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Chapter 48

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Jamia's paranoid, Gerard's deluded and Lyn wants more from Frank. This chapter is mostly about Frank actually

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Frank couldn’t wait for dinner to be over, he felt like a traitor, an outsider. Lyn’s text had ruined tonight for him. He’d been so looking forward to spending time with his friends and he was enjoying the evening before her stupid words interrupted. What was he supposed to do? The deal he had made was strong in his mind he had to sway Gerard’s mind in Lyn’s direction or Jamia would find out what had happened she’d see the tape and he’s lose her. Frank stole a quick glance at Gerard, he noted his band mates relaxed posture and cheerful face and Frank felt a surge of anger. This whole mess was Gerard’s fault if he had just told Lyn to fuck off in the beginning none of this would’ve happened but Frank knew Gerard has a weakness for temptation but and even bigger need to forgive people, as Gerard himself had been forgiven for so many things by so many people in the past it was his belief to always give others another chance. But what he didn’t know was the chance he was giving Lyn now could destroy the group for good.
‘Are you not hungry Frank?’ Alicia said, sitting opposite him she had noticed his lack of appetite and unusual quietness.
‘I’m sort of full’ He said throwing her the best fake smile he could muster
‘You’ve barely eaten’ Mikey chimed in, he too had noticed Frank’s odd behaviour
‘I could make you something else’ Christa offered ‘It’s no problem.’
‘No!’ Frank said a little too harshly ‘its fine honestly don’t make a fuss, I just lost my appetite that’s all. Knowing me you’ll clear everything up and then I’ll get hungry and you’ll have to serve me again.’
‘So not going to happened’ Ray said with a laugh.
‘So Gerard, how’s the house going?’ Alicia said excitement plastered all over her face.
‘It’s going brilliantly’ he beamed ‘I think Chey will be really pleased. I hope she likes it.’
‘When do we get to see it?’ Jamia asked ‘I want to see it.’
‘Jamia honey, you can see it whenever you like’ Gerard answered ‘but I’d prefer it if you’d wait until the rooms are complete but if you can’t wait then you are welcome anytime.’
‘What stage are you at?’ Mikey asked
‘Well the living room decoration is done and some of the furniture arrived today. The decorators are now starting on the bedroom and the upstairs hallway. My decorators are awesome two of the girls went to go get the paint for the bathroom and hallways yesterday.’
‘Lazy man’ Christa joked
‘I was shopping too’ Gerard protested ‘I was in New York looking for things to make the living room homier.’
‘You do realise that Cheyenne has an apartment’ Bob asked
‘Yeah so’
‘So she’s going to have quite a few furnishing of her own’ Bob replied
‘Oh’ Gerard said ‘I never thought of that’
‘It doesn’t matter’ Amber said dismissively ‘It’s a three bedroom house there’ll be plenty of room for Cheyenne’s things.’
‘So what did you buy yesterday?’ Alicia asked
‘Just some bits and pieces rugs, cushions etc etc. You get the picture’
‘I do’ Alicia said
‘Whose idea was it for you to go shopping alone’ Ray said quite seriously
‘I can do stuff for myself you know’ Gerard said
‘Plus who said he was alone’ Frank said looking at Gerard
‘Well if none of us went with him then he obviously went alone.’ Bob remarked ‘and knowing Gerard he’s probably purchased a rug made of bats wings or something’ he finished making them all laugh except Heard and Frank who were eyeing each other.
‘Let us do that’ Jamia insisted as Christ stood to clear the plates off the table ‘the cook isn’t supposed to clean.’
‘It’s no big deal’ Christa replied ‘I am the host after all.’ Sitting back down Jamia looked at the sullen figure that was her fiancé
‘Before you ask I’m fine’ Frank said not looking at her, his elbows were rested on the table and his head on his hands.
‘I wasn’t going to ask’ Jamia lied
‘Sure you weren’t’ Frank said sarcastically.
‘Shall we adjourn to the living room’ Ray said throwing his arms out dramatically and addressing his guests, they all rose and followed him to the living room leaving Jamia and Christa to clean up.

