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Chapter 46

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‘Thanks for the ride’ Lyn said leaning over and placing a light kiss on Gerard’s cheek
‘No problem and thank again’ he said leaning over and opening her door for her
‘For what?’ she asked as she gathered her purchases ‘I have done anything.’
‘What are you talking about, you’ve been a huge help these past few days I wouldn’t have been able to shop without you.’ Gerard said sincerely
‘It was my pleasure rock star’ Lyn replied ‘but I better get going Marcus will be home soon and I want to surprise him.’ She said dangling her lingerie bags in his face.
‘Do you mind if I use the bathroom?’ he asked, he needed an excuse to get in the house he still wanted to give her a fuck she’d never forget.
‘Yes I do, Mr-I’ll-leave-the-toilet-seat-up-and-I-don’t-care-who’s-house-I’m-in.’ Lyn remarked ‘You have bad toilet manners.’
‘Oh c’mon I’m bursting, I promise not to leave the seat up’ Gerard said bouncing up and down in his seat for effect. He had to get in there.
‘Fine but I’m warning you’ Lyn said stepping out of the car, Gerard quickly undid his seatbelt and hurried after Lyn who was already walking up to the front door. He watched her arse as her skirt sashayed as she walked hurriedly up the path, he couldn’t’ wait to lift that skirt and take her from behind. Lyn huffed in annoyance as she blindly fished for her key in her bag, she hated standing on the doorstep rummaging for it. She heard Gerard’s footsteps behind her and then she felt it. She thought she felt his hand brush against her butt. She must’ve felt it because he was standing dangerously close to her. Should she say something now or wait till they got inside? This was it she was going to fuck Gerard and what’s more he initiated it. He wanted sex with her. In what seem like a matter of seconds Lyn rammed her key into the lock and opened the door she marched into the hallway and threw down her bags before turning to face Gerard. He had it, he had that look on his face, that lusty look that she knew so well, it was the look he always wore before they had rampant, mind blowing sex. It was the sexiest look she’d ever seen on any man. Lyn felt herself getting wet, she wanted this badly, and she took a step towards him. This was it.
‘LYNNIE IS THAT YOU?’ Marcus shouted out from the kitchen, he had heard noise but wasn’t sure since. ‘It is you’ he said walking into the open living room, he stopped abruptly as he saw Gerard.
‘Oh we have company hello Jared’ he said ‘I didn’t know you were stopping by.’
‘I was just dropping Lyn home’ he said as Marcus walked over and grabbed Lyn from behind snaking his arms around her waist.
‘That was very nice of you’ Marcus murmured placing kisses on Lyn’s neck, she moaned involuntarily, she didn’t want to but her neck was a weak spot for kisses.
‘Are you staying for dinner?’ Marcus asked turning his attention back to Gerard. Lyn had her eyes focused on him too and noted that the lusty look he wore minutes before had vanished.
‘Not today, I’ve got to be getting back.’ He said offering Marcus a smile that turned more into a smirk.
‘I’ve missed you’ Marcus said to Lyn
‘I’ve missed you too baby’ she said kissing his cheek. ‘So I’ll see you tomorrow’ she asked Gerard ‘We’ve still got a little bit to go right.’
‘Yes I’ll see you then.’ He said turning to leave
‘See you later Gerry’ Marcus said but Gerard didn’t respond he just closed the door behind him.
‘YOU MORON!!!’ Lyn thundered pushing Marcus away ‘YOU COMPLETE IMBECILE’
‘What?’ Marcus asked ‘What did I do?’
‘Frank, please open the door’ Jamia begged, she could hear him sniffing loudly on the other side. ‘Tell me what’s wrong?’ Frank remained silent as he sifted through the unwanted memories in his mind. It was ruined, it was all ruined, everything was ruined. He have nothing now, he’s lose her. What was he supposed to do with out her? He stood up and looked at himself, his face had fallen, his eyes were red and puff and he had what looked like a weeks worth of stubble on his face.
how could you? what were you thinking? you were drunk, drunken sex with lyn how drunk was I? maybe it was rape. The last thought snapped him to attention. Had she raped him? He was drunk after all. Lynn is a monster but she wouldn’t rape me Are you sure? maybe she did it to get back at Jamia. He had to speak to her, he had to see Lyn, maybe all this was a mistake, he only dreamed about her because she’d bought him home, she rescued him. That was it, she rescued him from everything.
