile.

Fleur approached them asking, “May Bill and I cast some charms to determine your conditions?”

Hermione turned to face Fleur asking, “Will both of you be around tomorrow?”

“If you wish.” Fleur replied while Harry nodded in the back ground.

Without any indication of communication between the two Potters Harry asked, “Snichook do you have a room for our friends?”

“Of course.”

“We’ll see you two tomorrow then. Right now we are going to go rest and perhaps call room service,” Hermione said walking away with Harry.

Up in their suite Hermione said, “Room service first before we work on our bonding, Not the reverse,” chuckling as Harry made a mock pout.

It took an additional day for the four to finally meet Harry and Hermione spent the additional day insuring their new Occlumency shields were the best possible, developing their legilimency skills as they tested each other’s shield when they weren’t engaged in their new hobby of “strengthening their bond”.

“So you two finally emerge,” Bill said when they met up with him and Fleur at breakfast.

Harry didn’t reply but Hermione looked between Bill and Fleur saying, “Wait until you’re married before making comments Mr. Weasley. With a Veela for a wife I suspect you might not be walking two days after your wedding.”

Bill glanced at Fleur then nodded his head in agreement.

“What’s the plan Fleur?” Hermione asked looking towards the woman.

“What do you mean?”

“Fleur, you were not a tri-wizard’s champion for nothing. Normally I would have been figuring out what to do next but I’ve been very pleasantly distracted for two days. I naturally assume you have a few ideas about what to do next.” Hermione stated.

Fleur’s blush only accented her beauty. “Today is the 29th of July I was thinking it might be a good idea for both of you to relax here until the 31st then we will accompany you to a small French town where I know the mayor. He will perform the marriage ceremony; Bill and I will be your witnesses if you wish. After that I would suggest an extended honeymoon someplace with a beach but that is just me,” Fleur replied.

Harry and Hermione exchanged looks before they both nodded.

Snichook arrived at their table just as Harry said, “I need to buy Hermione a diamond ring before then.”

“I’m sure there are several in your English vaults.” Bill said knowing how long the Potter family had been around.

“No, Hermione gets her own ring not one that someone else has worn.”

“Then may I suggest both of you take a trip to the other end of the lake this afternoon. I’m sure Geneva will have a ring suitable and if they don’t we can make arrangements to visit Amsterdam tomorrow where crafting a custom ring should not be a problem.” Snichook said smiling his goblin smile.

“That sounds like a great plan,” Harry replied

“Then I will go set everything up. The boat will leave when you are ready,” Snichook said leaving them.

Bill watched as Harry and Hermione finished breakfast before saying, “I believe it is time we had a quiet talk.”

Harry looked at Hermione suddenly nervous at Bill’s all business tone. “Bill is being overly dramatic, we should do some scans to insure you are both safe. Nothing to worry about however we don’t what ears overhearing what we discuss so let us adjourn to your room. After privacy charms are erected we will set to business.”

Back in their room with the privacy charms up and the scans done Bill said, “You both look in great health. Harry have you ever heard of a Horcrux?”

“No, Hermione?” Harry asked looking at his bonded.

Hermione glanced off into space for a moment or two before replying, “Neither have I.”

Bill looked at Fleur who nodded her agreement “I’ve got a story to tell both of you. When Ginny came to visit me in Egypt after her second year she and I were able to spend some time without the family around. As the oldest and youngest we share a bond and she told me what had happened to her. She was quite nervous about going back to Hogwarts for her third year and wanted my opinion. With her approval I did a few scans and found the remnants of a Horcrux possession. I performed the counter curse just in case and nothing happened so I told her it was safe to return. After they’d left I told my boss in general terms that I had to visit Dumbledore. The next day I was given a special Portkey from the goblins that took me straight to Hogsmeade. I went to Hogwarts and had a long talk with Dumbledore telling him everything I knew.”

“He never said any of this to me even had me get information from Professor Slughorn for him.” Harry said.

“That isn’t the worst of it Harry. He should have checked for additional Horcruxes. I should have checked.”

