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Chapter 53

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Cheyenne's suspicious,Frank loses it, Jamia's concerned. Mikey's scheming and Donna's fuming. Oh and Gerard is being Gerard

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Frank left Lyn behind slamming the front door behind him; he walked hurriedly but stumbled as he negotiated her narrow garden path whilst trying to refasten his jeans button and his belt. He felt deflated and used. He had never felt so low in his entire life and he had had some hard times before but this was hitting him like nothing ever before. He could still feel her touching him, her greedy hands roaming his body as she moaned in his ear, he tried to block out the sounds but it was all he could think about. Why him? Why was this happening to him? Kicking his car in frustration he felt a great pain shoot through his foot but he didn’t care he welcomed the distraction the pain gave him. Sinking to the floor beside his car he sobbed loudly. He hated what had just happened hated every second of it, he hated betraying Jamia, he hated touching her but most of all he hated enjoying his orgasm. It wasn’t his fault, he was a human being and pleasure was there to be enjoyed but it wasn’t pleasure he wanted. He continued to cry and till his anguish became anger he reached for his cell and dialled the number willing the person to answer so he could vent, eventually they picked up

‘Hey man how’s it going?’ Mikey’s voice sounded down the line
‘You were supposed to help me’ Frank ground out
‘You were supposed to help the situation what have you done, you’ve done nothing' Frank shouted
‘Frank calm down I did help I bought Cheyenne home that was my plan’
‘Well it was fucking shit’ Frank screamed
‘Frank what happened’ Mikey said
‘She called Jamia’ Frank replied
‘Oh fuck what did she say?’
‘Nothing, she made me…’
‘Made you what’ Mikey asked as a thousand horrid scenarios came to mind
‘She- she made me sleep with her’ Frank said letting out a sob as he remembered his intercourse with Lyn ‘I didn’t want to’ he cried ‘I didn’t want to do that to Jamia but she, she was going to tell her everything and Jamia she’d never believe me, I couldn’t lose her Mikey.’
‘Fuck’ Mikey whispered his voice unable to go any louder ‘I’m sorry Frank’
‘What do I do?’ Frank asked desperately
‘I don’t know’ Mikey replied honestly ‘But hold tight ok I promise you I’ll think of something’


‘He said he was going out and that he’d be back’ Cheyenne repeated for the third time
‘I’m really worried’ Jamia confessed. It had been two hours since Frank had left the house.
‘I’m sure he just got carried away doing whatever he’s doing’ Gerard said
‘Yeah but that’s my worry’ Jamia said ‘I don’t know what he’s doing lately he’s hardly home, his moods are all over the place I can’t connect with him like I used to. I think that maybe he’s having an affair.’
‘No!’ Cheyenne gasped ‘he wouldn’t’
‘Mia Frank loves you’ Gerard said ‘There’ll never be another for him you’re his soul mate’
‘How do you know?’ Jamia replied ‘We’ve been together so long maybe’s he’s tired of me.’
‘He’s not’ Cheyenne interjected ‘He still loves you, you can see it in his eyes, he lives for you’
‘Yeah, then where is he now and why didn’t he tell me where he was going? Hell he didn’t even tell me he was leaving he told you’
‘Don’t worry I’ll talk to him’ Gerard promised. Seeing Jamia distressed was hard on him and Gerard was determined to find out what was happening with his best friend.


Donna Way wasn’t a nosey person but she did like a little bit of gossip now and then but what she didn’t like was lies and what she heard from her best friend Sue the day before was a lie or so she thought. When she arrived at her best friend’s home, she was offered her usual cup of coffee along with a plateful of Sue’s very own shortbread cookies that were famous among the community, well famous among those who went to church anyway as they were always sold after mass at the back of the hall with the complimentary tea and coffee. So when after their usual catch up of ‘how are you?’ etc etc Donna was shocked to find that this week’s gossip concerned her own son. It turns out that Sue ‘the liar’ had allegedly seen Gerard and Lyn getting close whilst shopping in Macy’s, holding hands and whispering to each other. Macy’s honestly what would her son be doing in there? Sue seemed to get a lot of mileage out of the information she was feeding Donna, the more she recalled of the day the more excited she got, she seemed to revel in the fact that Gerard ‘the reformed’ seemed to be carrying on with his ex whilst Cheyenne was away. Like any proud Mother Donna kept a dignified silence neither calling her friend a liar to her face but not feeding the fire either. She excused herself shortly after and came home, where she watched Gerard and Cheyenne fool around like a couple in love and decided that Sue had to be mistaken. Maybe she did see Gerard but maybe it was an excited fan he was with or maybe it wasn’t him, since he became famous more and more people were adopting his style to look like him or maybe he was with Lyn after all and Sue made up the part about the PDA’S. Donna decided to stop speculating and ask him when he came home.


‘What’s the matter with you?’ Alicia demanded she was sitting next to Mikey on the sofa and the constant tapping of his right foot on their wooden floors was beginning to agitate her.
‘Nothing’ he replied his foot still tapping on the floor
‘Then stop tapping please it’s bugging the hell out of me’ she admitted
‘Sorry’ he apologised, he sat still for a few minutes his mind contemplating what Frank had told him earlier in the evening, he couldn’t believe that he had slept with her, he couldn’t imagine how Frank was feeling. Tapping his fingers on the side of the chair Mikey put all his energy into thinking of ways to help Frank out of the predicament, the easiest was to obviously confess all to the people involved, but the aftermath of that would be catastrophic it would be carnage.
‘What is wrong with you? Alicia snapped Mikey’s incessant tapping again was driving her insane
‘Nothing’ he replied immediately knowing what had caused her to snap at him, getting up Mikey left the room and his fiancé to continue pondering his thoughts and tap in his bedroom.

