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Chapter 45

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‘Coming’ Amber called out as she headed for the door. She was weary and she had every right to be it was coming up to 1.00am in the morning, who would be knocking at Jamia’s door at this time.
‘Err, who’s there?’
‘It’s me Lyn’
‘Yes I’ve got Frank with me, please open the door he’s not exactly light.’
‘Who is it?’ Jamia said appearing by the living room door.
‘It’s Lyn and she’s got Frank’ Amber answered while she unlatched the door and opened it.
‘About fucking time’ Lyn spat as the door opened and she was greeted by two bewildered faces.
‘What are you doing here?’ Amber asked. She wasn’t sure what to do as she stood awkwardly between Lyn and Jamia
‘Delivering this’ Lyn said taking a step into the house.
‘What have you done to him?’ Jamia cried lifting Frank’s limp head so she could look at his face.
‘Me! I think I just saved him from an arse raping in a seedy bar.’
‘You drugged him’ Jamia accused
‘Oh why did I even bother?’ Lyn said throwing up her hands and letting Frank fall to the floor.
‘Lyn?’ Jamia screamed falling to the floor beside Frank ‘honey are you okay?’ She whispered kissing his head. Frank moaned but said nothing.
‘Where was he?’ Amber said kneeling beside him.
‘In a bar, he was wasted by the time I got there I couldn’t leave him, so I bought him home.’
‘That’s not like you’ Jamia retorted ‘I didn’t know you were capable of caring for others.’
‘Fuck you Jamia. The only reason I bought him home was because I knew that you’d be worried about him, I know that because I worry about Marcus when he doesn’t come home. It makes me sick to my core when I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing and I thought you’d be feeling the same, so I came out of my way to bring him home and this is the thanks I get. Next time I’ll just leave his stupid arse there and you can spend the rest of the night worrying.’ Lyn stated
‘We really do appreciate this’ Amber said shooting Jamia a look ‘Anything could have happened to him.’
‘Whatever I’m out of here’ Lyn said tossing Amber Frank’s keys.
‘What Jamia?’ Lyn said smiling to herself as he back was turned.
‘Thank you’ she said striking Frank’s head ‘Thank you for bringing him back to me.’
‘You’re welcome’ Lyn said closing the front door behind her.
‘Wow!’ Amber said standing up ‘Who’d have thought it?’
‘Yeah’ Jamia said rising too ‘who’d have thought it?’
‘Go away’ Lyn mumbled into her pillow. Her phone was vibrating loudly on her bedside table. Reaching over she snatched it up and answered it without looking at the screen.
‘Morning Sunshine’ Gerard’s voice sounded
‘Too early’
‘It’s after 10.00am, get your ass up I’ll be there in half an hour.’
‘No Gee, its sleepy time’ Lyn protested, she felt like she’d only had two hours sleep.
‘No it’s time to shop, if you get up now I’ll buy you something pretty.’ He bribed.
‘How pretty?’ Lyn said rolling onto her back and removing the covers from over her head.
‘As pretty as you want, I’ll even throw in a coffee.’
‘See you in thirty’ Lyn said hanging up.
Gerard laughed to himself and stubbed out his cigarette. He felt good. Everything was falling into place. The house was coming along nicely, he and Cheyenne were insanely in love and things were going great with Lyn despite the kiss hiccup they nearly had. It was just a small mistake and they spoke about it at the restaurant briefly and they both decided it was a heat of the moment thing. It won’t happen again. He wouldn’t let it, Lyn was engaged and happy and he was happy too. Everything was working out great, just like it should be, they only thing that bugged Gerard was the small fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about Lyn and that he couldn’t wait for the half an hour to be up so he could see her again.