“The black mist Fleur mentioned.” Hermione said automatically her voice barely above a whisper.

“Correct Mrs. Potter.”

“What black mist?” Harry asked looking around at his companions.

“When I woke up I asked Fleur what I’d missed and she mentioned a black mist coming from you that Bill destroyed.”

“I had a horcrux in me?”

“I believe it was in your scar. A competent medical person should have detected it when they couldn’t heal the scar properly. And believe me Pomfrey is competent.” Bill replied.

“Unless she was told not to…” Fleur said her voice trailing off at the end as she worked through just who had the authority to tell her not to.

Harry started to glow then little arcs of magic made their appearance. “Harry calm down there is nothing you can do about the dead. You are better now and we have a short trip to Geneva to get ready for.” Hermione said looking concerned but doing her best to divert his attention.

Slowly at first then with increasing speed Harry returned to normal over the course of a minute or two, finally he said. “You’re right. Focus on the present. I’ll let Mum, Dad, and Sirius deal with the dead.”

The afternoon found them wandering around Geneva after a high speed but fun boat ride from the hotel’s dock covered the roughly 70 kilometers to the city. Two jewelry stores had yielded no ring that was right for Hermione several they found she felt she could live with but Harry’s increasing connection with her allowed him to feel her unease causing him to pass over those rings. Finally they came across a little shop on a side street just off the main shopping district. Not sure what drew them here they both entered cautiously.

“Ah a young couple out enjoying the beautiful day, no wait a young couple looking for rings to signify what has already occurred.” The lone individual in the store said looking them over carefully.

“How?” Hermione uttered.

“A talent I have, that and the ability to craft unique rings. Perhaps you might find one of them to your liking.” He said waiving his hand to indicate the selection available in his display cases.

Hermione walked slowly down the display cases looking carefully Harry could feel her hope rising as she found unique rings before she stopped her attention fixed on a ring set. The owner had followed her with his eyes and now moved to that case removing the rings she indicated. It was a set of three, engagement, wedding rings for her and a wedding ring for him. At first glance they appeared to be normal style rings lightly engraved with a geometric pattern but as one looked closer the geometric pattern resolved into a dragon motif, the main diamond of the engagement ring held in the dragon’s open mouth.

“They are unique.” Harry remarked.

“Yes, I’ve only made this set using this theme. I’m not sure what prompted it but they’ve been on display for over a decade now without a buyer. Should you wish I’m sure we can make a deal.”

“Hermione?” Harry asked looking at her.

“I need to hold them,” Hermione said looking at the proprietor.

“Of course,” the man replied hitting a switch that locked the front door of his shop just in case.

Holding them Hermione nodded before passing them to Harry who held them with cupped hands. After a few moments concentration Harry, now comfortable the rings were magically neutral, also nodded saying, “I believe you’ve made a sale,” before handing the rings back.

“But we need to discuss price.”

“Of course, how much?”

The man looked at the young couple before him. They were not dressed in anything close to the latest fashion nor was either of them wearing so much as a watch. “I’m sorry to say due to the work involved and the cost of the diamonds and other stones used the minimum I can ask is 2,000 Euros.”

“Done.” Harry said handing over a black credit card with a dragon on the front.

The man looked at the card for a moment. “I’ve never seen one like this before Mr. Black.” He said using the name on the card.

“My banker is rather exclusive. I believe it should process normally.”

Harry received a nod in reply watching as the owner ran the card through his machine slightly surprised the approval came through almost instantaneously. He then approached Harry with a keypad and Harry punched in his code.

Harry waited until they were on the dock before dropping to one knee and formally proposing to Hermione. A “You silly goof!” later Hermione’s hand was adorned with the diamond ring. The other two rings resting in her purse until the formal ceremony in two days.

Back at the hotel Hermione looked around the room. Harry was off with Bill leaving her to pack. She and Harry picked up even more stuff in Geneva and while she could shrink everything, sorting out what she or Harry wanted later on meant she’d have to re-enlarge everything then pick what they wanted before shrinking the rest. Her frustration reached chin level just as a goblin knocked then entered at her invitation. “Can I be of assistance?” he asked seeing how frustrated she was.

