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Chapter 50

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Cheyenne's home, Lyn makes a move and Gerard battles temptation.

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Cheyenne was breathless by the time she reached the airport gate. She thrust her passport and plane ticket into the hands of the waiting staff and tried to catch her breath while the lady in the blue pencil skirt checked it over.
‘Its fine go on through, you’re in seat 7. First Class’
‘First class!’ Cheyenne exclaimed scanning the ticket ‘wow! Way to go Mikey’ then looking at the bewildered attendants face, she smiled and walked through to gates.
Once seated, Cheyenne was offered a chilled glass of champagne, which she was more then grateful for and relaxed in the comfortable seat. After work Clare had driven her home and Cheyenne proceeded in lightening speed to pack a suitcase for the weekend. She was grateful that she had done some laundry during the week so she had enough clothes for the weekend but the problem was locating them. Cheyenne had a habit of just dropping things over chairs and tables and leaving them there till she could be bothered to tend to them. After practically sliding her suitcase down the stairs to the main entrance of her apartment Clare drove them to the airport and Cheyenne made a mad dash to make her plane on time. And now courtesy of Mikey Way she was sitting in First Class with her shoes off waiting for take off. ‘This is the life’ she uttered to herself.
‘Isn’t it just’ A man answered as he placed his bag in the luggage rack above them. Not knowing what to say Cheyenne smiled politely and looked out the window and to her astonishment the gentleman sat next to her. She must’ve had a strange look on her face because he asked her if his sitting there was a problem to which she said no. She continued to strain her neck in an attempt to stare out of the window and not look in his direction at all.
‘Hi I’m Mark’ the man said suddenly introducing himself, he noted her uncomfortable posture and thought he’d make an effort to make her comfortable.
‘I’m Cheyenne’ she said turning to shake his hand
‘That’s an unusual name’
‘I’m an unusual girl’ she said with a smile.
‘I’ve noticed you look very uncomfortable. Are you a bad flier?’
‘No’ Cheyenne said blushing as he obviously noted her awkwardness ‘I’m fine with flying. To be honest I was looking forward to having two seats to myself’ she laughed
‘I can move if you want’ he offered
‘Oh no! Don’t be silly’ Cheyenne said ‘It’s not a problem plus I’m not sure you’re supposed to just move around you have to sit in your assigned seats.’
‘Well I can tell you that this is definitely my assigned seat and you just happen to be a happy bonus.’ Mark said winking at Cheyenne and making her cheeks glow red.
Jamia was highly confused, it was early Friday night and she was sure it would be a night just like all the others she had spent that week, alone in the living room, while Frank ignored her and texted God knows who, but to her surprise they had just finished an amazing sex session and he was snoozing beside her. She wasn’t sure how it happened or why but she wasn’t complaining. The last few days had been so isolating that she didn’t care about the turn in his attitude she was just glad her Frank was back, she’d worry about how it all transpired later but for now she was basking in the afterglow of their love making. His behaviour still worried her though, no matter how much she ignored it whilst in her post-sex bliss, Jamia still wondered what was going on with him.
Frank knew Jamia was awake beside him he’d been with her long enough to know when she was asleep and when she was wide awake. Frank didn’t know why he felt so good. He knew Mikey was a reliable person to ask for help and knowing that he was by his side, Frank felt so much better. He woke up that morning feeling awesome and the fact that Lyn didn’t call or text for the entire day just added to his positive mood. He did however wonder what Mikey had planned and to be honest it did make him anxious at times not knowing what would happen, but he had trust in his friend and knew that Mikey would help the cause not hinder it. Frank opened his eyes and looked at his fiancé; she still blew his mind even till this day and the thought of losing her over something that he had no control over sent pain through his heart. Instinctively he pulled her closer and planted a soft kiss on her cheek.
‘You awake?’ Jamia whispered
‘Sort of’ Frank murmured against her neck, his stubble brushing her soft skin.
‘Want to talk?’ she asked.
‘Why? What’s up?’ he asked
‘Nothing I thought you might have something to say’
‘Nope’ Frank yawned loudly ‘not a thing’