'That's right Frank, open your eyes look at me while I ride you, I want you to watch me fucking you' Lyn said. Frank obeyed and opened his eyes the sight was wonderful, two full breasts dancing nakedly before him, hard pert nipples standing stiffly to attention, he wanted to suck them, to taste them. 'You want them in your mouth don't you Frank?' In response he sat up and grabbed her back pulling her breasts to his mouth, he felt her shudder and arch as his tongue licked and his mouth sucked. 'That feels so good.' She purred lowering him back on his back as he continued to assault her tits as they dangled above him, swaying as she ground her hips on top of him sending pleasure pulsating through his cock. ‘Who's fucking you baby' she asked. He moaned against her chest he could feel his orgasm building, he grabbed her hips as she bounced on his shaft faster and harder 'I said who's fucking you, tell me who's pussy you’re in' Lyn demanded. The dirty talk and the wetness of her threw Frank over the edge and he came hard calling Lyn's name over and over as he pumped load after load inside her. After a minute or so she collapsed onto his heaving chest, his eyes were closed exhausted from the manic sex.

'That's right Frank, open your eyes and look at me.' Frank opened his eyes again expecting to see Lyn’s naked breast hovering above him but instead he saw a familiar face. A beautiful face. A concerned face. He sat up with a start, sending pain shooting to his head, what was he doing here? What had happened?
'Not so fast' Jamia said pushing his body back onto the bed 'you've had a rough night mister.'
'What am I doing here?' He was confused. Why was he dreaming about Lyn? How did he get home? What happened to the man in the bar?
'You live here' Jamia said smiling down on him 'I'll just get you some pain killers and some orange juice, just relax ok.'
Frank nodded silently, who was he to argue? What the fuck was going on? Had they made up? Did they have sex last night? He felt like he's had sex, his penis felt well and truly used.
'Here you go' Jamia said returning with a full glass of fresh orange juice and two pain killers, she waited patiently while he got up, slowly this time, and positioned himself with his back firmly against the headrest. When he was comfortable she handed him both the tablets and the glass. She watched adoringly as he swallowed both pills and greedily gulped down the juice.
'Thank you' he said offering her a smile that melted her heart, it felt as though he hadn't smiled at her for years.
'You’re welcome' she said 'I suggest you get some more rest you don't look so good.' Taking the glass she turned to leave
'Yeah Frank'
'What happened last night?'
'We'll talk about it later' she said giving him a reassuring kiss on the head 'go to sleep now ok.'
Frank nodded and slid back into a laying down position, he heard the soft click of the door as it shut behind her, he closed his eyes and was instantly taken over by sleep and erotic dreams of Lyn.
'I think we've done it' Gerard said checking off a list of items they needed to buy, it was a list that Lyn had put together for him, after all she already had her own house so she knew better then him what was needed.
'For today yes' Lyn agreed it was coming up to 14.00pm and she was getting hungry, she wanted to eat. Plus maybe it would give them a chance to get intimate as Lyn couldn't stop thinking about the near kiss they shared. Yes, she agreed at dinner last night that it was a "heat of the moment" thing, but that was only because she needed Gerard to think that, to her it symbolised so much more and was a definite sign of things to come in the next week or so. She need to make love to him, she had to show him what he was missing, if she could just have one night with him, it would change both if their lives forever.
'Are you coming?'
'Huh?' Lyn said snapping back into reality
'To get some food, are you coming?'' Gerard said amused at the fact that she had zoned out
'You know I am, I love to eat' she said making sure to lick her lips suggestively as she looped her arms with his. Gerard smiled but said nothing as he tried to ignore the stirring in his jeans.
'I think that's a great idea' Alicia said, she was perched on the counter at the Way residence she looked around the room for reassurance from the others. Mikey, Ray, Christa, Bob and Amber all nodded their heads in agreement.
'So it's settled dinner at ours to morrow' Christa said beaming up at Ray 'we'll have Mexican.'
'Sounds delicious' Ray replied kissing her lips gently.
'So where and how is Gerard? I feel like I haven't spoken to them in ages' Bob said
'It's only been a few days' Amber jumped in quickly, she didn't want to talk about either of the aforementioned.'
'I know but we used to talk at least once a day, you'd think that since we'd been in-laws at some pint, he'd make more of an effort' Bob joked
'Gerard's gone shopping for the Bryar-Way home, he’s getting domesticated. Mikey said
‘What about Frank’ Ray asked.