“Not unless you can solve my packing problems,” she said with a wave.

“If I might suggest why don’t you just shrink what you have your things in now and place those in your bags. You won’t have to worry about packing and unpacking every time,” the goblin said nodding towards the wardrobes and dressers.

Hermione looked at the goblin for a moment before replying, “Those things are hotel property. I can’t just take them.”

“Snichook’s instructions were to make your stay enjoyable. This would help with that.”

“Hermione just shrink them. Snichook will merely add their cost to our bill,” Harry said having returned catching the tail end of the conversation.

“But our bill will be huge.”

“It will still be less than the income from the Potter’s muggle investments over the same time frame.”

“Really?” a surprised Hermione asked.

Harry nodded then said, “I will set up a meeting with our goblin accountants once we are back home. As Mrs. Potter you should have some idea how things really are, just in case.”

“Harry!” Hermione cautioned wanting to avoid having a depressed Harry to deal with.

“Don’t worry I’m working on the honeymoon arrangements. It’s hard to get depressed doing that,” Harry replied having realized what Hermione was worried about.

“So where are we going?” Hermione asked not realizing how much she looked like her eight-year-old self when she asked that question.

“You will find out in a few days,” Harry replied drawing a teasing slap on his arm from Hermione before she turn and focusing on a 20 to 1 ratio shrunk the dressers and wardrobes down to one twentieth of their original size while leaving the suitcase containing their new muggle clothes for the next two days alone.

“Oh I asked Bill to meet with us after our honeymoon. I think he might be able to help with the task Dumble’s left for me.” Harry said lightly.

Hermione was silent thinking everything over before she replied, “Include Fleur, she’s going to marry him and needs to know what’s going on.”

“Right.” Harry said ending that portion of their night’s conversation.

The night before their official marriage Harry had has worst sleep of the summer. It probably had something to do with Hermione sleeping two rooms away following the old custom of the groom not seeing the bride before wedding. When Fleur had announced it that day his counter argument that they were already bonded was waved off. Harry’s only consolation was Bill’s report that Hermione’s night had not been much better. They were in the Hotel Le Lac in Talloires, France. A pretty little village located beside Lake Annecy. Harry realized learning other languages was going to be useful in their travels, the English speaking couple ahead of them had experienced a difficult time checking in. He was unsure rather it was the receptionist’s lack of ability in English or her insistence on speaking French. Hermione almost offered to translate until Fleur reminded her they were basically on the run from the British wizarding authorities and should avoid doing anything that might attract attention.

The ceremony was very low key. Harry wore a new suit Snichook had arranged for and Hermione wore a classically styled wedding dress that Fleur had managed to find and arrange for a fitting without Harry finding out. Fleur and Bill looked ready to be married themselves. In fact the mayor first thought they were getting married until he saw Hermione enter the room. He questioned Harry and Hermione until they both produced birth certificates, courtesy of Snichook once again, before agreeing to officiate. Ten minutes later Hermione was placing the original of their signed marriage certificate in her purse while Fleur was taking the copies needed to make everything official back in England. “Don’t worry as an official of Gringotts I have thirty days to transfer these to the British ministry and it will take at least 29 days for that to occur, unless they get lost on my desk. I would post them myself but…”

“In thirty days you and Bill will be where Harry and I are headed… On our Honeymoon!” Hermione said a big smile breaking out on her face. ‘I am Mrs. Harry Potter! Take that Cho,’ Hermione thought barely stopping herself from spinning with joy.

They returned to the hotel Le Lac before changing, grabbing their bags, and activating the Portkey to whisk them and their motorbike currently resting in the hotel room to a hidden location near the town of Rabac, Croatia Their main destination was Maslinica beach on Kvarner Bay. It was a big resort town with lots of Hotels including one run behind the scenes by goblins where they were booked in to the Honeymoon Suite. The suite having a separate entrance in addition to the one from the hotel made it ideal for their use along with the fact this was a predominately German resort.

