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A Rescue and a Trap.

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What if at the DoM, Harry showed a different side, a side that hid his real strength. In a act of desperation, he unlock something that was rare to wizards and witches. See inside for more. H/Hr, N...

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Hello, this is Phoenix God here with a new story, it is rated R just to safe and could change in future. If I use any other Authors ideas I am sorry, and I will give them credit for the idea in first place IF, AND ONLY IF they send me a private message. This will be AU, have OOCness, and characters may not act like they do in canon.

Hope you enjoy story now on to the disclaimer, and I will not be putting another one up, we all know I don’t own Harry Potter cause If I did I would be rich, I would have Harry more powerful and he would be with Hermione not Ginny.

X Phoenix God.

Thanks to my Beta T-G Man

Harry Potter and the Midnight Phoenix.

Chapter One
A rescue and a trap.

It started out with a rescue mission to save Sirius Black, Harry Potter’s godfather. He was a man who was framed for killing the Potters, the parents of Harry Potter. You may wonder who betrayed the Potters to Voldemort and most of you would answer Peter Pettigrew and you would be right. The low-down stinking rat, was the one that betrayed the Potters. You see it all started out with a Prophecy being made by one of Harry's Teachers at Hogwarts. The prophecy that was spoken contained this information, information that no one knew besides Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches…Born to those that have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the dark lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not…And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches…’

The one this prophecy is about either Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom, both were born as July was ending and both of their parents had defied Voldemort three times. One set of parents were dead, and the other in worse condition, in an insane ward at St. Mungo’s.

Back to what was happening right now at this point in time, right now Harry Potter and his five friends Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Neville were with him in the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic building. Harry, who shared a connection with Voldemort through his scar from the killing curse an Unforgivable to witches and wizards, was tricked to come here.

Voldemort, who had found out that Harry and him share a connection, had sent a ‘vision’ of Sirius Black being tortured in the DoM, by the Cruciatus Curse, in hope of playing with Harry’s Hero Complex that he seemed to have. And like a string on a puppet, Harry had fell in to his hands and he planned on fixing his mistake he make on Halloween, by killing Harry Potter.

So he sent in about ten Death Eaters to trap Harry Potter and kill the rest of the spares, in hopes of breaking Harry’s will to fight or to make him join his side if he felt like having mercy when he saw Harry, with a evil grin and a gleam in his red eyes he smirked, probably not.

So this was the situation as of right now. Harry and his friends, who had followed him here against his wishes and orders, were surrounded by ten or so death-eaters, among them he recognized Bellatrix, Malfoy senior, Crabbe senior, Goyle senior, and Dolohov, who had their masks off, showing their faces proudly as they smirked down at the six of them. He recognized them from Sirius who told them what they looked like.

‘What to do, what to do, what to do’ Harry thought to himself, as the five of them were standing as far as back as they could go against a wall, while he clutched onto a ball that was the size of a snitch in his hand.

He could see, even if his friends were trying to hide it, that they were scared, and he was sure that, if their chuckling was any indication, that that death eaters could see it, too. And they had every right to be scared though, they had never faced a life-threatening situation. Where everything that has happened in your life flashes before your eyes, he hoped nothing bad happened to them, on second thought he hoped that Ron’s Memories, that he was probably seeing right now, where showing him his jealous, mean, and prat ways; even though he had no room to talk, by the way he was acting this year to his friends and family.

He pondered on how a way to get out of this situation without a bloodshed. Just as he thought this Lucius Malfoy spoke in a calm and cold manner.

“Hand over the prophecy that the dark lord wants, and we will let you six leave without any hassle.”

Thinking for a moment, as the other five sighed in relief or anticipation, he pondered on how he should answer the question.

“Why should I believe you? I know for a fact, that you are lying and are planning on killing my friends and giving me to Voldemort, regardless if I give you the prophecy or not.” Harry spoke in a harsh whisper, as his eyes narrowed into slits, staring at Lucius like he could read every little thought that was going on in his brain at the moment.

Immediately as Harry spoke the Dark Lord's name, all of the Death Eaters and his friends gasped at him.

