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Chapter 51

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Lyn's worried, Gerard's the master and Frank's under manners Warning-This update gets a little erotic(more graphic then I usually write) so I'm just letting you know in advance

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Lyn dialled Gerard’s number again but knew it would go straight to voicemail just as her other calls had. Where was he? It had been two hours since he dropped her home he said he’d be back asap but,’ as soon as’ had come and gone. Had something happened to him? Lyn paced unsure of what to do, she called Marcus maybe he had an idea of what to do but like Gerard his cell phone was diverted to his annoying answer machine. What else could she do other then wait?


‘Where are you going’ Gerard asked his mother as she grabbed her car keys from the hallway bureau.
‘To Sue’s quickly she says she has some gossip to share with me’ Donna said excitedly
‘But Ma it’s 11.30 at night can’t it wait till tomorrow?’ Gerard asked he was worried at her well-being it was common knowledge that Newark wasn’t the safest of places at night.
‘I’ll be fine and back before you know it’ Donna reassured him ‘plus I’m sure you and Cheyenne want some alone time’
Cheyenne tried to hide her blush as she smiled at the woman before her ‘See you soon Donna’
When the door closed Gerard sighed ‘I think I’ll call her in half an hour.’
‘Don’t worry’ Cheyenne said placing her hand on his ‘She’ll be fine’
‘Yeah’ Gerard mumbled, the high that he experienced a while ago was suddenly gone something was niggling at him but he wasn’t sure what it was, it wasn’t until Cheyenne sat on his lap that he was bought back into the present.
‘What’s the matter honey?’ she asked combing his hair with her fingers.
‘I don’t know’ he said honestly ‘Maybe I’m tired’
‘Or maybe you’re not happy to see me’ Cheyenne said rising, in a flash Gerard grabbed her hips and placed her back down on to his lap.
‘Listen to me’ Gerard said lifting her chin so she looked him in his eye ‘When I walked in and saw you sitting at this table with my friends and family, it made me happier then you’ll ever know. I am so glad that you’re here and I’m planning to spend every minute of this weekend with you. I don’t know what’s bothering me but it certainly isn’t you, if anything you’re probably easing my anxiety.’
‘Well talk to me’ Cheyenne said kissing him lightly on the head ‘tell me what you’ve been up to this week and maybe we’ll stumble across what’s got you feeling this way.’
‘I don’t want to talk’ Gerard said kissing the side of her mouth.
‘We’ll what do you want to do then?’ Cheyenne asked naively
‘You can be so innocent sometimes’ Gerard whispered snaking his hand under her top and lightly grazing her left breast with his thumb
‘Oh so that’s what you want to do’ Cheyenne giggled standing up and pulling him up with her ‘I’m sure a little bit of sexual healing will set you straight.’
‘Sugar, I couldn’t agree more’ Gerard said lifting her onto the table.
The next morning Gerard was awake bright and early, the sex he and Cheyenne had had the night before was both mind-blowing and extremely exhausting, it was good to know that she hadn’t lost her amazing sex drive during their brief but necessary separation. He thought about the new house as he brewed a fresh pot of coffee, would she want to see it? And if she did how was he supposed to stop her from doing so?
By the time Cheyenne had woken up a few hours later Gerard had already bathed and changed into clean clothes and had mentally thought up an itinerary which was sure to keep Cheyenne busy all weekend.
‘There’s my sleeping beauty’ Gerard said as she appeared at the kitchen door rubbing her eyes.
‘Come back to bed’ she demanded
‘I can’t’ Gerard said handing her a cup of coffee with milk and sugar ‘we’ve got a busy day ahead of us.’
‘Come back to bed’ Cheyenne said whining slightly looking up into his hazel eyes.
‘No baby, drink your coffee and get dressed I don’t want to waste the day.’ He said stroking her hair.
‘I want to’ Cheyenne pouted ‘I want a lazy day.’
‘You’re only here for a day and a half I really want to make the most of it’ he insisted kissing her forehead ‘now get going please.’
Gerard hummed as he rinsed his coffee cup in the sink he was happy again, his beautiful girl was home and although it was only for a little while it would be enough to keep him going until she came back to Jersey for good. His phone vibrated loudly on the table signalling someone was calling, thinking it was probably Mikey Gerard was surprised to see Lyn’s name flashing on the screen. His first thought was that of last night and his plans to meet her, they had been completely forgotten with the appearance of Cheyenne, his second thought was what was he supposed to say to her ‘sorry Lyn Cheyenne came back and I forget you existed because I was wrapped up in her love, having mind-blowing sex’ obviously not. Just as he was about to hit the divert button the call ended anyway. Feeling a little mean about not answering Gerard thought of sending a text but before he could Cheyenne came sauntering into the room wearing a short skirt, boots and nothing else.
‘Come to bed’ She said her hands on her hips.
‘Oh my’ Gerard said surprised at her eagerness ‘I thought I told you to get dressed’
