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Interview With A Vampire.

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Or five. Myths and tales. EDITED.

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Grace’s P.O.V
Shuffling around unable to sleep, I look over at the clock beside the T.V. Half seven in the morning and I’m awake. I move over abit and notice Bob isn’t in the bed anymore. I get up and walk out into the kitchen.

“Bob, what are we going to do now? Huh, and fabulous plans?” I heard Gerard’s harsh voice coming from the kitchen so I stopped to listen.

“Look, Gerard, it won’t kill you to let her stay here for another couple of days, to see what we are going to do” Bob said in a calm tone of voice.

“Oh no, no! Not at all! Maybe we’ll just get killed!” Gerard smiled sarcastically, “If Sconall finds out! And there is no ‘we’! It is your fault! Don’t drag me into this”

“It! It! She has a name, Me? Dragging you into this? I didn’t drag you into anything Gerard! What’s wrong with you?!” Bob yelled.

“I’m just so fucking annoyed! We don’t need her here.” Gerard took a breath, “she doesn’t have a name to me, to me, she doesn’t even exist.” With that, Gerard walked away.

I started to sob. Hold yourself together Grace. How can he be so, so cold hearted!

Bob’s P.O.V
“…she doesn’t have a name to me, to me, she doesn’t even exist.” Were Gerard’s harsh words before he left.

I looked at my watch: 7:37. I’ll go back to sleep and sort out my head.

As I was walking towards the arch way of my room, I heart faint sobs, everyone’s in bed apart from me.
I turn the corner and see Grace against the wall crying.

Why is it me always to deal with crying people? I never know what to do.
I kneel down. “Grace, what’s wrong?”

“I-its just w-what Gerard s-said” I’m going to kill him.

“Grace, don’t listen to what he said, Gerard’s just a little messed up right now” I tried to sooth her.
She started to cry harder than before.

“Shush, don’t cry, it’ll be okay” That is the best thing to say when anyone cries.

“N-no, it won’t be, I mi-might as well go back home, no one wants me here”.

“What, of course you’re wanted, like Mikey and Ray, you all get on, and Frank thinks you’re pretty cool. He’s sorta quiet around new people until you get to know him” I smiled, trying to enlighten the mood.

“Come on” I picked her up from the ground and carried her back to my room.
She stopped crying after a while, after I let her watch Sweeny Todd, fed her breakfast and let her take multiple pictures of me. I hate cameras when they’re on me.

“Stop frowning! It will get you nowhere in the photography business! Now smile!” She laughed before another flash of light overcame my eyes.

“Right now, come on, we need to actually get up today” I told her.

“Okay, let me get dressed first unless you want me running around in your boxers” She wriggle her eyebrows.

“I certainly wouldn’t mind” I chuckled.

“Pervert, now go put on clothes!” She ordered me
After walking into the kitchen and leaving Grace there, I went to put on clothes, I came back in 15 minutes later dressed.
“You’re finally dressed about an hour later!” Grace said dramatically and I noticed Mikey sitting on the table.

“Hey Mikes, what’s up?” I asked, the look on his face look as if I just killed his goldfish.

“…not much, just that it’s ten o’clock in the morning, you’re dressed and Grace showed me pictures of you, fortunately I’m still alive after a near heart attack, what did she do to you?” Mikey said, getting all hyped up.

“You’re hilarious, we’re going out” I said.
“Um Bob…dude? Don’t we have to wait until night for you to go out?” Grace asked me.
“No Grace…well you see, there is two types of vampires, mythical vampires and Deco vampires. Mythical vampires can’t go out at night and have to drink blood every day or they’ll die, therefore, Deco vampires, us, don’t. We can’t go out in daylight and can stay alive up to about two months without blood, though we’ll be very weak.”
“Awesome! So then you guys won’t eat me!” She grinned.
I laughed, “So are we going out or not?” I asked her.
“Yip! Just going to steal Michael’s clothes and I’ll be right out!” Grace smiled at Mikey.
“What? When did you people decide to tell me about stealing my clothes?” Mikey said pouting.
“Mikey lets go! I don’t know where your stuff is” Grace urged him.

Grace’s P.O.V
I moaned and complained while walking through Mikey’s arch way, his seems longer than Bobs.
“Calm down, it seems like we walked about six miles with the way you’re carrying on” Mikey said.

Once we got to Mikey’s room, I took some one his clothes and walked out into the kitchen where Bob was waiting.
“Ready then to go?” I asked Bob who was now sitting beside the sink.
“It’s about time, and what are you wearing?” Bob eyed me like a suspicious victim.
“It doesn’t matter now lets go” I said, zipping up Mikey’s rather large, puffy coat with the fluffy hood and trying to move in his seriously tight skinny jeans.
Once we got outside I breathed in fresh air which I haven’t had in days and showed Bob the way to get to my house.

