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Chapter 49

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Alicia overhears a secret. Frank's desperate for help and Mikey takes control.

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‘So erm Lyn, Gerard told me you’re getting married. How’s that going?’ Frank asked trying his best to sound interested.
‘Great’ Lyn beamed showing him her engagement ring ‘Marcus and I are thinking of moving in together.’
‘Oh planning to start a family’ Frank replied innocently
‘Maybe’ Lyn replied inwardly cringing at the idea of having a baby. ‘What about you and Jamia, you’ve been together for years, how come you haven’t tied the knot?’
‘Too busy’ Gerard answered for him ‘It’s so hard to keep a relationship together when your partner is in a band let alone a marriage, you know that.’ Frank pointed a finger at Gerard and nodded at his band mate’s answer.
‘Or maybe you’re not with the right person’ Lyn said squeezing Frank’s forearm gently
‘Stop it Lyn’ Gerard warned, looking at her hand resting on Frank’s arm.
‘I’m only playing’ Lyn said removing her hand and placing it on her lap ‘I was just having a little fun with Frank, you don’t mind do you?’
Frank saw the way Gerard was looking at him the jealousy on his face was undeniable, but he also saw the look Lyn threw him.
‘No I don’t mind’ Frank said ‘It’s harmless fun Gee.’
Mumbling something incoherent Gerard got up and left the table.
‘What are you doing?’ Frank whispered to Lyn
‘Driving him mad with jealousy’ she replied keeping her eyes on Gerard as he spoke to a young girl at the counter who obviously recognised him.
‘Firstly I DON’T like you touching me and secondly you have got to stop texting me because Jamia is getting suspicious and thirdly I don’t think making him jealous is the best route to go.’
‘I don’t give a shit what you think this is my game and we play by my rules and I don't care about your stupid fiance. Now shut up because he’s coming back’ she hissed
‘What’s the hold up?’ Frank asked as Gerard rejoined them ‘I’m starving’
Gerard ignored his friends comment and poured himself a glass of water from the jug on the table.
‘We haven’t ordered Frank’ Lyn giggled ‘silly boy. I’ll go get us some menus’
When she was gone neither Gerard nor Frank uttered a word. Both mad at the other for a different reason, Frank at Gerard for not seeing through Lyn and subjecting them both to this bullshit, and Gerard at Frank for flirting with Lyn. Frank had the urge to blurt out what he knew but the blackmail kept his tongue firmly in his mouth and his lips unmoving. Why couldn’t Gerard see that something was wrong? Frank had never liked Lyn so why suddenly would he like her now?
‘Here you go’ Lyn said leaning over Gerard’s back and placing the menus on the table, she knew physical contact with Gerard would make him feel better, she was very good at the game she was playing and knew all the right moves and when to make them.
‘Thanks’ Gerard mumbled
‘Anytime gorgeous’ she said taking her seat and placing a hand on his knee, winking at him.
Gerard smiled at her body language and he seemed to perk up, which didn’t go unnoticed by Frank, he wanted nothing more then to leave them both there but he knew his job and he knew his part and knowing Gerard as long as he did he knew Gerard was succumbing. At the moment Frank hated his friend with a passion.