'Franks at home' Amber said 'he came home late last night to talk things out with Jamia' she lied smiling automatically
'Oh good, I was so worried' Christa said resting her head on Ray's shoulder 'They've always been so strong and close I was afraid for a minute.'
'You have nothing to worry about with them' Mikey piped in. Its Gerard that you've got to worry about he thought, but didn't say it out loud.
'So how's Chey?' Ray asked 'I haven't heard from her since she left
'She's ok, I spoke top her late last night, she's missing us and can’t wait to come back, she handed in her notice at work so in two weeks we'll have her back.'
'oooh Yeah!' Alicia cried in approval 'can't wait for the girly nights to begin again and what's more now we have a brand new house to play in'
'I'm sure Gerard will love that' Christa laughed. Mikey smiled but said nothing he really really hoped they would have some more girly nights, but something inside him told him not to be too hopeful.
Frank was sweating, he was hot, so hot but it felt good he wanted it he yearned for it. He could feel her again, he was spooning her now, dipping his dick inside her lazily, he was so tired but he was teasing her and he liked the sensation of her wetness on his tip. She was moaning as he half-heartedly penetrated her, he could feel the motion as she rubbed her swollen clit, he wanted to taste it, he wanted to feel her throbbing mound on his tongue, but he was too tired to say so, so he stayed where he was moving slowly beside her, in an out, while she pleasured herself.

Frank woke with a gasp, he flailed wildly about the bed as he fought to realise himself from the confines of his sheet and quilt. He managed to get his head free before his tired arms collapsed. Why her? Why was Lyn haunting his dreams, why was he fucking her and why did it feel real? Was it real? He couldn't remember last night, where had he been? Why was he so aroused at the thought of Lyn, her breasts, her shapely ass, her wet woman hood, he reached down and felt his stiff penis, it was standing proud beneath his loose boxers. What happened?
'JAMIA!' He shouted, he was cared, confused, he needed her, his Jamia, his woman, he needed her comfort.
'What's wrong' Jamie cried racing into the room 'What's the matter?'
'I...I...' He shook his head at a loss for words 'Hold me'
'Ok' Jamia said climbing beside him, she could see he was disturbed, she spooned him just as he had done to Lyn in his dream, and she held him tight humming gently in his ear, she rocked him softy.
'What happened last night?' Frank whispered afraid that he spoke any louder she would disappear and he would be alone.
'Shh! not now.' She said
'I need to know' he said turning to face her 'please.'
'I don't know what happened' she replied honestly, she felt afraid now, she could see fear in her fiancé’s eyes. 'I said some things I shouldn't have said and you overheard them, you stormed out and I guess you went to a bar cause when you came back you were so drunk. I'd never seen you that bad before ever, then Amber and I put you to bed and you woke up this morning safe at home' she said adding a smile as she brushed his forehead. 'What you did between when you left and when you came back are a mystery to me.'
'I don't know what I did' Frank admitted but the uneasiness he felt was mounting as thoughts of Lyn plagued his conscious mind. Had he been with her last night?
'You must be hungry' Jamia said kissing his face several time, it felt so good to kiss his skin, to feel the stubble on his cheeks.
'I'm starving he admitted.'
'Well we can't have that can we?' she moved to the edge of the bed and stood up 'When you feel like it come and join me in the kitchen.'
'Ok' Frank agreed 'Mia.'
'You know what happened before.'
'Can we just forget it, I just want to go back to normal. Can we do that?' he asked, it sounded more like he was begging and it tugged at her heart.
'Of course we can' she said leaving down and kissing his lips for what felt like the first time in a long time.
'Thanks' he said smiling genuinely at her. He watched her leave and sighed a sigh of intense relief, he had remembered what happened regarding Gerard and Lyn, the arguments, the harsh words and a part of him was glad it was over because deep down he knew that something bigger then that was stirring.