Donna had fallen into a restless sleep by the time Gerard and Cheyenne had reached home. They were both reluctant to leave Jamia alone with Frank still missing but she insisted.
‘I’m really worried’ Cheyenne confessed as they both strip off for bed
‘I’m sure he’ll be fine’
‘I really think something’s wrong with him’ she continued ‘I was speaking to him earlier and he seemed so different from the Frankie I knew, maybe Mia’s right maybe he is having an affair’
‘Don’t be silly’ Gerard said dismissing her comment ‘Frank is the least likely to do anything like that.’
‘Well then maybe he’s sick then’ she rationalised ‘maybe he’s coming down with something, he used to be sick a lot right?’
‘Yeah constantly when he was a kid but not so much now’ Gerard replied sliding into bed beside her and switching out the lamp.
‘What are you doing?’ Gerard asked as he felt Cheyenne shift beside him. Not answering him Cheyenne reached for her phone and dialled Frank’s mobile number, it rang continuously then went to voicemail
‘Frank it’s me Cheyenne please give either me, Jamia or Gee a call as soon as you get this message. Thanks bye.’ Turning to Gerard in the darkness she said ‘hopefully he’ll call one of us soon’
‘I’m glad you’re here’ Gerard said finding her hand under the sheet and entwining their fingers
‘Well I’m glad to be here’ Cheyenne said ‘I can’t wait until we live together’
‘Me neither it’ll be a new start for both of us’
‘Do you think we’ll be happy?’ Cheyenne asked
‘Yeah we’re happy now aren’t we?’
‘Yeah of course, I just, sometimes things change when couples move in together, I don’t want us to change.’ She explained
‘We won’t’ he assured her ‘we’ll always be this way’
‘Good’ she said turning over so he could spoon her ‘coz I love you’
Gerard smiled into the darkness and kissed the back of her neck. He turned on his back thinking about the conversation he’d had with Frank, it seemed to him that Frank was encouraging his friendship with Lyn and at times it seemed like he was insinuating that he take it further, he’d obviously misinterpreted what his band mate was saying but there was something in Frank’s eyes that made him think he’d read the message loud and clear. Maybe Frank was having an affair and maybe he was telling Gee to follow suit. Gerard chuckled to himself at the thought, he and Frank always did things together imagine them both playing away from home at the same time. Gerard nearly laughed out loud but refrained as his beautiful girlfriend was snoozing beside her and he didn’t want to wake her. Gerard wasn’t sure how long he’d dozed off for but his phone alerting him of a text message woke him suddenly, snatching it up quickly he opened the message hoping of news from Frank.

Message- Lyn- is everything ok I’m worried about you?

He hit reply and quickly tapped a message in apologising for his lack of communication and promising to explain if and when he could. It was a matter of second before his phone rang, he answered quickly before the tome woke Cheyenne

‘What the hell are you doing?’ he half hissed half whispered
‘I just wanted to talk to you’
‘Are you crazy Cheyenne is asleep beside me?’ He whispered quickly getting out of bed and heading for the stairs
‘Oh! I didn’t know she was home I just wanted to talk to you that’s all Marcus is away and I’m lonely’
‘That’s not my fault’ he said as he made a beeline for the dark living room, closing the door behind him. The pitch blackness of the room made it seems as though his conversation was a real secret.
‘Does this mean that our deal is over?’ Lyn said sounding as sad as she could
‘No it’s not over, she’s leaving tomorrow’
‘Will you come and see me’
‘Yes I’ll come and see you tomorrow just don’t call anymore, I don’t want to get caught, you know she doesn’t like you’ he replied
‘I’m sorry, I really didn’t know, don’t be mad at me Gerard, we’re getting on so well’
He sighed ‘I know we are, I just don’t want the hassle of her finding out yet.’
‘What do you mean yet?’
‘Maybe we can still be friends when she comes home, I’ll explain it to her and then we won’t have to be over.’
‘I’d love that’ Lyn squealed ‘and I promise to be on my best behaviour, I don’t want to lose you.’
‘I don’t either I’ve really needed you this past week’
‘It’s been my pleasure’ she sighed happily
‘Look I have to go I’ll call you Sunday ok’
‘Ok bye…hey Gee’
‘Dream of me ok’

Gerard hung up and headed back to bed, he could feel a headache coming on from tiredness and worry. Where the hell was Frank?

In the pitch darkness of the living room, it was clear to all those who cared to notice that one was never really alone in the Way living room. The vast array of photographs that lined the walls and mantelpiece portrayed many a smiling face, memories of times that the family had shared and wanted to keep in mind forever. It was also a place that any family member or friend of the family came for quiet reflection as the kitchen was without a doubt the most used room of the house, and it was in that quiet solitude that Donna held her breath as she listened to her Son’s conversation and realised that the harmful gossip she so readily dismissed earlier in the day was in fact an ugly truth.

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