Once the Portkey deposited them in the woods they pushed the bike out on to the road and roared off towards. Rabac. Evidently they roared off a little too noticeably, the two-toned police horn behind them had Harry pulling off to the side while mentally reminding Hermione to get their documents out of her purse. The encounter with the police was luckily short. Their passports were checked and found to be in order. Hermione kept their marriage license well hidden in her purse as it was only four hours old and they were far more than four hours distant from Talloires. During their discussions they found out the police were randomly checking papers and bags in the hope of preventing trouble at the electronic music festival taking place in Rabac.

The first few days they barely exited the honeymoon suite using what time was not occupied in ‘bonding’ to brew both the temporary and permanent marking potions for the Animagus transformation.

On the third day of their stay they rode back to the hidden area they initially arrived in before Hermione lettered the runes for the Animagus transformation on Harry’s body with the temporary potion using the ancient Sumerian runes she and Harry learned via memory strands. They were thought to be extinct according to her Runes professor and should be unreadable by anyone else. As she stepped away finished lettering Harry began the meditation necessary. Thirty minutes later a falcon was in Harry’s place before taking off and flying around when it landed it transformed back in to Harry. “That was wicked,” Harry said smiling.

“I take it you would like the permanent marking potion used next time?”

“Yes, What about you?”

Hermione had her concerns about doing this but knew she had to at least try. She’d given long thought to just where to place the runes on both of their bodies. If Harry’s idea was successful with his markings and she was happy with her form and the runes placement… then there was a possibility she would also use the permanent potion. “Very well just mark me where we discussed and I’ll give it a try.” Hermione said baring her back to Harry. When he stepped back after marking her in several including her arms and a small one on her belly similar to his placements she took slightly longer before changing into a sheep dog.

The next morning Hermione entered the bedroom with the permanent marking portion, “Lay down Harry,” she said motioning to the bed.


Hermione nodded saying, “We know our animals are not too big for this room so there is no danger of problems unless someone enters which I doubt seeing as I’ve sealed the doors.”

Harry smiled at Hermione before stripping nude and stretching out on the bed. Half an hour later she was done and he was looking at her with a eyebrow raised. “I haven’t decided yet Harry,” Hermione replied.

“Join me?” Harry said looking at her with a loving expression.

“Oh all right, I can never turn you down when you ask like that. It’s probably going to lead to me having several children,” Hermione said in teasing exasperation as she stripped before taking his place on the bed. When Harry was done they practiced changing forms only to find out they had two forms each the first time Hermione changed into a female falcon she keeled over in shock and Harry had to change to his human form to set her on the bed where she changed back to human. “Two forms Harry and we match each other!” Hermione said her voice just short of a squeal.

They spent the rest of the morning shifting between their three shapes. Lunch found them walking around Rabac. Where they enjoyed a lunch consisting of fruit and little else at an outside cafe before Harry lead her to a side alley tattoo studio.

“What can I do for you?” A young man asked as they entered.

“I’ve got some odd marks that I’d like turned into tattoos. I asked around and your name came up as one who’s work was original,” Harry replied.

“Hanna, Sophie get out here I need your help,” The man called out before motioning to Harry, “Let me see what I’ve got to work around.”

Harry nodded removing his shirt.

“These the only marks.”

“Yes, here and on my back.” Harry said gesturing to the marks just below his waist.

Hermione watched the three look over Harry before grabbing paper and pen. “You want just black or can we go with colors,” One of the girls asked Harry.

“Black I think but you can try and convince us otherwise,” Harry replied.

“Us? I take it you girlfriend is going to have a say.”

“Make that wife and I’m next,” Hermione replied drawing an appreciative glance from the man.

One of the girls held up a drawing for Hermione’s inspection of her plan for Harry’s back. After looking it over Hermione said, “Save that one for me but add some color to it. For him I was thinking more like a full back piece say something with wings.”

The other girl held up her drawing showing a phoenix with his wings spread covering Harry shoulder to shoulder. “Yes, that’s it. See if he likes it.”