‘What was with that comment you made earlier?’ Gerard asked, he had managed to finally get Frank alone and wanted to know what his problem was
‘What comment?’ Frank said taking a puff in his cigarette and playing dumb
‘You know what I’m taking about’
‘All I said was who said you went shopping alone’ Frank replied ‘I didn’t say ant thing incriminating.’
‘No you didn’t but I know what you were implying’
‘Well then’ Frank said exhaling another puff ‘since none of that lot are mind readers you have nothing to worry about.’
‘Look I know you’re not impressed with my decision to spend time with Lyn…’
‘On the contrary my good man I think it’s a fabulous idea’ Frank replied hating himself as he spoke
‘What?’ Gerard said not expecting his friend’s sudden change of attitude
‘I think it’s a good idea, I completely see your point of view and I think it’s admirable.’
‘Oh’ Gerard said taken aback ‘That’s cool. I knew I could count on you to be on my side about this. I still think its best kept between us though.’
‘Of course and if ever you need an alibi for your whereabouts just holler’ Frank said. ‘I’ll be more the happy to help in fact I’d love to come to lunch with you both sometime. I wouldn’t mind catching up with Lyn.’
‘Are you serious?’ Gerard asked
‘As a heartbeat my man, set it up and let me know’ Frank said wishing his tongue would fall off to stop him from talking.
‘I will, thanks man, you’re the best friend ever.’
‘I know’ Frank said ‘I know’

The next couple of day flew by in a blur of paint, furniture and shopping. Gerard was overwhelmed but satisfied by the changes that were overtaking his new home and his life. The living room was complete, the rugs and cushions that he had been shopping for complimented the décor perfectly and he couldn’t wait to relax in there after a hard days work with Cheyenne in his arms. The decorators had decided to split into teams to get the house done within the allotted time; the place looked like a bomb had hit it. Both hallways and the bathroom were filled with women, refuse sacks, paint and brushes. It was manic but satisfying to see the developments. Gerard has spent every day in Lyn’s company and everyday he liked it more and more, their time together unveiled side t her he had never known before she was so sweet and she made him laugh constantly their friendship was back on track and at times it broke Gerard’s heart to know that they only had a limited time together.
‘Maybe’ Lyn said with a shrug. They were sitting in a low-key café after another day of shopping this time, purchasing a new oval mirror and accessorised for the bathroom, the colour scheme was white and Gerard clutched a bag that held the whitest fluffiest bathmats he could fine.
‘I think she would, she sweet like that’ He replied taking a sip of his hot beverage
‘Nobody is that sweet; Lyn retorted ‘I mean who in their right mind would let their boyfriend remain friends with his ex and have her over for dinner’
‘Cheyenne would’ Gerard exclaimed ‘if I explained our situation, our new friendship I think she’d understand.’
‘Gerard I hate to burst your care-bear friendship bubble, but in case you’d forgotten I’ve been quite rude to Cheyenne on several occasions.’
‘Yeah but she’ll forgive you that.’ Gerard said dismissively ‘That’s the kind of girl she is.’
‘We’ll see’ Lyn said
‘Oh hey guess what?’ Gerard said suddenly placing his hand on her thigh to get her full attention. Lyn smiled at his body language and turned fully to face him.
‘Frank says he wants to come to lunch with us one day.’
‘He does?’ Lyn said genuinely surprised ‘Why? Did you tell him about us?’
‘Well no…yes-sort of. When Jamia found us at your house I called Frank to tell him to keep her under control and I told him about us.’
‘What did he say?’
‘He wasn’t pleased at first but yesterday we were out front having a smoke and he said that he was with me and thought our two week friendship was a good thing.’
‘I know. Seriously he always comes through for me’ Gerard said proudly ‘he’s such a good friend’
you have no idea how good Lyn thought but said ‘Well then we’ll def have to meet for lunch how about Thursday. That’s two days from now.’
‘Sounds like a plan’ Gerard said standing ‘We better get going I’ve got a meeting to get to.’
‘Oh! Business…or pleasure?’ Lyn joked mimicking his actions.
‘Business of course, my pleasure’s in Chicago.’
‘We’ll if you ever need a substitute’ Lyn said pressing her body against his ‘let me know, I’d happily oblige.’
‘I bet you would’ Gerard replied unable to stop himself ‘I might take you up on it.’
Lyn threw her head back and laughed loudly, she needed to break the sexual chemistry for more then one reason. Gerard snapped back into reality and stepped back.
‘I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that’ he blushed
‘I was having you on anyway’ Lyn laughed ‘I wanted to see if I could get your juices flowing again.’ She needed him to leave feeling at ease and comfortable with the situation, if they weren’t in a public place there would’ve been no stopping her but to turn him on here would be a mistake because by the time they got somewhere to fuck his guilt could’ve kicked in and then sex wouldn’t happen. If it was going to happen it needed to be private so they could go all the way quickly without knowing how far they’d gone until it was too late, and by then one fuck wouldn’t be enough for Gerard, he’d have to have more and before any of them could blink Cheyenne would be out of the picture and Lyn would be the future Mrs Way.
‘Oh c’mon Gee relax’ Lyn coaxed him as they walked together through the parking lot. ‘I was totally leading you on, you’ve done nothing wrong. Flirting is harmless you know?’
Gerard smiled and relaxed his posture, he had felt so turned on by her that he was sure that if she hadn’t stopped them he’s have wanted more. Thankfully she was just fucking with him, it was cruel on her part but he was grateful it was a joke although a small part of him felt disappointed that nothing would happen.