I took the spare key from the flower pot next to the door and lead Bob into my living-room.
“Grace?” Bob called.

“Yes?” I answered.

“Where’s your parents?”

“I live with my mom, dad has his own house”. Came my short reply, not wanting to talk about it.
“Won’t your mom want to know where you’ve been?” Bob looked around my living-room.

“The thing is,” I said sitting down, “The night I met you, my dad was around and him and my mom were arguing. My mom had a business trip the next morning and my dad only comes round if he wants something, so there’s no chance of him coming round to check on me. My moms work seems to mean more to her than me anyway”. It was true, she did love me, her work just seemed more important.

“Wouldn’t she check on you or something?” Bob shook his head.
“Probably not, don’t worry” I said and ran up the stairs and got ready.

I came down in a Guns N’ Roses top, black ripped jeans, Doc Marten shoes and straightened my hair.
“You say I was long! It took you nearly an hour and a half!” Bob joked.

“It takes that long to look as bad as me dear” I laughed.
I got a plastic bag and put Mikey’s clothes into it.
“Starbucks it is then Bob-o”
“What’s with the new nickname?” He looked at me.
“Nothing, just remember you’re paying for my coffee, love” I snickered.

“Give me once more nickname and you’ll be getting no coffee!”
Finally at Starbucks, sitting on one of the wooden chairs alone after ordering Bob to get me a latte, I began to think about my family.

My mums side are all snobs, with their fancy houses and big money. They hated my dad when my mum and him got together. Because he ‘wasn’t good enough’ for my mother.
My dads side is completely different, I can’t even go some places in Jersey without some mafia guy noticing who I’m related to. My dad has enemies and they know who I am. It’s like he’s got half of fucking America on his side and the other as the enemy. He always told me I wouldn’t get hurt, but that changed. Alex was the only one who really knew me, him and I use to share so many good memories, he was the type of person who wanted to buy one stick of eyeliner but then end up buying nine. I miss him.
When we moved over to New Jersey, my moms side ignored us too.
I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt someone poking my nose.

“What the fuck?” I looked at Bob as he was still poking my nose.
“You just sat there staring into space” he laughed. People were staring to stare at us.
“Gimme my coffee” I growled.

We walked out and made our way back to the guys ‘house’.
“Hey guys!” Frank beamed as we walked into the living room.

Everyone including Gerard was sitting on the chairs.
“Oh hey guys, what’s up?” I asked no one in particular
“Not much, gunna play some Halo, wanna play?” Ray answered me.

After hours of play video games, it seemed late.
“Anyone got the time?” I yawned.

“It’s only…” Mikey said checking his watch, “five past nine”.

“I’m bored” complained Frank
“Hey, how about we talk about…stuff” I said.

Frank’s P.O.V
“I’m bored” I complained.

“Hey, how about we talk about, stuff” Grace said.

Grace is a cool person, we haven’t really hung out much, but she seems cool.
Bob seems a lot more content when she’s around. Everyone seems pretty happy, except Gerard. He won’t even tell Mikey the real reason why he doesn’t want Grace here, he keeps say he’s just annoyed with her being here. But I know Gerard, he just isn’t being his normal self.

All of us staring at Grace, waiting to see what she would say.
“Okay, you know they way you’re all vamps, I want to know more stuff, ya’ know?” Grace said awkwardly.
“Shoot” Gerard said leaning back and smiling.

“Okay,” Grace said, looking over at Gerard, “Anyway, Bob told me this morning, that you guys don’t have to drink blood all the time and can go outside in the daylight, why can you guys do that and some other vampires can’t?”

“Well, Grace” I decided to speak up, “It all started when a woman called Rachel, thousands of years ago, like sixteenth, eighteenth century, she was like the head of all vampires in a way, until a fight between vampires and werewolves broke out. But what no one knew was that Rachel’s husband, David, was a werewolf. Rachel knew alright but didn’t want anyone to know, she didn’t want to lose him. But what she didn’t know, David, on the other hand, didn’t love her at all. He too knew he shouldn’t be with a vampire but he didn’t care. He wanted to kill Rachel and take over the vampire kingdom. You see, one little tiny drop of werewolf blood can kill a vampire, instantly. So he cut himself when Grace was sleeping and killed her. When he tried to take over the vampire kingdom, the vamps found out and tried to kill him. But they failed. The vampires turned on each other, and now they are split between to different types. No one knows how millions of vampires couldn’t kill one werewolf and David still lives to this day, though no one knows where he is.”

