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A Black Eye And A Kiss

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Mikey’s P.O.V
Grace is so cute sleeping, how can Gerard be so against her being here? He’s been acting weirdly too, he usually does but, just different. So Bob likes Grace and Grace likes Bob, though Bob doesn’t know Grace likes him…yet.

“Hey Mikes! Aw, she fell asleep, then again, who wouldn’t when they’re talking to you” Bob interrupted my thoughts.

“Oh hardy, har, har Bob, so what happened out there?” I see no cuts or bruises, so far, so good.

“Well Gerard dug Ray in the face accidentally ’cause he was aiming at me, what’s gotten into him lately? I don’t want Grace to go either” Bob told me, twiddling with his thumbs.

“That’s what I’ve been thinking too. Bob, maybe he just needs some time alone after what happened, oh and the truth has finally popped out, screamin’ and kicking my friend.” I smirked.

“What? What truth?” Don’t play dumb with me Bryar, “You know what I mean, you and Grace, Grace and you, am I getting out clearly here? She likes you Bob” I sighed then added, “And I know what you must be thinking - ‘Boy, she must be blind” I chuckled.

“I thought you were the smart Way! What makes you think she likes me?” Bob, Bob, Bob, I’ve lost all hope in him.

“Oh, nothing, just that maybe you know, she basically told me”

“Maybe she just doesn’t” Why was he making this so damn hard!

“Bob she likes you, now stop bickering with me!” I was getting slightly irritated.

“Okay, I get it, what’s your plan Cupid?”

“You’ll have to see Bryar” I winked.

“Well, we’ll have to wait ‘til the guys come back, as they are helping Ray with his new eye fashion” Bob snickered.
Ray’s P.O.V
“Ouch Gerard! That hurts like a bitch!” I squealed from the pain around my eye.

“Well maybe if you didn’t just around it wouldn’t hurt as much!” Gerard shouted as he was cleaning up the little cut that came with the package of the black eye.
We were in the bathroom of our little house, there is a secret door in it, no one really knows why though, but we went through there so no one saw us.

“Frank come over here and hold this for a minute” Gerard say while holding the tissue, I don’t know why I can’t do it, since Frank has been sitting in the sink staring into space.
“Aw Gerard man, look at it, he’s not going to die, look at it” Frank grumbled, he’s just to darn lazy to get off the sink.

He has a name you know” I moaned.

“Oh lets come on and go see what Grace, Mikey and he is doing” ‘He’ as in Bob.

Now settled in the living-room, holding tissue to my eye. The tension you could cut with a knife.
Our house is abit confusing, once you go through the door you’re in the living-room which leads you into the kitchen. We also have numbers for the arch-ways, Number one is Gerard, number two is Frank, number three is mine, number four is Bob and five is Mikey and beside Mikey is the bathroom, everything is pretty big.

Bob’s P.O.V
“Okay guys,” Mikey said to us, handing us all a cup of coffee, “how about a good ‘ol game of dares?” Dares? Dares. I hate Mikey Way.

We all sat in a circle, with a empty bottle and of course Mikey was the darer. I can’t believe he is doing this, how childish.

“Oh! Bob! It landed on you!” Mikey squealed, trying to make it out that he didn’t mean for it to land on me. “I dare you to…hmm…see Grace!”

Grace giggled and everyone stared at me. I rolled my eyes at them and scooted over to Grace, as soon as out lips touched seconds later I pulled away. Grace looked offended.

“Well…I’m going to bed” Mikey faked a yawn and walked away.
“Yeah, Frank, Ray and Gerard said in unison, leaving me and Grace alone.

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