'We used to have one of these' Lyn said picking up the purple vibrator, Somehow, well not somehow she had deliberately dragged them into a sex shop. She wanted to get Gerard's pulse racing and she had to do it the best way she knew how, with lots of lace and props.
'I do remember' Gerard said, he was trying his best to seem disinterested but it was becoming increasingly difficult to watch her hands on the plastic and silicone toys.
'Do you still think about sex with me' she asked boldly as she fingered a black and pink babydoll.
'No I don't' Gerard lied, luckily it sounded convincing
'No me neither I can't really remember our sex life since Marcus thrust his way in' Lyn laughed then added 'no pun intended'
Gerard smiled a tight smile and turned away. What she had said sent a stab of something through him anger? Jealous? Regret? Whatever it was he didn't like it and in the back of his mind her felt like bending her over here and now and making her remember.
'I'm just going to try these on' she informed him holding up a few hangers of lingerie 'I won't be long.'
'Fine, I'll just look around for a bit.' he said. He walked off still picturing her bent over form as he thrust angrily inside her. How dare she tell such a lie? Of course she still thought about their sex life, if was great, she must think about. Mustn’t she? She’s lying. She remembered everything, just like he did.
Half an hour later they returned to the car, Lyn pretending to be oblivious to Gerard's mood, jabbered on about everything and anything. Gerard listened absentmindedly answering where he should and hmming and yeahing where appropriate, he had other things on his mind. He wanted sex, he wanted sex now. He wanted to fuck Lyn, he wanted to make her feel his cock as it ruined her pussy, like it had done so many times in the past, he wanted her to scream his name and tonight she would. She'd scream it all night long.
'Oh there’s my fiancé' Jamia cooed as a freshly bathed Frank entered the kitchen. He looked much better then before, a little more with it.
'Whatever you're cooking smells delicious.'
'God you must be hungry it's only a vegetarian pizza and some oven fries.' she laughed as she placed two large slices and some fries on a plate and served him
'I don't care it smells yum' he said seating himself at the table.
'I'll get you some water' she said grabbing a clean glass from the cabinet and filling it with tap-water. Frank had already tucked in before she even sat down. Jamia watched him munch appreciatively through his dinner he finished quickly and eagerly started on her place.
'It’s a good thing I'm not hungry eh' Jamia said swapping plates
'You don't mind do you?' Frank asked though a mouth full of fries
'Of course not, you eat up.' she said taking her plate to the sink
'I have a question' Frank said sitting up as he was hunched over his food, he took a quick gulp of water and continued 'How did I get home last night?' he asked placing the glass back on the table.
'You came back in car’ Jamia replied
'But you said I was seriously wasted, I didn't drive did I?' he said worried as he knew the dangers of drunk driving.
'Of course not you were brought home.' Jamia said turning to the kitchen sink hoping that this action would prevent any further discussion. Something wasn't right, this didn't feel right, his chest felt tight and his stomach churned uncomfortably, he stared at Jamia's back waiting for more answers.
'Who brought me home Jamia?' he asked nervously. Why was he nervous? What was this feeling? He felt sick, he was a sentence away from the answers he needed and yet he didn’t want to know. He knew that what ever she said would shed some light on the events of yesterday and yet he was afraid to know.
'Lyn' Jamia said finally 'Lyn bought you home from the bar.'
As she said the name it came flooding back. Every letter of her name was like a slap to the face. He could see it, smell, it hear it feel it. All the uncertainty that he felt had dissolved from his body he had his answers as erotic images of him and Lyn played in his mind. He remembered it more vividly now. He remembered the moaning, the orgasms, the sweat, the look of her as he flipped her over again and again, plunging inside every hole she had. He remembered it all and it wasn’t a dream. It was all real, everything was real. What had he done? What had he done it? He had ruined everything.
'Frank what's wrong?' Jamia demanded. He looked so pale nearly white, his eyes were vacant and Jamia gasped as silent tears poured from his face 'Tell me, what’s wrong Frank’ she begged kneeling in front of him
'I'm so sorry Jamia' he sobbed 'I'm so sorry.'
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