All five of them were staring at me like I was man pregnant.
“Frank? When did you become Sherlock?” Mikey asked me sarcastically.
“I’ve did my research” I said, putting my feet on the table and arms behind my head.

“Anyway, Grace?” Ray looked over at her.
“Yeah…um, I’ve heard about vampires having um…powers, do you guys have any?” She asked shyly.
“Yes, yes we do” Mikey smiled, “Ray can shatter just about anything with the power of staring at it, Frank can move things with his mind, I can shape-shift into almost anything, Gerard can control peoples minds though he is still working on it and, um…Bob can kill anyone without actually touching them” Mikey said.

“That is…fucking awesome!” Grace beamed. “If you don’t mind me asking some of you, how did you become um, vampires?”

“Well me and Mr. Sherlock Holmes over here” Ray said referring to me, “We’ve known each other since Frank was about six. We grew up with each other, Frank got through out of his Dad’s house, when he was ten years old. He pretty much lived with my brother and I, he really became apart of the family. Then when I was seventeen and Frank was thirteen, I was stupid and brought Frank to a party. We go like so pissed, some guy asked us if we wanted a lift home, we were to drunk to notice that he brought us to the bad part of town and bit us, it sounds like a bad horror movie!” Ray laughed.
Grace stared at Bob as Bob shrugged. “I was well born a vampire, my mom and dad were vamps so I’ve never been a human” Bob said, acting like he didn’t care. I truly feel sorry for the poor guy.
“How long have you and Ray stayed here?” Grace asked me.
“Um, just about a year now, it sucks, I’m only fourteen, Ray’s eighteen now and I have to live the rest of my eternal life as a vampire” I scoffed.

“But you can have a normal sort of life, right?” Grace folded her arms.
Well, sort of, kind of, not really,” Ray answered.
We all laughed.

“As Frank said earlier, why are you referred as Deco vamps?” Grace asked quietly.
“Well, because, there was a battle between Deco and Myth vampires about five hundred years ago, but before that we were all just known as ‘vampires’. To most if not all humans, we are known just as ‘vampires’. But the battle that was held those years ago, us, Deco vamps, won the battle and has done so every decade up until now, so we’re known as Deco vampires, I think it’s pretty stupid” Mikey said.

“What is it with the whole blood situation? I’ve never really got it” Grace asked, frowning.
“The thing is,” Bob spoke, “ As we’re different to the whole blood situation, as I said earlier, we can go from three weeks to possibly two months surviving without blood and with the whole ‘only drinking animals blood’ thing, untrue, well for the most of it, we prefer and drink human blood. Biting people is also hard to explain, we don’t always bite at the neck. We also bite at the top of the arm or the wrist. You can do either if drinking, if your turning someone though, I think you have to bite their necks, I’m not sure, I think you can bite either the arm or neck, I don’t know anyone who has bite anyone’s arm though”.

“Oh, that’s…cool” Grace laughed, “Now, you wouldn’t ever, ever, ever bite me would you?” Grace smiled.

“Never! Unless Bob gets hungry one night!” Mikey chuckled.
“Naw, I’d just go to Toro’s room and eat him” Bob said before kissing Grace.

“Guys get a room!” I laughed.
I looked over at Gerard, he hasn’t said a word since earlier. He seems sort of down. I just don’t understand why he can’t try and be happy. I’ve hardly ever seen Gerard like this in the year I’ve known him, he’s always seem happy and smiling, singing and talking. Everyone gets sad of course, but I’ve never seen him like this.

“Hey, Gerard, come here” I said motioning to the kitchen.
Gerard followed me into the kitchen.
“Yeah Frank?” Gerard said half-heartedly.
“Gerard” I said taking a breath, “Why can’t you just be happy? Grace isn‘t doing anything wrong” I sighed.
“She isn’t doing anything wrong! She’s ruined everything!” Gerard shouted back.
“Yeah, she’s ruined everything, that’s why everyone is so happy” I said rolling my eyes.
“Well are you happy? ‘Cause I know I’m not!” He slammed his hand down on the kitchen table.
“I am Gerard, I am” I sighed again, “What makes you so unhappy?”
“I just, I don’t want her to take everything, you guys, away from me” Gerard looked down.
“That’s it? You’ve been such a bastard to her and mostly Bob because of that? Fuck Gerard!” I screamed, then lowering my voice, “That’s pretty low even for you”.
I turned and walked out.

Gerard’s P.O.V
Frank’s right, I have been a bastard, mostly to Bob. I’m so selfish. I guess I’m just blaming Grace on everything because the dreams came back when she came. I just didn’t know I put the rest of friends in pain too.
I sighed and sat down on the table and rested my head in my palms.
They won’t have to suffer me being here anymore.

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