Mikey had been watching TV alone for the last two hours Alicia had given into her tiredness and decided to hit the sack. He wasn’t really watching the TV his mind was on other things like the shows they had coming up in a few weeks and the tour they were due to do in January, but most of this thoughts were of Frank and his disturbingly quiet behaviour at dinner. He knew something was wrong, there was a bad feeling in his gut, something wasn’t right and he knew whatever it was would have a bad effect on all them. A quiet knock on the door startled him out of his thoughts. It was so subtle that he wasn’t even sure he heard it at first, but after a few seconds another knock came, this time slightly louder.
‘Who’s there?’ Mikey asked as adrenaline started to pump its way around his veins
‘It’s Frank I need to talk to you.’
‘What are you doing here’ Mikey whispered opening the door
‘I need help.’ Frank said desperately
‘Shh! Alicia asleep’ Mikey warned ‘come in the lounge’
Once both men were safely in the lounge Frank closed the door and spilt the beans on everything he knew from Gerard’s secret friendship to the sex tape and black mail. Mikey waited patiently till frank had finished talking but could not disguise his shock.
‘Fuck me’ He said when Frank finally took a breath
‘I know, Mikey I don’t know what to do. How do I fix this? Can this be fixed?’
‘Jesus’ Mikey said shaking his head ‘Frank I don’t know what to say, I mean I knew about the two week deal I said it wasn’t a good idea, but I never knew it would go this far. We have to expose it’
Alicia walked quietly to the living room, she had a feeling Mikey had fallen asleep on the couch it was a bad habit of his but she found endearing nonetheless. Still in a sleepy state it wasn’t until her hand reached the door knob that she heard two voices in the living. Instinct told her to not open the door but it urged her to listen, placing her ear against the door the muffled voices became clear.
‘No’ Frank said his eyes clouded with fear ‘Mikey we can’t do that, the tape…I’d lose Jamia.’
‘You wouldn’t, not after she hears everything’ Mikey reasoned ‘she’d have to believe you.’
‘She wouldn’t, not if she saw the tape, I-I look like I’m enjoying myself, I was I think, I don’t remember, it was a mistake I wasn’t myself but the tape portrays another story. I’d lose her for good I know it’ Frank said sinking into the sofa, tears threatening to spill on to his cheeks.
Mikey regarded his friend and felt an unbelievable surge of helplessness. What was he supposed to do? What would he do in that situation?
‘I’ve got a plan’ Mikey said finally
‘Great what is it?’ Frank said looking at his friend with a great deal of hope.
‘The less you know the better’ Mikey said ‘I’ll try and fix this, you just continue to play your part, I’ll do the rest, it’s less suspicious if you don’t know.’
‘Promise me you won’t blow my cover’ Frank begged ‘I can’t imagine losing Jamia.’
‘I won’t blow the cover and you won’t lose Jamia’ Mikey promised.
Stifling a gasp Alicia quickly headed for the bedroom and got back into bed. Her heart was pounding. What had she just heard? Did Frank cheat on Jamia? Trying to calm her breathing Alicia tried to rationalise her thoughts. She was sure of what she heard but she was so sleepy when she got up she wasn't sure. What the hell was going on?
‘I hate this’ Frank sighed ‘I feel so awful, I’m betraying Jamia and Cheyenne, I feel- I feel worthless.’
‘Don’t beat yourself up it was a cunning plan put together by a conniving bitch’
‘Yeah but if Gerard goes with Lyn, Cheyenne will be devastated, I don’t want to do that to her, she’s like a baby sister to me, I don’t want to hurt her, but I can’t lose Mia, I just can’t’
‘Frank listen to me, you need to take it easy, you can’t lose your cool now. Play your part, do what you have to do to make Lyn thinks she’s winning. I’ll sort out Gerard and do the rest.’
Frank nodded his head but said nothing, the events of the day had drained him completely and he wanted nothing more then to catch some sleep.
‘I’ll speak to you tomorrow’ Mikey said offering a small smile as a form of comfort.
‘Ok’ Frank said quietly.
After Mikey let Frank out he locked up the house and sat down at the PC in the lounge, he had something to do and the sooner it got done the better.
Friday 7th December

‘What did you get for lunch?’ Clare said hovering over Cheyenne’s shoulder and trying to peek into her friend’s paper bag.
‘Honey mustered Chicken on rye’ Cheyenne replied licking her lips for emphasis ‘I’m soo hungry.’
‘Well that’s what happens when you decided to have lunch at quarter to two in the afternoon.’ Clare retorted
‘Excuse you’ Cheyenne mumbled through a bit of her sandwich ‘I didn’t see you interviewing through lunch to find a replacement for your boss.’
‘Well excuse me’ Clare said ‘I didn’t tell you to move to New Jersey.’
Cheyenne smiled at the thought of her new home and her new life with Gerard, she was so excited about the prospect of being part of their family and maybe having one of her own.
‘Will you miss me?’ Clare pouted from opposite Cheyenne
‘Of course I will and when I come home to visit, we’ll definitely hook up. I promise’ Cheyenne said grinning and showing Clare her chewed food.
‘Charming’ Mr Erikson said as he passed ‘this came for you earlier’
‘For me?’ Cheyenne parroted surprise plastered all over her face.
‘Yes for you’ Mr Erickson said holding out a small flat envelope. Placing her sandwich on the desk, Cheyenne wiped her hands and took the package, Mr Erickson left obviously not interested by the contents.
‘What is it?’ Clare asked leaning as far onto the desk as possible.
‘It’s a letter?’ Cheyenne said completely baffled by it all

Dear Cheyenne

How are things out in Chicago? We’re missing you loads and loads especially Gerard who is desperate for you to come home. He’s lost without you. So as a gift to him I thought I’d write you a letter and ask that you come for a quick visit this weekend. I know its short notice but I know it can be done, if you want to? I think it’d do him the world of good. I would appreciate you not mentioning this to him as a) it’s a surprise and b) he’s trying to be strong and doesn’t want to come across all needy but trust me Chey you’ve made such an incredible and lasting impact on him that he’s not the same without you, but I guess you know all of this already.

I hope you can make it’d be a great surprise for Gee.


Love Mikey

Ps. this whole thing was your idea if any one asks
Pps. The plane ticket inside is a gift- so don’t even try and pay me back

‘What does it say?’ Clare said impatiently
‘Mikey wants me to come home’ Cheyenne replied fishing in the envelope for the spare ticket
‘What for?’ Clare asked trying to take the letter.
‘Just for a visit’ Cheyenne said holding up the plane ticket
‘OMG! How cool is that? Are you going to go then?’
‘Of course! I’m going to go see my man’ Cheyenne said grinning happily.

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