“How dare you speak the Dark Lord’s name! Your lips are not worthy of the honor of saying his name.” Lucius spat towards Harry, as he took a menacing step towards the group, making everyone step back besides Harry who looked at him with his still narrowed eyes, that were beginning to darken in the corners, making Lucius a little unnerved.

“What do you want me to call him then, by his real name Tom Marvolo Riddle?” Harry spat back, just as cold and as menacing as Lucius, surprising everyone in the hall that they were in.

In a swift moment, that no one besides Lucius, who flicked his wand at Harry who flicked his wand back towards Lucius, a curse was sent out of Lucius wand and was heading towards Harry, who was standing calm in the same spot, looking Lucius in the eye, even when a shield formed around Harry, protecting him from the spell that was aimed at him.

No one, and I mean no one saw Harry move, leaving them all surprised as the shield formed and it made Lucius even more surprised that the unknown shield deflected his curse, an curse that took over one tenth of his core to make! No one and he meant no one was going to make a fool of him!

“Bella, Crabbe, Goyle, Dolohov and everyone else, I don’t want anyone fighting, it’s time I showed the Potter brat, who his betters are.” Lucius yelled, with a snarl in his voice as Harry repeated the same and told his friends not to get involved as he tossed the prophecy to Hermione, who caught it and waved her wand at it making it shrink and then put it in her pocket.

Immediately Lucius sent three dark curses in rapid succession, as Harry dodged to the left, then the right, and with a snarl, he flicked his wand towards Lucius, making the third unknown curse vanish before everyones eyes. A second later, Harry flicked his wand again and sent a green light towards Lucius, who immediately dodged thinking that it was a killing curse. Despite Harry being younger and more inexperienced, he was winning the duel of death, between him and Lucius.

With a smirk, Lucius sent an Imperio towards Harry, who let the curse hit him and then as Lucius attempted to make him give up, Harry broke the curse, making his magic come out of his body and cleanse him of the curse.

It went a while like this, dodging, flicking, snarls, and finally triumph, as Harry finally hit Lucius with an disarming curse, making his wand come towards Harry, who caught it and then snap it with a quick move, then threw it towards Lucius.

In his victory, his friends started cheering, about how Harry had won against a senior Death Eater and how they could win no problem at all. What they didn’t know however, was that slowly but surely, Harry's eyes were beginning to darken making them a forest green instead of the regular emerald green that he was known for. Lucius, who couldn’t believe that he lost to a fifth year, began to turn white, as Harry’s eyes began to darken further.

With a cold voice and an blank expression on his face, Harry began to speak as he began to call on his magic core in order to do this next curse. He began to feel the hate overflow in him, as he thought of all of the people that Lucius had killed, raped, or other different things he could have made them do.

“It’s time for this world to be rid of people like you.” Harry spoke calmly, as he stared in Lucius’s eyes with his own, now dark green eyes. “Avada Kedavra”

In with that incantation, Lucius’s life was swept away from him, nothing to show how he died besides the people who watched him do it. Everyone was shocked when they heard him speak the incantation, and he really couldn’t blame them, but it was better to kill them if you couldn’t get any information from them, instead of leaving them alive to commit more crimes and cause more deaths.

A shocked silence was heard in the room for a few moments, as they processed that Harry Potter, Golden Boy, and the Chosen One had taken a life and at the expense of a Unforgivable Curse too. Harry sighed to himself, wondering if maybe he should have stunned Malfoy then transfigured him into a bone or something and then send him to Dumbledore, but it was to late to do anything else.

With another sigh, he untensed and felt the adrenaline leave him, making him feel like he couldn’t stay awake for a few more minutes. Using Occlumency he ruthlessly pushed it away aware that when this was over it was going to hurt like a bitch.

Seeing on how everyone was distracted, he flicked his wand a few times sending spells, curses, and jinxes at the death-eaters, who immediately retaliated firing spells even he couldn’t afford to mess around with. His friends, who were still in disbelief, started to come towards them but before they could get in the battle they were interrupted.

