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Chapter 52

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Frank's in deeper then he realised

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Finding ways to keep Cheyenne occupied for the day was a lot harder then Gerard had imagined, he had made an itinerary of things to do with her but they proved harder then he thought because all she kept saying was ‘Can we go see the house, can we go to the house’ etc etc. It was exhausting. He had managed to deter her so far but he had a feeling tomorrow was going to be harder then today. Jamia greeted them at the door as usual she embraced Cheyenne and then Gerard ushering them inside out of the Jersey winter.
‘Iero where you at?’ Gerard hollered as he hung up his jacket
‘Living room’ Frank shouted back
Jamia followed her two guests into the living room where her fiancé sat nursing a beer and watching MTV
‘Hey Frank’ Cheyenne said bending down to kiss his cheek
‘Hey there beautiful’ Frank replied winking at Cheyenne and ignoring the death look Jamia was throwing him, he knew she wasn’t really the jealous type but unknown to their guests they had had an argument minutes before they had arrived. Of course Frank had started it and he wasn’t proud knowing that he had upset Jamia but it would guarantee an easier exit after dinner when he had to go and see Lyn, something he wasn’t really looking forward to.
‘So how’s it going with Lyn?’ Frank asked Gerard when the ladies left the room to finish the dinner.
‘Fine’ Gerard said not displaying any hint of happiness on his face ‘She’s been a great help over the last couple of days, helping me choose furniture for the house and all that.’
‘Hmm so how do you think Chey will react when she finds out Lyn helped pick out stuff for your home?’ Frank questioned
‘Hopefully she won’t find out after next week we won’t be seeing each other anymore’ Gerard replied.
‘Doesn’t that bother you?’ Frank said edging himself closer to his band mate, he hated what he was doing but he had to he made a deal with Lyn and it was all for Jamia.
‘What do you mean?’ Gerard answered his question with a question
‘I mean who says you can’t remain friends with Lyn once Cheyenne’s home, it’s your life right?’
‘Yes it is but one I want to share with Cheyenne’
‘Ok but all I’m saying is if it was me I wouldn’t be choosing I’d have my cake and eat it’
‘Are you serious?’ Gerard asked knowing what Jamia was like
‘Totally’ Frank said sinking into the chair ‘I love Jamia with all my heart but there’s no way I’d let her tell me who I can and can’t see’
‘Well technically Cheyenne hasn’t done that I just haven’t told her.’ Gerard answered honestly
‘You scared?’
‘No it’s just her and Lyn don’t get on well plus I don’t need Lyn if Cheyenne’s here’
‘True but it’s just you guys seem to be getting on really well and Lyn she’s so different now, she seems great it’s just a shame that you’ll have to give that all up all because of Cheyenne’
‘She’s worth it though don’t you think?’ Gerard asked unsure of where this conversation was going or what it meant
‘Totally but so is hanging on to Lyn’s friendship you’ve been through so much and to top it off, just between you and me’ Frank said lowering his voice ‘Lyn is looking real sexy lately, she’s one a hot piece of eye candy’
‘Yeah Gerard said sitting back in his seat ‘She is’


Cheyenne and Jamia seemed to do the majority of the talking at the dinner table with both Frank and Gerard adding their two pence worth when they could be bothered, but despite that it had been a nice evening. After dinner Gerard offered to help clean up and Cheyenne and Frank retired to the living room.
‘So Chey, you looking forward to coming home?’ Frank asked
‘Oh yeah I can’t wait, I really wanted to go and see the house but we’ve had such a busy day we haven’t had time’ she replied
‘So you’re happy then?’ Frank inquired
‘Of course I am, happier then I’ve ever been’ she said ‘what about you?’
‘I’m fine’ Frank said casually
‘Are you sure?’ Cheyenne said eying him ‘you don’t seem yourself’
‘I’m fine hun’ he assured her ‘just got a lot going on in head with the tour coming up next year.’
‘Hmm, well you know if you ever need to talk confidentially you can always call me’
‘Thanks Chey Bear’ Frank said patting her knee ‘well I gotta get out of here for a while but I’ll be back’
‘Oh okay, does Mia know she’s making dessert?’ Cheyenne reminded him.
‘No worries I’ll be back real soon’ Frank assured her
‘Bye’ Cheyenne said turning her attention to the TV