That was a close one, you nearly blew everything imagine if you had kissed her and he had seen, you would’ve ruined everything Gerard was sitting alone in the basement smoking a cigarette and thinking about what could’ve happened if he kissed Lyn. He nearly did, he nearly grabbed her and kissed her, he nearly fucked her. He would’ve nearly ruined everything. How could he have done that to Lyn? Everything seemed to be going right for her and he could’ve spoiled it in an instance. How could he be so selfish? They were in love with one and other, Marcus and Lyn were meant to be together just like he was meant to be with Cheyenne and yet he nearly destroyed it all because he felt jealous that Lyn didn’t think about their past sex life. What was the big deal? He didn’t think about sex with Lyn so why did he nearly flip out when she said she didn’t either? Imagine what would’ve happened if Marcus had seen them, would he have broken up with Lyn? Would they no longer be together or engaged even? Gerard shook his head at himself, his earlier thoughts were selfish, he nearly endangered both him and Lyn’s relationship and for what, so he could make Lyn remember what sex was like with him. He felt pathetic but glad, he was glad that Marcus had interrupted or who knows what could’ve happened. Lying flat out on the bed he chose to think about the last few days with Lyn, the laughs, the looks, the emotions, it was all good, so different then how it used to be and then he thought about the way she looked. She had never looked better, it was clear that she was taking care of herself, he liked the way she looked now, fresh, healthy, sexy. He remembered the way her arse looked in that thong she was wearing the other day, it was such a nice shape, and her breasts were pert and perfectly round. It was a pleasure looking at her. Before he knew it Gerard was stroking the crotch if his jeans, Lyn occupied his mind as he undid his zip and slipped out of his trousers. He kicked off his jeans as his cock protruded against his boxers, he wanted sex, he needed the release. He wouldn’t have sex with Lyn in real life, he couldn’t spoil both of their relationships, but there was nothing wrong with fantasising was there? Jumping back into bed Gerard got comfortable, closed his eyes and masturbated thinking about his ex.
‘Well how was I supposed to know?’ Marcus insisted ‘I’m not fucking psychic’
‘What the hell are you doing in my house anyway?’ Lyn said fixing herself a drink ‘How did you even get in?’
‘I have a key and I came to see how last night when with Frank.’ He said pulling out the kitchen chair he sat down before lighting a cigarette.
‘It was good.’ Lyn said hiding a grin
‘How good?’ he asked exhaling a line of smoke
‘Really good, I must say that Jamia is a lucky girl, Frank’s packing a big one.’
‘Ooh really.’
‘Really, he isn’t to be underestimated just because he’s short’ Lyn laughed taking up the seat opposite Marcus at the dining table.
‘So do tell, I like a naughty sex story as much as anyone else.’
Lyn laughed to herself, she truly was a naughty girl ‘why tell you when I can show you?’
‘You didn’t’ Marcus gasped slapping his hand over his mouth ‘tell me you didn’t’
‘I certainly did, I filmed it. I filmed my sex session with Frank Iero.’ She said proudly flicking her hair behind her
‘Then what the fuck are we doing sitting here, I’ll get the drinks, you get the movie’ Marcus said clapping his hand gaily.
‘I didn’t mean to frighten you before’ Frank said as he held Jamia in his arms, they were cuddled up on the sofa together ‘I just remembered everything that happened and I realised how close I was to losing you.’
‘You’ll never lose me Frank…’
‘I know but I could’ve thrown it all away.’ He interrupted
‘I wouldn’t have let that happen over something so trivial.’ She replied.
‘Trivial? Mia you nearly bought the house down with what you think you knew about Lyn and Gerard.’
‘I agree but against what you and I just faced it seemed like a trivial matter, plus I hate to say this but Lyn bought you home so I guess she can’t be the scheming, slutty, whore face that I thought she was.’
Frank laughed lightly at his fiancé description, but it didn’t stop him feeling uneasy as she mentioned Lyn’s name. Even though he rationalised and believed Lyn to be his hero for the moment something still didn’t sit right with him. He had to see her and find out what really happened.
‘I’m gonna go to the store to get some smokes, want anything?’ he asked sitting up and manoeuvring his fiancé away from his body.
‘Nah I’m ok, want me to come?’ she offered
‘No you stay here. I’ll see you in a few.’ He said leaning down and placing a kiss on her lips. ‘I love you Jamia Iero.’