The seniors (the ones that were still alive), and Dolohov went towards them and blocked them from getting to Harry and Bellatrix’s duel. Panting, Harry dodged to the right as a spell came towards him. Looking around for something to use against his opponent, he couldn’t find anything, with a sigh, he forced his magical core to come alive in terms of power. Meaning that he was making his core produce more magic for him, something that was not only dangerous but stupid as well. If you were not careful with doing this technique, you could end up a Squib or even dying a painful death.

He knew full well, that if he didn’t take this seriously then he could end up tortured by the Cruciatus curse, so with that in mind he flicked his wand a few times. Sending out six to seven spells every ten seconds, hoping to catch her off guard with the amount of spells coming toward her. Sadly it didn’t work, and with a smirk towards him, she raised a shield that blocked all of the spells, and then sent a Cruciatus towards him in the shadow of a dis-arming spell.

Having no choice, he blocked the first spell, then raised his Occlumency shields and hoped that they withheld the assault of the spell. With a moment of victory, he realized that it had worked, he could withstand the assault! With a grin on his face, he looked Bellatrix in the eyes and sent his own Cruciatus curse at her. So focused in this thought, that he didn’t see his friends being tied up against the wall, disarmed and defeated, as they watched him fight against Bellatrix and soon another three death-eaters.

Hearing a sound, Harry turned to the left a little bit and saw Dolohov pointing his wand at him, and Crabbe Senior pointing his towards him from the right, and finally Goyle Senior pointing his from behind him, as Bellatrix was in front of him.

With a nod, Bellatrix told the remaining death-eaters to send a Cruciatus at Harry at the same time, trying to make him give up. Seeing no choice in the matter, Harry raised his Occlumency shields to the max, in hopes of staying sane after this attack.

“CRUCIO!!!!” Four voices said at the same time, as four beams of red light came towards Harry, as his friends watched helplessly in horror, as the beams connected on Harry, one from the right, left, behind him, and in front of him.

A few seconds later, you could see the struggle, that Harry was having trying to withhold the scream that was dieing to break lose from his lips. Sweat started to break from his forehead as he withheld the curse for 15 seconds, after 30 seconds his face was turning colors, before finally Bellatrix had enough.

“I admit, you have impressed me, you have withheld against four Crucio but, don’t think you are all that, It’s time for you to scream, I want to hear you SCREAM, CRUCIO MAXIMUS!!!” She roared at the end before she sent a red curse so dark that it was almost black at Harry, who finally lost the battle in holding his scream, as he let a long scream full of desperation, pain, and agony.

Harry thought at first with the four spells, that he was getting slashed with invisible daggers all over his body as the curse started to last longer and longer. All he knew was that he couldn’t let them hear him scream, otherwise they would win. Just as he thought, he was going to get a break, as his shields were about to go out, Bellatrix sent another spell at him, and as soon as it hit him he knew he couldn’t hold in the scream. It felt like he was being pierced with thousands and thousands of swords over and over, as they threw salt into his wounds as well at the same time.

He could hear the sound of his own voice, screaming for mercy, that he knew he wouldn’t get. He could hear over the sound of blood rushing out of his ears, nose, and mouth, his friends begging and pleading for them to stop. He could hear Ginny, and Luna crying and sobbing ,even though they didn’t know that the curse Bellatrix threw at him, full effects. But what hurt the most was Hermione’s begs and pleas, as she sobbed for them to stop, knowing the full effects of the curse he was under. A few seconds later his vision started to blacked, his hearing was becoming muted, and his other senses was starting to shut down, as his brain and heart stopped.

The last thing he saw was his friends faces light up, as the Order came to rescue them. A moment later as the Order came, they saw the curses that was put on Harry stop, making them sigh in relief, but then horror as they saw that his body was not moving.

My name is Phoenix God, I have written another story, but as I couldn’t think of anything to write for it I have wrote this. This idea has been in my head for a long time and I finally have a chance to write it. And I promise to anyone who read my other one that I am not giving it up. Hope you enjoyed this chapter and I’ll see you all later.

X Phoenix God

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