Harry smiled when shown the Phoenix sketch his rune markings were well hidden in the design. Fifteen minutes later he was lying on his front as Vlad started the design work saying, “This is going to take several visits to finish up and you’ll need at least a week or better to recover in between visits.”


Vlad looked at Harry before saying, “Honestly most people can’t stand the pain that long.”

“Keep going until I say stop,” Harry said looking at Hermione. She know his pain tolerance was off the chart and he wanted this done today.

Hanna looked at Hermione saying, “I have another machine over here if you want to get started on yours.”

“Good idea we might as well both be miserable tonight,” Hermione said glancing at Vlad who was just finishing positioning the design stencil on Harry’s back.

“Your marks are very similar to His,” Hanna remarked as Hermione removed her top and bra before lying down.

“Same design different artist,” Hermione said feeling the coolness of the stencil as it was placed over one shoulder.

“Well you’re going to love this when I’m done.” Hanna said as she finished marking Hermione and started in with the tattoo.

Two hours later Hermione was done and talking with Hanna watching Vlad finish Harry’s back piece. “I can’t believe He got the entire piece done today. Girl you’d better take him back to your hotel and take care of him. I know you’re hurting but he will be in some major pain for a day or two,” Hanna said.

Hermione waited until Vlad finished dressing the tattoo before walking with Harry back to the hotel where she stopped at the desk asking for ‘special room service’. Once in their room she noticed the goblin waiting, “You asked for a goblin?”

“Yes I need some healing potions for both of us. My husband had his back tattooed.”

“Say no more I know just what you need,” The goblin replied before heading out a hidden door. Returning shortly with several capped vials and a bottle of green potion. “The vials are healing potions for both of you. This bottle contains “Dr. Bombay’s special healing salve”.”

“I’ve never heard of that before.”

“It’s not distributed to England. The doctor had a problem with your ministry allowing his products to be imported.”

“That makes sense actually. Probably didn’t want to pay a bribe,” Harry said from the bed.

“You are observant,” the goblin said taking his leave.

Hermione passed Harry his share of the potions watching him down them before applying the salve to his back. She was doing her best to apply it to herself when she felt his hands grab the bottle before finishing the job on her back and arms. She’d just noticed the potion forming a tough skin before Harry pulled her onto the bed where they promptly fell asleep.

The next morning Hermione woke up to the sound of Harry taking a shower. Intending to avoid the pain Hanna warned her about Hermione was carefully moving around until she realized there was no pain, she felt fine. Glancing down and in the mirror she could see the green potion was still where it had been applied. Just then Harry emerged from the bathroom in his birthday suit. “Trying to keep things from rubbing against your tattoo’s?” she asked.

“Not at all I wanted to look at them in the full length mirror over there,” Harry said walking over to the wall where the three-mirror set up was. As he passed she took a look at his back. The tattoo was there but there were no blisters, scabs, bruising, or any indication for that matter that the tattoo was recent.

“That looks great you can’t even see the runes hidden in there,” Harry exclaimed.

“I’m going to go wash up. Give some thought about when we can finish covering up the runes on our front side,” Hermione said ducking into the bathroom.

When she emerged dressed as he had been Harry wolf whistled while she walked over and checked out her tattoos in the mirrors. “Very good I wish we could use Vlad and Hanna for the front tattoos too,” Hermione said.

“We can.”


“Memory modification. We just make them think they inked us last month,” Harry replied.

While not a fan of modifying anyone’s memory Hermione really wanted the talented Hanna to do her remaining tattoos. Where Harry’s were black and almost tribal looking hers were colorful and quite girly, if she ever chose to admit it to herself.

After a substantial breakfast they went back to the tattoo parlor where a wand assisted discussion convinced Hanna, Sophie, and Vlad they had tattooed Harry and Hermione a month ago. Several hours later they returned to the hotel settling in for an afternoon of potion-assisted relaxation the last of ‘Dr. Bombay’s salve’ on their new tattoos.

