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Chapter 47

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Frank strikes a deal with Lyn and Marcus and Christa throws a Mexican dinner

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‘I don’t understand’ Frank said eyeing the couple before him ‘what plan?’
‘Do we really have to spell it out for you?’ Lyn snapped impatiently
‘Yeah it looks that way’ Frank retorted, he had no idea what they were going to tell him, a small part of him thought that they might kill him, he wasn’t sure why, maybe all those years of watching horror films had warped his mind.
‘Where do we begin?’ Marcus said loudly he puffed his cheeks and then pursed his lips as he thought about how all this actually came about.
‘Let’s just cut to the chase shall we’ Lyn said ‘As you know Gerard and I had quite a history together, we were perfect together, young, in love…’
‘On drugs’ Frank interrupted ‘you weren’t perfect together you nearly killed him.’
‘Yeah but not on purpose’ Lyn said with a dismissive tone ‘I admit the drugs were a mistake but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we loved each other and still do.’
‘Ha! You think Gerard loves you. Wake up Lyn, Gerard is in love with Cheyenne, just like the rest of us are, we adore her, her and Gee are meant to be together.’
‘Is that what you think?’ Lyn laughed ‘you obviously have no idea what Gee and I have been up to these last couple days. We’re so close to getting back together, I can already see my engagement ring.’
‘You’re lying’ Frank spat ‘you are a sneaky bitch and a despicable liar and now apparently you’re delusional. Gerard wouldn’t so much as look at you in that way let alone touch you. He’s mad about Cheyenne and you don’t stand a chance.’
‘Is that right’ Marcus said
‘Yeah it is and what the fuck do you have to do with this?’ Frank said turning to face Lyn’s fiancé.
‘Well I’m the brains behind this op and if what you say is true about Lyn not standing a chance then we’re going to need you more then ever.’
‘What are you talking about?’ Frank demanded ‘I’m tired of all this cryptic bullshit.’
‘Lyn wants Gerard back and you’re going to help sway his mind in the right direction.’
‘The hell I am’ Frank said straightening his jacket that had slipped off his shoulders. ‘I’m not having anything to with this, it’s insane. Gerard doesn’t want you, you’re damaged goods. Why would he want you when he’s got Cheyenne, she beautiful, intelligent and we love her, you don’t have anything on her. Why would he want you when he’s got her? You’re not even half the women she is?’
‘You shut your mouth Iero’ Lyn said through her teeth. She was seething but she wouldn’t let him see that, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction ‘Let me break it down for you nice and easy. You help me get Gerard back or I will tell Jamia all about our little affair.’
‘It wasn’t an affair you took advantage of me when I was drunk and I have every intention of telling her everything as soon as I get back.’
‘You can tell her what you like Frank but it certainly didn’t look like I was taking advantage of you, you looked very much in control.’
‘Maybe to you but that’s because you’re a head case’ Frank retorted
‘No, not just to me Frank that’s how it will look to everyone’ Lyn said ‘You see Frank, you may think I’m stupid, delusion, horrid etc etc but I’m smarter then most people care to see, now I want Gerard back and I’ll get him and you’re going to help me because if you don’t I’ll make sure the video of us gets seen world wide and you and I both know what that means for MCR and what it’ll do to Jamia.’
‘Are you done?’ Frank asked with a smirk ‘If you think I’m going to stand here for one more second and listen to the bullshit that’s spewing out of your mouth about a sex tape then you are more insane then I first realised.’
‘You don’t believe there’s a tape.’ Marcus replied
‘I know there’s no tape. No tape, no plan, no deal’ Frank said heading for the door ‘But I wish you two the best of luck’ Lyn casually walked over to the TV and pressed the on switch, the TV burst into life and even before the picture came into focus you could hear the moaning of two people. She watched as Frank slowly retracted his hand from the front door knob and turned to walk back into the living room.
‘You were saying?’ Lyn said as Frank’s eyes fell upon the TV. He watched himself kiss Lyn full on the mouth, whilst groping her breasts, her hands were clasped firmly around his cock pumping him enthusiastically.
‘Wouldn’t you just hate for Jamia to see this?’ Marcus whispered in Frank’s ear.
(Monday Morning 3rd December)

‘Morning Cheyenne’ ____ called out as soon as she saw her co-worker walk into the open plan office.
‘Morning to you too, how was last night?’ Cheyenne asked setting her belongings down on her desk like she did every morning for the past three years.
‘OMG I can’t wait to tell you, but first Mr Ericsson wants to see you.’