‘I want to fuck’ she said ignoring what he said
‘If I fuck you will you please get dressed?’ Gerard asked
‘Yes’ Cheyenne said smiling and walking over to the kitchen table. Placing her hands on the table she bent over as Gerard stood behind her.
‘Now Miss Bryar’ Gerard said cupping a breast in each hand ‘do you promise to do what I say?’
‘Yes’ Cheyenne sighed as he rolled her nipples between his fingers squeezing gently
‘That’s what I like to hear. Turn around’ he demanded. He trailed his fingers across her breasts and in one fluid movement his mouth was suckling at her right nipple, Cheyenne threw her head back and moaned as Gerard sucked harder on her protruding nipples whilst he grabbed handfuls of her other breast. She moaned as he changed his rhythm now sucking gently on her left breast while his fingers lightly rubbed her wet right nipple. Standing up straight he spun her around and began groping her breasts as hard and as fast as he could, he was so turned on by her breasts, their shape and size and the way they jiggled in his hands, they were more then a handful and he liked it.
‘Put your hands on the table and spread your legs’ he whispered in her ear. Cheyenne barely heard him, she was so wrapped up in the euphoria that was engulfing her body but she complied and spread her legs as instructed. Gerard took a step back and lifted her black skirt. Her arse was another asset that he liked it was shapely and firm, he grabbed a handful of her flesh and she moaned, using both hands he massaged the skin on her arse stopping every so often to slap her cheeks and watch them vibrate from the motions, he closed the gap between them and rubbed his trapped penis against her arse wanting to escape his jeans and slide straight inside her but he refrained.
‘Fuck me’ Cheyenne whimpered as she felt his swollen cock against her butt. Ignoring her Gerard traced a finger down her spine, through her arse crack and between her thighs, he could feel the heat from her pussy on his fingers and he followed it until he reached her opening, Cheyenne gasped in anticipation and Gerard slid a finger into her wetness. Cheyenne pushed back against the finger that was teasingly pumping in and out of her, she wanted to feel more, she wanted to feel full. Sensing this Gerard added another finger, stretching her opening and producing more vaginal juices, the noises she was making let him know she was more the ready to be fucked.
‘Stay exactly as you are’ Gerard commanded fixing her skirt so it covered her arse again.
‘Please Gerard’ Cheyenne begged in need. Once again ignoring her pleading Gerard undressed himself taking his time, he folded his clothes neatly and placed them on the counter it was something he never did but it took time and made Cheyenne crazy with lust. He watched as some of the fluid from her womanhood ran down her inner thighs and it was then that he had to get inside her.
‘Cheyenne are you ready to take my cock?’ he asked
‘Yes’ Cheyenne whispered breathlessly
‘So you want me to fuck you?’
‘You know I do’ she said a hint of anger in her voice ‘I want it hard and fast.’
‘Then lift your skirt, present your arse and pussy to me and say Gerard I want you to fuck me’ he said
Lifting her skirt Cheyenne spread her legs as far as they would go and showed her wet mound and her freshly spanked arse to Gerard and as promised he entered her. Cheyenne moaned as his cock filled her hole and moved slowly within her, she was so wet and hot that Gerard had to refrain from cumming all over her there and then. Taking it slow he barely fucked her, he moved in and out of her soaking vagina casually, taking his time to build momentum, he could feel Cheyenne pushing herself back onto his hard cock in the hope of feeling something more then what he was giving her, but he was enjoying the pace, he could feel the frustration radiating off her body and it turned him on.
‘Fuck me’ Cheyenne demanded ‘I want- I want to be fucked’
‘Rub your cunt’ Gerard ground out as he weakly penetrated her ‘I want you to make yourself cum and then I’ll fuck you.’ Manoeuvring her hand so she had access to her throbbing clit Cheyenne began to rub furiously at her swollen nub, all the while Gerard lazily pumped in and out of her, in a matter of minutes Cheyenne cried out, her wet juices spilling over Gerard dick, he didn’t wait for her orgasm to finish, he placed a hand on her back and pushed her upper body onto the table and began fucking her. He pumped in and out of her hole circling his hips as she lay facedown, her breasts mashed into the table as he assaulted her pussy, he held her hips tightly digging his fingers into her flesh as rammed his penis inside her. He could feel his orgasm building and in a last bid for an amazing fuck he lifted her right leg and pushed inside her deeper thrusting hard and fast while she cried out beneath him until he shot loads of hot cum in her hole again and again crying out until his balls were empty. When he was sure he was finished and his breath was back he slid out of her.
‘That was intense’ Cheyenne said hugging him close to her
‘It was’ he agreed ‘now go and get dressed, I won’t tell you again.’
‘Fine’ Cheyenne said ‘but I want a cuddle later’
‘You’ll get a cuddle’ Gerard promised as he pulled his clothes back on.