Thursday 6th December

Jamia was paranoid, she was a paranoid lady. Why? Because Frank was withdrawn. Why? Because Frank spent the last two days with his phone in his hand texting. Texting who? Jamia didn’t know because Frank wouldn’t tell her. Why? Because he was stupid.
‘I’m going out’ Frank said as he pulled on his jacket
‘Where are you going?’ Jamia asked plastering a fake smile on her face
‘To meet Gerard for lunch it’s been a while since it was just the two of us.’
‘For lunch’ Jamia said trying to stop the tears from pouring from her eyes ‘Ok have fun’
‘I will’ Frank said and without a kiss he left closing the door behind him.

The deal was that Frank would meet them both at Lyn’s and Gerard would drive them into New York, their lunch had turned into a day out that Frank had been dreading.
‘Frank’ Lyn said throwing open the door seconds after he knocked ‘It’s so glad to see you,’
‘You too’ Frank said embracing her ‘hey man’ he said waving at Gee, ready to go.’
‘Give me a sec I was heading to the little boys room just as you knocked.’
‘You’re getting into this aren’t you’ Lyn teased as soon as Gerard had left.
‘I don’t know what you mean’ Frank said through gritted teeth.
‘Well this meeting was your idea wasn’t it?’
‘Yeah it was’
‘That’s what I mean.’
‘I’m just playing my part’ He said turning to face her ‘I want to keep my fiancé’
‘Well keep playing by the rules and you will’ Lyn said pressing her body against his as she had done to Gerard days before.
‘Get away from me’ Frank said but he didn’t move nor did he touch her
‘I like it here’ she said running her hands over his body ‘You know I was thinking that you and I should hook up again.’
‘I would never touch you willingly’ Frank spat ‘You know that.’
‘Yeah but what if I was to black mail you a little bit more’ she purred. Before she could blink she was pinned against the wall with Frank’s hand around her neck, his face was contorted with rage and his body shook.
‘Don’t you dare try to black mail me again’ he hissed ‘we have a deal.’
‘That we do’ Lyn chocked out ‘but if you don’t remove your hand from my neck that tape will hit the internet before you can say The Black Parade. Now let me go’ Frank slowly removed his hand from her throat but he didn’t step back.
‘That’s better’ Lyn said once again gaining the upper hand, she rubbed her neck but didn’t break his stare. ‘You need to understand that I have the ammunition so I’m the winner. We do have a deal. You help me get Gerard and you get the video tape, but we never said anything else about any other terms and conditions, so that to me leaves room for more don’t you think?’
‘You disgust me.’ Frank retorted
‘Yeah and you turn me on’ Lyn said launching herself at him and kissing him full on the mouth, he resisted at first and then begrudgingly Frank opened his mouth and kissed her back, it lasted only a minute before Lyn broke away.
‘The next couple of days will be fun’ Lyn said pushing him back and walking past him.
‘GERARD HURRY UP’ she hollered towards the downstairs bathroom
‘I’m here’ He said rounding the corner ‘I’m ready’ he said heading for the door first.
‘I’m ready’ Lyn said happily ‘What about you Frank?’

A/N My darlings- Sorry for the delayed chapter I've been moving home. I am now the proud owner of my very own abode. Firstly as you've probaly noticed I'm dating the chapters, more for my benefit then yours. Secondly I've decided to make the chapters shorter so I'll be able to update quicker coz usually I write long chapters but they take ages to write so from now on shorter chapter, more updates, faster story progression. thridly I haven't proof read this because I'm very naughty, I'm dying for a wee and I have to leave now lol. Hope you enjoyed I wrote most of this chapter in the last 45 mins so excuse me if its unsatisfactory. I'm still extremly grateful to all those who are still reading and reviewing, I know it doesn't seem like I am but I love to read your comments they really do make my day. Peace and rainbows peeps till next time. Steph xx
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