‘Oh, what’s that all about?’ Cheyenne wondered ‘It’s probably about my notice’
‘Don’t look so worried’ _____ said ‘you followed protocol didn’t you’
‘Well then you’ve got nothing to fear’___ assured her ‘Go on he’s been waiting long enough’

Knocking lightly as she always did before entering Mr Ericsson’s office it crossed her mind that this would be one of the last times she’s set foot in this room.
‘Cheyenne how are you?’ Paul Ericsson asked, he was big burly man, definitely the stereotype for a fat cat business man, he had a harsh look but once you penetrated his armour he was a very nice man.
‘I’m fine thank you Paul’ she answered with confidence. It was a deal between the two of them that as his PA Cheyenne was allowed to call him his first name when they were alone in his office, it made the atmosphere more pleasant and had over the three years she had been his PA it had brought them closer.
‘So you’ve handed in your notice huh’
‘Yes sir I have’ Cheyenne said ‘I’m moving to New Jersey to live with my boyfriend.’ Cheyenne answered with a smile.
‘Boyfriend?’ I didn’t know you were seeing anyone’ Paul said surprised by the news.
‘Well I am and he’s wonderful, I’ll be well taken care of me.’
‘You better be or he’ll have me to answer to’ Paul said with a wink ‘now let’s get down to business. You’ve kind of stuck me in it by leaving me only two weeks to find your replacement, It’ll be a tough job and a tight squeeze, but I won’t ask you to stay any longer, I’m sure it will sort itself out, especially if you help with the recruitment.’
‘Of course I will, I wouldn’t let just anyone take care of you’ she replied
‘That’s what I like to hear, Now the reason I asked you in here today was to find out if you have found employment in Jersey.’
‘Umm, no I haven’t just yet I was going to look when I got there.’
‘Well I’ve saved you the trouble’ he said opening his left hand draw and pulling out a white envelop, he slid it across the desk and settled back into his seat ‘In that envelope is a job opportunity in New Jersey, I have a younger cousin who started a publishing company a couple of years back and he needs a personal assistant so I put your name forward.’
‘Are you serious?’ Cheyenne said carefully taking the envelope off the mahogany desk.
‘As a heart attack kid, the job is all yours, if you want it’ he said standing up
‘Of course I want it’ Cheyenne said ecstatically jumping from her seat, it had crossed her mind that she would be unemployed until she found work and the thought of living off Gerard’s money wasn’t that appealing, but now all that worry had gone with the help of her current boss. ‘Thank you Paul’ Cheyenne said walking around the desk and embracing the older man ‘you’re a diamond.’
‘Only to you kid, now get out of here and go and do what I pay you to do.’ He said patting her shoulder.
‘Thanks Paul, for everything.’ She said heading for the door
‘You’re welcome…and Chey’ he said causing her to pause mid-stride ‘You’ll be a hard act to follow.’
Gerard was meant to be shopping with Lyn when he suddenly remembered that his couch, arm chairs and shelves were being delivered today, not to mention the coffee table that he had purchased online the day before. He loved next day delivery. He arrived at the house at 8.00am on the dot, it was early for him but he wanted to see the progress and he wanted to marvel in his new home alone. The delivery men said they would arrive between 8.00am and 12pm and Gerard didn’t mind hanging around. It dawned on him as he stood in the middle of the living room that he hadn’t been in the house for at least two days and he was amazed at how much was done. The living room was complete, the walls were freshly painted the dado rail was in place and the wooden floor had been swept and varnished the night before, it was perfect and soon some of the furniture would be arriving. Gerard smiled at the sense of completion that followed through him, sure, he hadn’t really helped with the decorating but the vision was his and he had chosen the furniture and it was all for Cheyenne. His heart panged a little, he longed to hold her, he was missing her terribly, speaking to her wasn’t enough but she called the night before and told him all the things he wanted to hear including the three words that he missed the most and his heart was at ease. He couldn’t wait for her to see what he’d done for her, it was the perfect home coming gift and he was sure that she’d love it. Finding a scrap piece of paper and a pen Gerard surveyed the open space that was his living room and made notes of things that he could buy that would make it more homely.

Gerard wasn’t sure how long he’s been writing his list but he was surprised when Melanie walked through the door followed by Wen and Sophie.
‘Hey Gerard, what are you doing here?’ Wen asked taking off her coat and revealing the paint splattered dungarees that she always wore.
‘I’m just making a list of the things I think we need to make the living room look more homely, the chairs and shelves are coming today and I don’t think it’ll be enough to make the room look cosy.’
‘You are so right’ Mel said smiling at her employer ‘What time is the furniture arriving?’