‘I’m not an Iero yet’ she laughed feeling her heart swell with happiness at the mention of her future surname.
‘But you will be, won’t you?’ he said searching her eyes for reassurance.
‘Wild horses couldn’t stop me’ she said leaning in for another kiss.
‘Oh my God this is seriously turning me on’ Marcus said watching Frank thrusting his manhood into Lyn’s mouth ‘This guy really knows what he’s doing.’
‘Does he ever? He’s def the best fuck…’
‘Watch what you say here babes’ Marcus interrupted
‘Let me finish faggot face’ she said ‘He’s def the best fuck I’ve had next to you.’
‘You’re so good to me Lynnie’ Marcus said winking at her.
‘That’s because I wuv you’ she said ruffling his hair, they continued to talk animatedly while Frank continued his assault on Lyn in the back ground.
‘You know what? I’m going to have a bath my darling and when I come back. I’m going to fuck you.’ Marcus said blatantly as he stood up
‘Ok’ Lyn said unfazed by his statement.

Imagine what damage you could do with this video. My God you are a genius. I know seriously beauty and brains, I’m just the BEST person ever. Jamia would die if she saw this, she’d just keel over and die but we must reaming in control, we need Frank to make all this work, he has a job to do and by God he’s going to do it. Gee LOVES Frank. Gee will do what Frank says. Hmmmm memo to self set up meeting with Frank. Ohherrr who the fuck is that at the door?

Getting up out of her chair Lyn switched the telly off and went to answer the door ‘Who is it?’ she asked
‘Lyn is that you?’ a voice whispered back.
‘Who is that?’ Lyn hissed.
‘It’s me Frank. Frank Iero.’
Lyn slapped her hand to her mouth. This was unbelievable, how easy was this? This definitely had to be fate. Opening the door Lyn nearly felt bad as she looked upon his face. He looked afraid and lost. Had something already happened between him and Jamia? Lyn was shocked to find herself concerned.
‘Come in Frank, is everything ok?’ she said as she strode in.
‘Yes and no, I don’t know I have to talk to you.’ He said clearly agitated
‘Take a seat.’ Lyn said throwing the main door closed before following him. She sat to his left in her favourite arm chair.
‘Is this about the other night?’ Lyn asked innocently as she folded her legs beneath her.
‘Yes I…I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I keep having these thoughts.’
‘What thoughts?’ Lyn asked OMG you’ve turned him senile, he’s fucking crazy now
‘Sexual ones I keep having erotic dreams about you and I don’t know what to do because they seem so real, I mean really real and I wake up with erections and I’m sweating. A part of me thinks it’s because you bought me home so you rescued me right, so it’s natural maybe to have these thoughts about someone who saved you, but these thoughts are really sexy and like even now when I’m talking about it and looking at you I’m aroused and I’m really embarrassed so don’t look at my crotch. I just I feel so bad because you helped me right and here I am thinking dirty thoughts about you doing dirty things to me, not that I think you do those things, actually I do because I know your reputation, please don’t take offense cause you’ve changed a lot. OMG I’m babbling on, what I want to know is what happened that night?’ Frank said, his face was red and his hands were shaking, Lyn had never ever seen him like this before, she wanted to reach over and check if he was running a temperature or something, he looked ill, deranged even, she took pity in him but only for a second, because after that she remembered Jamia and what she had nearly done. She decided not to answer straight away, she liked drawn out dramatic silences.
‘Frank, you need to relax, do you want me to get you a drink?’
‘No. YES, yes please some water.’ He answered.
‘Ok I’ll be right back.’ Lyn offered him a smile that he didn’t return as she left and Frank helped himself to a pack of cigarettes on the table.
‘You don’t mind do you?’ he mumbled to Lyn as she walked back in, he was in the middle of lighting it.
‘Of course not’ she said settling his water on the coffee table. ‘So where were we?’
‘Last night’
‘Oh yes lets see what I remember, I was shopping with Gerard earlier in the day.’
‘You were what?’ Frank asked exhaling a long line of smoke
‘Shopping, you know when people buy things from a store.’
‘I know what shopping is. Why were you with Gee?’
‘We’re spending some time together. He’s giving me a chance to make up for my past mistakes.’ Lyn answered honestly before continuing ‘we got back quite late and I fancied a drink.’