They spent the next week between their room, some clothes shopping especially after finding “Dimar’s Leather Works”, and the magnificent beaches in the area. Dimar was actually a wizard who made a good living working in leather for the locals and leather or dragon hide for the wizards who found his business. Even with all this the area was becoming old hat before their time was due to end so taking a hint from the goblins they crossed the peninsula to the Koversada resort area for their final few days in the area. Staying at a hotel in Vrsar the goblins had booked for them.

It was as they pulled up to the low two story hotel that the Potters realized something was different here. It might hat been the fact they passed two bare teens as they approached the registration desk. “Uh, we have a reservation, James and Jane Black,” Harry said trying to pull his mind away from the previous sight.

The clerk behind the counter, who at least had the important areas covered, rummaged through a small stack of paper before pulling a slip out saying, “Ah yes. We’ve set aside a honeymoon room for you. Just then a family walked by nude except for the youngest who was wearing a diaper. Seeing Hermione’s eyes widen the clerk asked, “I take it you were not aware this was a clothing optional hotel?”

“We were told there were nude beaches here. I wanted to visit and work on my tan however, we were unaware the entire area was clothing optional,” Hermione said doing her best to keep the British stiff upper lip and not react excessively.

“This area was founded as a naturists resort in 1961. This hotel was built with the clothing optional in mind. Do you still want the room?”

“Yes, I’m sure we will adjust quickly.” Harry said passing the clerk his Gringotts card and signing in.

The clerk watched the quick approval of the charge for a week’s accommodations register on a terminal before passing the card back saying, “We have three restaurants located in the hotel one specializes in regional food, one in fresh fish, and the last is a pizzeria. The beach is just fifty meters away go out the front door of your room and follow the path. Should you wish anything please call us.”

With a thank you they went back to their bike riding it around to the room. “Harry are you alright with staying here?” Hermione asked having picked up on Harry’s uneasiness through the bond.

“I will be. I need to learn the world is not British and to enjoy the differences.”

Hermione smiled that was something even the politicians had trouble learning much to other countries regret.

The remainder of the week they spent more time out of clothes than in them, dressing only to travel outside of the local area. Hermione’s extensive spell knowledge was put to use with a sunscreen charm crafted specifically to vary coverage allowing their tanned areas and un-tanned area to merge in to one continuous tan over several days. Hermione received unwanted attention only once and Harry’s possessive nature came to the fore causing the attention to go away and several women to wish their significant others could have acted so smoothly. Harry on the other hand, perhaps due more to his now obvious assets being on display, drew more than one attempt to direct his attention away from Hermione. He never noticed any of them. a few ended up tripping on unnoticed objects as they attempted to approach Harry, or stopped on their own with the realization they did not hold a candle to the charms Hermione was displaying.

After quick trip back across the peninsula they stopped in “Dimar’s Leather Works” where Dimar had their new dragon hide outfits ready. “This has been interesting work, normally when I work with dragon hide protection is of utmost importance. Like with your cloaks. Working with the overwhelming focus on style instead was quite enjoyable. I wanted to thank you for the mannequins you provided. It made the job of fitting the dragon hide far easier. Perhaps you would consider teaching me that spell in exchange for one or two of the garments you are here to pick up?”

Harry looked at Hermione who after a moments reflection nodded, “That would be acceptable. I would request you pass it on only in your family. It might turn out to be quite the business advantage.”

The gleam in Dimar’s eyes told them that was definitely a consideration in his offer. The last week had removed any body issues Hermione or Harry had and they quickly tried on the various outfits they had requested. Hermione drawing several smoldering looks from Harry as she asked his opinion on several more revealing outfits.

With their business wrapped up they soon found themselves back in the woods outside of Rabac with the time turner around their necks. A few quick flips and they were back to just after Harry’s birthday.

A/N Yes I am aware that a full back piece would take far more than a day but it was either that or have a number of time turner trips to accomplish the same thing. Besides it’s Harry! He of the ungodly high pain tolerance. And yes I couldn’t resist using Dr. Bombay.
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