‘Not sure’ Gerard said with a shrug ‘the guy I spoke to said between 8.00 and 12.00pm’
‘Oh so we’ll be here then’ Wen said ‘I can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen’
‘I was wondering since you’ll all be here would you mind signing for the stuff, it’s just that I want to shop some more for the house today.’
‘Course we can’ Mel said ‘You get going and we’ll make sure everything in place when you get back.’
‘Cool, thanks a lot’ Gerard said taking a cigarette out of the box in his pocket.
‘Whoa whoa I don’t think so’ Wen said quickly ‘No smoking in the house, you’ll ruin the paint before your girlfriend even sees it.’ Gerard stopped mid-light and nodded his head ‘Good point’ he said heading for the door ‘I’ll see you ladies later.’
‘Bye’ the all chorused
‘Men, honestly’ Sophie said shaking her head as he left.
Jamia decided not to question Frank about why it had taken him so long to come home from the store. She did however express concern for his well being the minute he got through the door, he apologised and all had been forgotten, or so Jamia had thought until she woke up this morning. Doing a mental calculation in her head she estimated that Frank had been gone a little over an hour which she thought was just a little too long for someone to be getting cigarettes. However she didn’t want to cause any more turbulence so she let it slide…for now. They’d been up for over an hour now and it was unusually quiet in the house. Frank had barely spoken since he woke up and Jamia wasn’t sure what to say, it wasn’t like him to be so withdrawn, she wasn’t sure how to approach the situation.
‘I just got a message from Ray everyone’s meeting at his for dinner tonight’ Frank said with a smile.
‘That’ll be nice’ Jamia said hoping to engage in conversation ‘It’s been a few days since we seen them all.’
‘Yeah I know it’ll be nice to see Gerard’ Frank said before realising what words he spoke and his smile died. He didn’t want to see Gerard, in fact he didn’t want to see anyone, if he didn’t see them then he wouldn’t have to do what Lynn asked and he wouldn’t have to betray Jamia or Cheyenne.
‘What time are we due over there?’ Jamia asked breaking his thoughts
‘About 7.00’ Frank said exiting the menus on his phone and sliding it into his jeans pocket ‘Let’s give it a miss’ Frank said walking over and sitting next to his fiancé
‘We can’t, we’ve been invited’ Jamia replied placing her hand on his knee ‘and I haven’t seen the girls for a while. I miss them.’
‘Yeah but we could stay here’ Frank said leaning forward and kissing her neck ‘and do things that lovers do’
Jamia giggled revelling in the feeling of his cool lips against her skin and she moaned with lust, it had been a while since they’d last made love and she was in need.
‘See’ Frank said teasingly placing a hand between her thighs ‘we should definitely stay here.’
‘As much as I love this,’ Jamia said between gasp ‘I would really like to go tonight.’
Frank huffed in annoyance and abruptly stopped the pleasant assault on her body; he sat up and stared at her then silently walked out of the room. Jamia called after him but to no avail and after sitting stunned for a few minutes she started to fix her clothes.
‘Ray can you please hurry up’ Christa screamed from the front door
‘What’s the rush?’ Ray appeared sliding his cell into his pocket
‘We have guests coming in a few hours and I want everything to be perfect.’ She said carefully placing her shopping and to-do list in her bag
‘Nothing needs to be perfect’ Ray said ‘it’s just a normal dinner with the usual suspects.’
‘No it’s not just dinner ok this means a lot to me and I want everything to go right tonight.’ She sighed impatiently
‘Because I just want it that way okay.’
‘Yeah but why?’
Because Ray, I want it that way
‘Yeah I get it but why?’
‘Because I want to make a good impression’ she said finally. She waited for his response but instead he laughed out loud
‘Don’t you laugh at me’ she cried incredulously
‘I can’t help it’ he said wiping his eyes ‘it’s just you are so cute sometimes’ he wrapped his arms around her and she felt him laughing against her
‘Christa you don’t need to make a good impression the guys love you and so do the girls you’re one of the group already.’
‘Yeah but…’
‘No buts, tonight will be fine and there’s no need to go to any extra effort okay’
Christa was silent for a while and then took her shopping list out of her bag ‘I guess we won’t be needing the Sombreros that I wanted to buy.’
