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Bad Singing, Boxers And Tim Burton.

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Title Says All. EDITED.

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Gerard’s P.O.V
It’s been hell these past couple of days; with the whole Grace thing, the nightmares, Bob and I arguing and Ray’s new black eye. I feel so bad for punching Ray and arguing with Bob, he’s such a good guy. I hate having Grace here, I just have a bad vibe from her and what if she takes Ray, Bob, Frank and Mikey away from me? I love my little brother.

She has been getting close with Mikey since she’s been here and Bob, obviously. Apparently she ‘likes’ Bob, I don’t think so, I don’t trust her whatsoever. There’s something weird going on here and I need to find out what.

Grace’s P.O.V
“So…nice weather, aye?” I tried to make up normal conversation even though I hadn’t been outside today.
“Yeah, it was, I was out at night though…” Bob said, sounding uncomfortable.

“I’m going to head to bed, night” I tried to slip past him.
“Grace, um, you have my bed tonight, yeah? I’ll sleep on the couch” Bob said, sitting on the couch.
“Oh, um, no it’s fine, I’ll sleep on the couch” I said, trying to convince him.
“No, I insist, sleep in my bed” Bob smiled, an annoyed, awkward sort of smile.
“No! I wi-!”
“Will you guys shut up! Seriously! Trying to sleep! How about both of you sleep in the same bed like the night before!” Ray shouted, annoyed before walking back into the arch way.

I sighed and sat on the arm chair next to the couch while Bob turned on the T.V.
“Going to get blankets, back in two” Bob told me before speeding off before I could say anything.
“Bob, you got any DVDs?” I asked as Bob came back with blankets folded under his arm.
“Um, yeah I think so, run back into my room and check, the big basket, you’ll find them somewhere” He told me while laying out the blankets on the couch.

“I hate these god damn arch ways” I whispered to myself while walking to Bobs room. The basket…found it!
Candy Man, no. Transformers, not tonight. Beatle Juice! Yes. The Nightmare Before Christmas, hell yes. Corpse Bride, yip. Sweeny Todd, check!
Walking back out carrying the DVDs in my arms, I saw Bob half asleep on the sofa. Frig him. I thought to myself. I put Beatle Juice into the DVD player below the T.V. and pressed play.

“Going to watch them without me?” Bob faked a cry before sitting up. I hit his arm playfully before slipping in beside him.

Bob’s P.O.V
“What are we watching then, other than this?” I stared at the television screen watching the little red and black clothed man run around.
“Corpse Bride, Sweeny Todd and The Nightmare Before Christmas” Grace told me absentmindedly.

The film ended and I jumped off the couch to put The Nightmare Before Christmas abit to eagerly while Grace giggled at me.
“This happens to be my film” I laughed before sitting back down on the sofa.

Grace wormed over to me and then lied down on me.
“Ohh! I love this part when they’re all in the town and they all start singing” Grace grinned like a little kid.

“Yeah, well you don’t have half of Russia on top of you!” I chuckled.
“Hey! You’re mean! I know I’m fat!” She started to fake cry. Then laughed.
“Jus-“ then I was interrupted by Grace.
“Oh! Jack the pumpkin king!” Grace sang in a very off tune voice.
“Oh yeah! Jack!” She sang, making up her own words.

The film finally ended, though Grace sang through most of it.
“Which one next?” She asked me.
“That was the last one I think…” I lied, I knew there was singing in the Corpse Bride and didn’t want to endure her singing.

“No it isn’t! Mr. Bob Bryar! The Corpse Bride is next!” Grace shouted childishly to me.
“Then don’t ask what’s next and it’s Mr. Robert Nathaniel Cory Bryar to you!” I said jokingly.

“It’s Grace Elizabeth Sarah Maxwell – Miss. Grace Elizabeth Sarah Maxwell to you, Mr. Robert Nathaniel Cory Bryar!” She said in a post British accent.

“And you say my name is bad!” I laughed while suffocating her with a pillow.

“Ahh! No! I can’t breathe! I’ll sue!” Grace coughed from underneath the pillow. Then I lifted the pillow off her and she lunged for air.

“Aw! Child abuse!” I laughed.
“Psh. I’m fifteen” She said matter-of-factly.
“I’m sixteen, the whole of a year older!” I said proudly.
I leant down to her until our lips touched. Then broke apart, staring at each other.
“I’m tired” Grace yawned. “Could I uh maybe steal a top of yours and some…boxers?” She smiled a cheesy grin.

“Uh, yeah” I pulled her from the couch, turned off the T.V and we walked into my room. She rummaged through the basket and found a pair of The Hulk boxers and I gave her a black t-shirt.

“Bathroom, beside Mikey’s way” I told her as she trotted out of the arch way.
Later on she came back with my shirts on which came down to her thighs and my boxers which reached her knees.
“Well, these certainly are comfortable” she said and I laughed.
“Right, now, lets get some sleep” I told her before slipping into bed and Grace beside me.

“Night Robert”.

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