‘About time’ Lyn said as she opened the door for Frank.
‘Lonely were you, having an early night’ Frank said pointing at Lyn’s satin robe
‘No it’s just comfortable’ Lyn snapped as his piss taking.
‘What do you want?’ Frank asked as he walked in and sat on the lone chair, Lyn’s favourite chair opposite the sofa.
‘How long is Cheyenne here for?’ Lyn spoke cutting to the chase as she sat opposite him.
‘She leaves tomorrow night’
‘What time?’
‘I don’t know’ Frank said helping himself to the brandy on the table, he poured himself a generous amount and shot it back.
‘What do you know then?’ Lyn asked
‘Nothing more really’ Frank said repeating his actions and pouring himself another drink.
‘What’s their relationship like now?’ Lyn interrogated
‘The same’ he said downing another shot ‘as strong as ever’
Lyn huffed in annoyance and took a drag on her cigarette that she previously lit which up until now was burning away un-smoked.
‘Why don’t you give it up?’ Frank said leaning forward and snatching the cigarette out of her mouth
‘Why don’t you lick my pussy?’ Lyn retorted crudely
‘No thanks I don’t know where it’s been’
‘Your mouth was the last place it was or don’t you remember’
‘I try to forget that night thanks’ Frank smirked ‘are we done here, I have a fiancé and friends to get back to?’
‘You keep this attitude up and you’ll have nothing’ Lyn said rising from her seat
‘Where the hell are you going?’ Frank asked turning in his chair to see her disappearing into the kitchen. Minutes later she returned with a bottle of Jack Daniels and another glass
‘I’m not staying’ Frank said eyeing the new addition to the coffee table
‘Yeah you are until we come up with a solid plan for me to get Gee alone no one leaves this house.’
‘Look the deal was I had to sway his mind in your direction, you never said I had to instigate anything’ Frank stated
‘And how much swaying have you done lately?’ Lyn asked pouring them both a generous shot.
‘FYI I was singing your praises to him earlier so in your face’ Frank said downing his JD
‘Oh yeah and what were you saying?’ Lyn inquired
‘I was just bringing to his attention your looks and body etc etc’ Frank said tipping more JD into his glass and spilling some of it
‘You were telling him I was sexy weren’t you?’ Lyn purred standing up and stepping over the coffee table so she was directly in front of Frank.
‘Something like that’ Frank mumbled as he lit a cigarette, he hadn’t noticed that Lyn was right in front of him.
‘Do you think I’m sexy Frank?’ Lyn asked slowly undoing her dressing gown and exposing herself.
‘What the hell are you doing?’ Frank said mid-drag his eyes unwillingly roaming her toned body
‘I think we should fuck’ Lyn said, without Marcus around and Gerard constantly teasing her she was lacking in the sex department
‘I think you should retie your robe and get the fuck away from me’ Frank said harshly although his eyes were still upon her
‘Oh c’mon Frank it’s just a bit of fun’ Lyn giggled leaning over him and resting her hands on the back of the chair so that her breasts dangled in his face.
‘I don’t think so’ Frank said pushing her away and quickly jumping up from the chair.
‘Don’t be afraid this is strictly off the record’ Lyn said feeling herself getting wet at his resistance ‘this is just between you and me’
‘That’s the thing’ Frank said stumbling backward. How much had he had to drink? ‘I don’t want there to be any you and me and I don’t want to have sex with you’
‘Your cock says otherwise’ Lyn said pointing to his ever present erection
‘Bye Lyn’ Frank said staggering towards door. Not to be out done Lyn picked up her cell and dialled Jamia’s number, it rang a few times before she answered
‘Hello is that Jamia?’ Lyn asked and grinned evilly as Frank turned round to face her, his hand frozen on the door knob

'Yeah it is who’s this?’

‘It’s me Lyn’ she said casually

‘Oh hey’ Jamia said

‘I was just calling about Frank’ Lyn said and watched satisfied as Frank marched across the room to where she was standing, he pressed his ear close to hers and gasped when he heard Jamia’s voice.

‘What about Frank?’ Jamia replied

Frank’s heart pounded in his chest, this was it, this was the moment he was about to lose Jamia forever, she’d never understand his predicament. She'd never forgive him for sleeping with Lyn. Fuck! This was all Gerard’s fault. Frank looked Lyn in the eye and shook his head, his eyes pleading for her to hang up as he was silently begged her to reconsider what she was doing.

‘Hello’ Jamia repeated

Lyn remained silent and stared Frank out she could see the anquish written all over his face and it wa sthenthat she knew she ahd him.

‘Sorry dodgy line’ Lyn said ‘I couldn’t hear you. Yeah I was just wondering if Frank was okay now, you know after the bar incident?’

‘Oh yeah, no, he’s great, he practically back to normal’

‘Oh good, it was just I was a little worried’

I can’t thank you enough for what you did Lyn’ Jamia said trying to sound happier then what she felt, she still disliked the woman on the other end.

‘No worries’ Lyn replied ‘I got to run but give my regards to Frank’

‘Of course’ Jamia said ‘Bye’

Frank sighed deeply as relief flooded through him, he hadn’t realised it but he was on the verge of tears.
‘See you shouldn’t test me’ Lyn said walking up to him and placing his hands on her ample breasts ‘Next time you don’t do as I ask I will tell her everything’
‘Why are you doing this?’ Frank whispered for the millionth time since his ordeal began, he just couldn't comprehend how someone could munipulate people the way she was munipulating him, there was no remorse in her eyes no sorrow or regret for the pain she knew she was causing or would cause if things didn't go her way.
‘I’m horney’ she said simply kissing his lips ‘now will you follow me into the bedroom or do I have to call Jamia back and tell her what a naughty boy you’ve been.’ Biting his lip and holding back the tears of fear and relief in his eyes Frank followed Lyn into the bedroom.

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