‘Ok’ Jamia said slightly put out by his lack of communication, she wanted him to tell her what had happened earlier in the week but did not under any circumstances want to revert back to it by disturbing the calm between them now. She decided to leave the matter and closed the subject by squeezing the hand that was placed lightly on her stomach.
‘I love you Mia’ Frank said into her ear, his breath tickling her lobe
‘Are you sure?’ she said before thinking.
‘Of course I’m sure. I love you more then I could ever tell you.’’ Frank said not phased by her insecurity, he knew this week had been hard on her and he knew his lack of attention would send doubt into her mind, but he did love her and he’d do whatever it took to keep her even if that meant turning Gerard’s head in Lyn’s direction and hurting Cheyenne. Jamia was the most important thing in his world and he wouldn’t lose her for anything.
Mikey had to create the right picture if Cheyenne was coming home everything had to be perfect. They all had to be at his mom’s at the same time and so he text them all a universal message saying that dinner was at the Ways and Donna glad to have them all together agreed to cook. Mikey knew it was important for Gerard to see them all lavishing attention on Cheyenne, he had to show his big brother that Cheyenne was part of the group and the way they all interacted together. He had been worried that maybe the ticket and letter hadn’t gotten to her in time but she phoned and confirmed that she’s be there and Mikey felt a great sense of accomplishment. He was so afraid of the situation with Gerard and Lyn, they were growing closer everyday that Cheyenne was away and all though Gerard felt he was in control of the situation stating that they were just friends Mikey knew different especially since Gerard spent most of the conversation telling him all about Lyn and funny things she’d said and done that day. The situation infuriated Mikey but on the flipside he knew that Gerard needed to close the Lyn chapter of his life on a good not, but he knew that all Lyn was doing was making her mark even bigger and deeper then before and poor Gerard was being drawn in like the sap he was. Hopefully Cheyenne’s presence over the weekend will Change everything.
‘Looking for me’ Cheyenne said coming up behind the lanky figure that was the incredibly cute Mikey Way
‘You know I am’ Mikey said enveloping her into a big hug and squeezing her tight. ‘It’s good to see you’
‘You too’ Cheyenne said taking in his familiar scent of tobacco and coffee.
‘Come on let’s get you home and surprise the shit out of the others’ Mikey said taking her suitcase off of her and leading the way.
‘Mikey’ she said as she walked beside him through the busy terminal ‘is everything okay at home?’
‘Yeah why wouldn’t it be’ Mikey said striding along
‘I just wondered’
‘Everything is fine Chey Chey’ he said and added quietly so she couldn’t hear ‘now that you’re here, everything should be fine.’
‘Why don’t you come back to mine?’ Lyn asked her hand rubbing Gerard’s forearm as he drove them home.
‘I don’t know’ Gerard said, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He was desperate to ring Cheyenne, he was missing her but he also wanted to spend more time with Lyn, they’d had so much fun that he really didn’t want it to end yet.
‘Marcus isn’t home and I’ll be lonely, it’ll just be the two of us, we can continue having fun.’ She purred
Gerard thought about it, he didn’t call Cheyenne the night before and he didn’t want her to worry unnecessarily.
‘Why not. I’ll drop you off t home, drive to mine check on mother and on the way to you I’ll call Cheyenne that way everyone wins.’
‘Sounds like a plan my man’ Lyn said sliding her hand up his thigh and resting it as close to his groin as possible. Gerard gulped as Lyn gently rubbed his thigh, he stole a look at her and she was staring out of the window oblivious it seemed, to what her hand was doing to him. He didn’t want to make a big deal out of it in case she was just seeking comfort and he was looking at it as something else. Not only that but he didn’t want her to stop. His cock was growing in his jeans and all she was doing was sliding her hand up and down his thigh. Instinctively Gerard shifted in his seat in an attempt to get her hand closer to his manhood, he wanted a hand that wasn’t his to stroke his dick, it had been ages since he’d felt another’s touch or the wetness that only a woman could provide. He was horny and wanting but he wouldn’t come on to Lyn even though he wanted to, he wanted to fuck her so badly but he wouldn’t do it, because he had Cheyenne who he loved more then he could say and Lyn was engaged, he refused to jeopardise her happiness for a quick fuck, even if it would be mind blowing.
‘So I’ll see you in about half an hour’ Lyn said, Gerard was so into his thoughts he hadn’t realise that they had pulled up outside Lyn’s
‘Sure’ he croaked barely able to get the word out.
Leaning over Lyn kissed him on the cheeks then trailed her lips to his and kissed the corner of his mouth.
‘See you soon baby.’