‘So much for your recovery’ Frank snorted he was annoyed about what she just revealed to him about Gerard. What was he doing spending time with his ex when Cheyenne was out of town?
‘Are you gonna let me finish or not’ Lyn snapped
‘Sorry’ Frank muttered
‘Like I said I fancied a drink and so I decided to go and sit in bar, because seeing all those drunk morons makes me realise how far I’ve come and what I’m not missing. So anyways I went to The Tavern because it was closet and I find you propped up at the bar completely wasted. So with the help of one of the other fellow drinkers I managed to get you in the car and bring you home.’
‘And that’s it’ Frank said relieved to know that his perverted fantasies about Lyn were just that. ‘You found me and bought me home.’
‘Yes here’ Lyn said nodding her head
‘What?’ Frank asked stopping mid-reach for his glass of water.
‘Here. I bought you home here.’ Lyn said grinning at him.
‘I don’t understand’ Frank said feeling his stomach start to churn.
‘We left the bar and we came here.’
‘Why?’ Frank said, he was getting dizzy now, he could hear the blood rushing through his ears into his head his heart was pounding against his chest. He was afraid.
‘I think we both know why.’ Lyn said licking her lips maliciously.
Frank jumped up knocking the coffee table and spilling the glass of water, Lyn sat unperturbed at the mess he made.
‘What are you talking about?’ Frank demanded
‘There’s no need to get angry’ Lyn said laughing and rising from her seat.
‘Explain. TELL ME WHAT YOU MEAN!!!’ he said.
‘What? You want me to say it Frank? Fine. Ok. You and I had sex. There I said it. You came back here and we had fast, hard, naughty, dirty sex. All those dreams you’re having aren’t dreams they’re memories of last night and of all the times you fucked me and came all over me.’
‘SHUT UP!’ Frank screamed stepping back and nearly falling ‘you’re a liar.’
‘Am I really?’
‘You’re a fucking whore and a lying bitch’
‘I’m your whore baby’ Lyn said walking to wards him ‘I’m your bitch.’
‘I wouldn’t do that I wouldn’t cheat on Jamia.’
‘Oh but you did.’
‘You raped me’ he whispered as realisation set in.
‘No I didn’t! What a hurtful thing to say’ Lyn said feigning hurt ‘I believe it was you who raped me.’
‘What are you talking about?’ Frank said, he was sweating and his chest was heaving. Lyn saw this and was enjoying the power she had, she could make him crumble if she wanted.
‘It was one of our role plays’ she explained swatting her hand dismissively ‘you are quite powerful when you want to be dominant, but then again you like being dominated just as much.’
‘Why did you do this?’ Frank asked shaking his head; he couldn’t get his mind around it. ‘How could you? After everything that happened with Gerard, how could you sleep with me? I’m his best friend. How could you do that to me when you knew I wasn’t myself? What will Gerard think if he ever found out?’
‘Relax he’ll never know, this is our little secret’ Lyn assured him ‘It’s just for you and I to enjoy.’
‘You still haven’t told me why?’ Frank said, he could feel himself weakening he needed air, he needed fresh air, he was suffocating.
‘I’ve always had a thing for you Frank, always wondered what you were packing under those tight jeans.’
‘You’re disgusting’ he said looking away from her
‘Also I wanted to get back at your fiancé for trying to make a fool of me.’
‘Yeah and what about your fiancé? How do you think he’d feel if he ever found out?’
‘No worries about that Frankie my boy.’ A voice said from behind him, it was smooth and clear, the accent different from his and Lyn’s and it was enough to make his entire body freeze. He knew that voice he had heard it before, it was disturbingly familiar. He closed his eyes for recognition and his mind flashbacked to the night before; he could see it like it was movie, the stranger, the voice, the free drinks. It was as clear as day.
‘Marcus?’ Frank whispered turning around and facing the man who held the voice. ‘What the fuck are you doing here?’ he asked in disbelief as the other man walked over to and placed his arms around Lyn
‘What is this?’ Frank demanded.
‘A well formulated plan’ Lyn answered ‘by an unbeatable team.’

A/N- Hello my darlings. Straight to the point I have not proof read this chapter at all (I haven't had time) was meant to leave work over an hour ago, but just had to get this chapter out, so please forgive grammar mistakes etc etc. Hope you enjoy and you should know I got really excited writing this one :) Can't wait to write the next couple of chapters, very exciting/dramatic times people. Luv ya all and thanx for reading xxxxx
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