‘No’ Ray said ‘no sombreros’
‘So what are we purchasing today?’ Lyn asked giving a small jump as she said it
‘You are unnaturally cheerful’ Gerard noted ‘have you got some good news you want to share’ he asked rubbing her tummy
‘Eww! No!’ she said batting his hand away ‘I’m just feeling good this morning, I must’ve woken up on the right side of the bed for once’
‘Well it suits you’ Gerard replied ‘You look radiant’
/oh I am and you’ll soon know why’
‘So what ARE we buying?’ Lyn asked again ‘some throw pillows, a chandelier, a Persian rug, a 48inch tv, a partridge in a pear…’
‘Neither of those things, I need some things to finish off the living room like some lamps, maybe a rug but definitely not a Persian just homely things so when Cheyenne comes home it’ll be al nice and cosy looking.’
‘I know exactly what you mean. We’ll make sure she has the best home coming in the world’ Lyn said linking her arm through his and leading him deeper into the department store.
‘Frank, are you ready to go?’ Jamia hollered from the hallway as she zipped up her jacket.
‘Yeah’ Frank mumbled. They hadn’t spoken much since the earlier incident and Jamia had decided that she wasn’t going to let it bother her, he was obviously still dealing with the events of the other night, either that or he was just being an ass but she decided that she wouldn’t let him ruin her evening. Frank slowly walked out of the bedroom they shared dressed in his usual attire of black jeans and a hoodie, he didn’t meet her eye as he grabbed the car key and headed for the door. Jamia sighed and followed him out she already knew what sort of evening it would be.
‘No that’s ok’ Lyn said hiding her embarrassment and disappointment well.
‘I can cancel’ Gerard offered
‘No honestly its fine, go and have dinner with “the group” we’ll catch up tomorrow’ she replied
‘Well we have to go now or I’ll be late’ he said pulling an apologetic face.
‘I’m gonna stay here a while’ she said ‘Take a look around and maybe shop a little for myself.’
‘Ok’ Gerard said with a nod ‘Call me when you get home so I know you’re safe’
‘Of course’ she said walking into his arms and giving him a quick squeeze ‘I’ll call you later.’ She watched Gerard leave and sank down onto one of two benches lined up together in a row. She was getting annoyed that he had to keep leaving her she didn’t like it when he walked away. She looked up as a couple walked towards her hand in hand, they had big smiles on their faces as they talked intimately, the only two people in the entire world, she wanted that, she wanted that intimacy, that love, that closeness and she wanted it with Gerard. Having drifted so far into her fantasy world Lyn hadn’t even realised that she’d been sitting on that bench for nearly an hour. She sighed as she thought about going home, home to dark empty house. Twenty minutes later she was nestled uncomfortably in the back of a cab, the ride home was a blur and so was the line of events that found her in the bath with a bottle of red wine. This is a very lonely existence. But not for long, hold on a little longer, things will change soon, the plan is in motion. She sighed sadly and reached for her phone making sure not to get it wet she typed and sent a text message.
‘Smells good in here mama’ Frank said walking into the kitchen to have a smoke
‘Thanks’ Christa said bursting with enthusiasm ‘I hope it tastes good.’
‘If the aromas anything to go by then we‘re in for a treat’ Gerard said appearing at the doorway with a small bunch of flowers.
‘Hello you’ Christa said hugging him gently so she didn’t crush the flowers
‘For you my love’ Gerard said handing her the bouquet.
‘They’re lovely’ Christa said ‘Thank you’
‘Any time’ Gerard said with a wink
‘I hope you’re not flirting with my girl’ Ray said pushing past his band mate and dropping his arm lazily over Christa shoulder.
‘Ray I thought I was your girl’ Frank cried form his seat at the table.
‘Of course not’ Gerard said ignoring Frank as did Ray ‘I’d never flirt with your girl’ he assured Ray, and as he walked past he whispered in Christa’s ear making her giggle.
‘I’m warning you’ Ray said puffing out his chest ‘I don’t want to have to get physical’
‘Oooh get physical Torosaurus’ Frank begged ‘You know I love it.’
‘So where have you been man?’ Ray said taking the seat opposite Frank’s as Gerard took the one to his left.
‘Nowhere I’ve just been shopping and sorting out the house. I’m telling you man those female decorators are the shit. They’ve done an amazing job and in such little time. They’ve totally blown me away.’ Gerard answered
‘When do we get to see it?’ Ray asked ‘When’s the unveiling?’
‘Soon I guess maybe when Chey comes home; Gerard said stealing a smoke from Frank’s box.
‘So are you looking forward to her home coming’ Christa asked over her shoulder
‘Of course I am’ Gerard said ‘I miss her like crazy’
At the sound of Cheyenne’s name Frank inhaled too deeply and began to choke, Gerard quickly snapped into action and patted his friend back until the coughing ceased.