When Mikey walked into Donna’s with Cheyenne trailing behind him, to say the others were surprised was an understatement. No one had ever seen Frank move so fast, he scooped up Cheyenne in a hug that knocked the wind out of her before any of the others could get there.
‘I just wanted to come home so I asked Mikey to come and get me’ she explained when Donna who flew straight into Mother Mode asked her what she was doing here a week early.
‘Why didn’t you call me?’ Bob asked looking put out
‘I was going to but I just happened to call Mikey first’ Cheyenne explained ‘I still love you the most.’
‘Well Gerard will be so surprised’ Donna said grabbing Mikey’s arm and dragging him out the door.
‘Ouch ma what are you doing?’ he asked when they were out of earshot
‘Why did you bring her here?’ Donna demanded ‘your brother has been working tirelessly to get the house into shape before she comes back and you bring her home early.’
‘What was I meant to do, not pick her up’ Mikey retorted not caring to admit that he had forgotten about the house and all the preparation that was going into it.
‘I suppose’ Donna huffed in annoyance ‘I just don’t want your brothers surprised spoiled’
‘Oh don’t worry mommy’ Mikey said placing his long arms around his mother’s shoulders ‘If anything’s going to be ruined it definitely won’t be that.’

‘Genius’ Frank said to Mikey as they stood outside having a cigarette
‘Thank you, thank you’ Mikey said bowing
‘With Cheyenne home Lyn won’t be able to get her hands on Gerard till after the weekend and by then Gerard might not even be interested.’ Frank said logically ‘that’ll make her mad.’
‘Are you worried?’ Mikey asked
‘No I’m not, I have nothing to do with it’ Frank replied ‘as far as she knows I’m on her side.’
‘Maybe when Gerard turns up you should text Lyn’ Mikey said ‘so your help looks genuine, you can warn her that Cheyenne is home.’
‘Hmm maybe’ Frank said stubbing out his butt. ‘I’ll cross that bridge later right now I just want to enjoy the happy atmosphere.’

‘Honey’s I’m home’ Gerard called out as he entered the hallway to his house, he wanted to make this a flying visit. Entering the kitchen the sight took him aback. All his friends were seated at the kitchen table, Cheyenne was sitting between Jamia and Alicia and they were all eating spaghetti bolognaise. She looked up at him and smiled a smile that took Gerard’s breath away; he had forgotten that she had that ability.
‘so…’ he said playing it cool trying to hide his surprise when all he wanted to do was hold her ‘what brings you here?’
‘You know this and that’ Cheyenne said leaving her chair and walking towards him.
‘OH!’ Frank yelled loudly ‘why the drawn out embrace just go in the living room and eat each others faces you know that’s what you want to do’
Wordlessly Gerard took Cheyenne’s hand and led her to the privacy of the living room.
‘You are so unromantic’ Christa said slapping Frank’s shoulder.
‘Oh I’m sorry’ Frank said lunging at her and placing his lips on her cheek ‘kiss me Christa, I’ve missed you so, I’ve longed for your touch.’ Christa giggled helplessly as Frank slobbered over her cheek whispering sweet nothings in her ear.
‘There’ he said letting her up ‘I can be romantic.’
‘Jamia I feel so sorry for you’ Christa laughed placing her hand on her friends
‘So do I’ Alicia said looking at Frank with a mixture of love and confusion, she was till unsure of what she had overheard. Mikey hadn’t told her that Frank had stopped by the night before and as far as she could tell Frank and Jamia seemed to be fine, they were laughing and mucking about just as they always did. Maybe she hadn’t heard what she thought she did.

‘I’ve missed you so much’ Gerard whispered to Cheyenne as he held her as close to his body as he could. He breathed in deep and inhaled her scent, it was sweet and clean yet subtle, it wad exactly how he remembered it.
‘I’ve missed you too’ Cheyenne mumbled against him ‘I couldn’t stay away’
‘I’m glad you didn’t’ he said pulling back, he took in her beautiful face again and then leaned in and kissed her. The second her lips touched his, the whole world it seemed, came to a stand still and it was just the two of them frozen in time. Their hands roamed each others bodies their finger tips reacquainting themselves with skin that had been untouched for what seemed like a life time. Gerard curled his hand in Cheyenne’s hair kissing her deeply the urgency to feel all of her was overwhelming, he wanted every inch of her inside and out.
‘I hate to interrupt’ Frank said from the living room doorway ‘but we’re all leaving’
‘Bye’ Cheyenne mumbled not taking her lips from Gerard’s who didn’t even bother to acknowledge his friend.
Frank laughed and left them to it, Lyn was losing this battle and she didn’t even know it yet. Frank smiled to himself at the thought and he felt better then had in days.

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