Lyn hadn’t moved from the sofa all day except to go to the store, she was wrapped up in a blanket with what must’ve been her third cup of hot chocolate but her ninth hot drink as she had been consuming them all day, beside her cup was an assortment of cookies and chocolate, it was safe to say that she felt depressed. She hadn’t heard from Gerard all day and she was both disappointed and worried about his lack of communication. They were meant to be spending time together Cheyenne would be back soon and she was really pushed for time now, she had plans to step up her game last night but that failed because Gerard didn’t show up and hadn’t text or called. She huffed before shoving another Oreo in her mouth, how was it that those little brown and white cookies tasted so good? A part of her wanted to call him again or at least text him, but she didn’t want to appear desperate and she had no way to find out what was going on. It took another four Oreo cookies to realise that Frank was her informant, he was her connection to Gerard and he could no he would tell her where Gerard was. Grabbing her phone she sent him a text

Frank was strumming some notes on his guitar waiting for Jamia to summon him to help with whatever mundane task she needed help with in preparation for dinner with Gerard and Cheyenne. To be honest he wasn’t really looking forward to it, he was still secretly pissed at Gerard for his bullshit which ultimately made him strike a deal with the devil. As he processed this last thought his phone alerted him of a message.

Message -Satan’s Whore: Frank have you seen/heard from Gerard today, we were meant to go out but he didn’t call is everything alright?

Frank laughed out loud and slapped his knee before replying

Message - Idiot Iero: He’s fine I saw him last night

Lyn read the reply eagerly and was unimpressed with the answer, if he was ok then why wasn’t her with her?

Message- Satan’s whore: So where is he then?

Message -Idiot Iero: Dunno they’re meant to be here at 7

Message -Satan’s Whore: What they?

Message-Idiot Iero: ‘Oh didn’t you know Cheyenne’s home and she’s coming over for dinner.’

Message -Satan’s Whore ‘No I didn’t know you wanker, why didn’t you tell me? I swear you’ll pay for this’

Message -Idiot Iero: I didn’t know she just showed up last night at Donna’s it was a very nice surprise

Message -Satan’s Whore: After dinner you better get your arse over here we need to talk

Message-Idiot Iero: Fuck you, you don’t own me I probably won’t be able to get away anyway

Message -Satan’s Whore: Make it happen or I’ll call Jamia and tell her everything

Message-Idiot Iero: Bullshit

When she didn’t reply Frank smiled triumphantly he wasn’t anyone’s bitch, he wasn’t about to let Lyn start making demands like that. He continued strumming on his guitar but stopped when he heard Jamia’s phone ringing, he paused mid-strum his breath caught in his throat as he listened to her say hello and waited for her to say something else to indicate to him that it was one of their friends and not Lyn, but nothing was said accept a string of hello’s.
‘That was weird’ he heard Jamia mutter from the other room
‘Who was that?’ Frank shouted to her his heart pounding in his chest
‘No one must’ve been a wrong number or something’ she called back.
Frank breathed a sigh of relief but it was short lived as his phone once gain vibrated.

Message -Satan’s Whore: Don’t test me lover, I’ll see you after dinner xoxo

A/N- Hello my darlings, sorry for the delay but I’m back in action, I know this isn’t the most exciting chapter, it was meant to be much longer but I felt bad leaving you so long without an update so I’ve split the chapter in two, the other half is being written now and will be ready tomorrow. Hope you liked it and I hope everyone’s okay :)
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