‘Here’ Christa said placing a glass of water in front of him.
‘I’m fine’ Frank said rising from his seat ‘I’m just going to take seat next door till dinners ready’
‘It’s really not asking much is it’ Marcus asked as Frank paced the room wearing out the carpet beneath his feet.
‘And if I do this for you…’
‘You’ll get the tape and Jamia will never know’ Lyn finished for him
‘I don’t trust you’ Frank said
‘You have my word’ Lyn said touching her hands to her heart
‘Your word means nothing’ Frank spat
‘You’re right’ Marcus said ‘but that’s all you’ve got.’ Tired of pacing Frank fell into the arm chair and rubbed his aching head. He needed to get out of there and quickly the whole situation was doing his head in.
‘I have a new deal’ Frank said suddenly ‘one that I think will suit all of us.’
‘The deal is not up for negotiation’ Lyn said taking a sip of the water she had bought Frank earlier.
‘Let’s hear him out’ Marcus said sitting further back in his seat ‘go on Frank’
‘How about I do as much as I can to help you get Gerard back before Cheyenne returns but when she does I get the tape and the deal is over.’ He said. Frank watched as Marcus and Lyn threw a few glances in each others direction, it looked like they were having a telepathic discussion.
‘Deal’ they said in unison
‘Good. I’m getting the fuck out of here’ Frank said rising and practically running for the door, he closed it with a slam but not before hearing Lyn say it was good doing business with him.

‘Earth to Iero’ Bob called out waving his hand in Frank’s face
‘Oh hey man’ Frank said slapping bob’s out stretched hand
‘You alright man, Christa announced dinner and you were still sitting there’
‘Yeah yeah’ Frank said absentmindedly ‘I was just off in another world that’s all. So how are you?’
‘I’m hungry’ Bob admitted ‘but cool other then that.’
‘I know that feeling’ Frank said.
‘Are you sure you’re alright?’ Bob asked again
‘Yes, why do I look like I’ve got something on my mind?’ Frank said
‘No but usually when you see me you jump all over me like an exited puppy, I was just wondering why today was different.’ Bob said turning and offering Frank his back.
‘Everything’s the same my man’ Frank lied as he jumped on his friend.
When they arrived in the kitchen everyone was seated and chatting amongst themselves waiting anxiously to be fed. Bob carried Frank to the empty seat by Jamia and bent his knees so Frank could slide down.
‘Thanks’ Frank said getting down with a huge smile on his face.
‘Did you have a good ride?’ Jamia asked looking up at her smiling fiancé
‘You know I did’ Frank said bending down and placing a soft, lingering kiss on her lips as he pulled away he winked at her before taking his seat, He found her hand under the table and gave it a quick squeeze, neither of them needed to say a word but they both knew that earlier was forgotten and everything was cool.
‘Ok here are the starters’ Christa announced proudly as she and Ray placed several dishes on the table ‘We have nachos with guacamole, sour cream, salsa and jalapenos’ a chorus of ‘ooohhss’ filled the kitchen and Christa felt herself fill with pride, Ray gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then seated himself.
‘This looks yum’ Mikey said dipping a nacho in some salsa ‘I’m so glad I didn’t have lunch today.’
‘Me too’ Frank said with his mouth full ‘but even if I did I would still be able to eat this lot.’
‘Do you hear that?’ Alicia said
‘Isn’t that your ring tone’ Amber asked Frank
‘Huh’ Frank said scrapping some sour cream off his face with a nacho
‘It is your phone’ Jamia said as she attempted to get all four of the dips on one nacho
Frank groaned and pushed his chair back ‘Ok I’m gonna go get my phone no one eat till I get back’ he said jumping up and running to the living room.
‘As if’ Gerard snorted stuffing a jalapeno in his mouth.
When Frank reached his phone it proudly displayed that he had a text, he flipped the top and read the message.

You neglected to tell me you were having dinner tonight with “the gang.” Naughty naughty boy!! Don’t forget our deal Iero. Maybe tonight is a good opportunity to help our cause. Lyn xxx

A/N Hello all sorry for the delayed update but a lot is going on in my world. I've got 8 projects going on at work and the most exciting news of all is that I'm moving out!!!! I'm spreading my little wings and flying the nest. Also it's my birthdy on sunday so I have part preperations and such to handle. So I've been deliriously busy but I hadn't forgotten you all. I've been writing this chapter for what feels like 10yrs and I haven't read it back (coz I'm due to leave work in 10mins) I hope it's okay but if it's not I apologise. Take care everyone xxxx
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