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Harry Potter and the Midnight Phoenix.

Chapter Two



Everyone stared at the young hero, who was laying motionless in the middle of the room. Unaware of the danger that was in the room. It seemed finally, Harry would get his peace that he never got in this world and would be reunited with his parents at last.

His friends stared at the motionless body, unable to believe that the seemingly unbeatable Harry Potter had died. I mean think about it, he survived against Voldemort when he was a year old, fought his defense teacher in 1st year, 2nd year he fought a huge Basilisk which is a snake that kills when looked into its eyes, 3rd year he fought over a hundred dementors and won, and finally last year he dueled Voldemort again, and won again. But now, he was dead from three curses and one maximum curse as well.

It was a harsh reality, that a hero to everyone had finally been defeated, what would they do now? Who would keep them cheerful now? Hermione especially as right now she was sobbing over her dead friend, someone she has had a crush on since 2nd year, when she had heard that he was by her side talking to her as she remained motionless due to the snake. His other friends, were silently mourning for his death, unconsciously becoming harder, more colder to reality;well besides Ronald Weasley who on the outside was crying, but on the inside he was thrilled that finally he could get his money and possessions, and maybe get the girl as well.


Harry woke up in a void, there was nothing to see for as far as he could see in his vision. He wondered where he was? But that thought vanished as he remembered his friends in the Department of Mysteries defenseless. As he thought this he sub-consciously unleashed powers he never knew he had. He could feel it, the power filling up all of his body and magical core that was running low. He could feel every pore in his body fill with power as it swirled around him, waiting to be used against someone. But he could also feel a temptation, in the back of his mind, like it was trying to control him, make him bend to its will.

Tightening his fists he roared as his magic poured out of him, as he realized that he was dead and he couldn’t save his friends. Magic was swirling in the air, destroying everything aside from Harry, who stood in the middle motionless and defeated, as things began to shake and rumble. All of this was watched by a man who was just outside of Harry’s field of vision.

A few minutes later, tired and still angry, Harry finally controlled himself and calmed down, as he breathed in deeply and slowly. Hearing movement, he turned his head and summoned his magic to him getting ready to curse someone.

Out of the shadows came a figure, he was about 6’2, had brown hair, red eyes, and had a stubble around his chin. He had a pair of red cargo pants, a red T-Shirt, and a blackish gold cape that looked like a cloak. On his waist was the Sword of Gryffindor, shining a little bit of red, as the name Godric Gryffindor was emblazed in rubies that burned brighter then any sun could ever burn. He was smiling at Harry, who was watching him silently his magic was still hanging in the air waiting for a chance to attack.

“Hello heir,” The man smiled at Harry, eyes lit up in joy and sadness as well at seeing his heir, “My name is Godric Gryffindor, and you’re my heir as well as Ravenclaw’s, Hufflepuff‘s, and Slytherin’s as well.”

“I am?” questioned Harry, quietly as he studied the man who claimed to be a founder of Hogwarts, “Where am I?” He questioned again, seemingly not worried about the fact that he was the founder’s heir at the moment.

“You are in Limbo, something that you shouldn’t be in. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t have died until a long, long time in the future.” He stated simply, even though on the inside he was frantic in worry on who was going to kill Salazar’s heir.

“Can I get out and go back to the living?” Harry questioned softly, accepting that he was dead but not at the same time.

“Yes you can but not yet, it will wait until you have trained with me for a while and learn how to control your own powers and abilities.” He stated as he looked Harry in the eyes, watching as they started to glow a little.

“But I have to go back and save my friends!” He shouted with fury at being denied at going back to his world and helping his friends.

Godric looked at Harry and he could see that he was determined on leaving no matter on how, he was going to leave and help his friends. But he shook his head, and with a snap of his fingers, Harry fell on the ground, struggling to move and get up. Finally, he settled on looking up and glaring at Godric.

“You will not be leaving until I say so. And you don’t have to worry about time, time moves very and I mean very slowly here. When you get done, it should be about two and a half minutes to three minutes, depending on how quick you can learn my trainings.” He said with a smirk, and a full-out eerie laugh as Harry got up determined to hurry up.

“Let’s go then.” Harry stated.


Meanwhile back at the DoM, it was chaos as Dumbledore was dueling over eight DeathEaters AND Voldemort at the same time. As the other Order members were doing various things like helping fight the Death Eaters, protecting the children. Lupin, Sirius, and Tonks had gone to Harry and carried him over to his friends before they closed his eyes and covered him up with a spell, mourning over their fallen friend, or family member.

It had been two and a half minutes since Harry had died and the Death Eaters were celebrating, as the other side couldn’t focus because of the death of their hero. Suddenly, the unthinkable happened, as everyone was wand-less besides that Death Eaters, and Voldemort, Dumbledore was defeated in the duel. Defenseless he accepted that he was going to die, and prepared for the journey to the afterlife. But it didn’t happen apparently Voldemort wanted to see the dead body of Harry Potter, so with a flick of his wand Harry’s body soared to him, making everyone watch him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, what a glorious day,” Voldemort said coldly with a evil grin, “finally the brat is dead and I will rule over all of the world now that there is no one to stop me.”

There was silence for a few moments, as Voldemort soaked in the fear and enjoyed seeing everyone give up, now that he was unbeatable. With a grin, he removed the spell that covered Harry and reached down and just as he was about to touch him, Hermione spoke up.

“Leave his body alone you aren’t worthy of touching his body,” she spat toward Voldemort not fearing him at all, “don’t touch him with your dirty, defiled, and worthless fingers!”

Voldemort glared at her as he motioned for a unknown Death Eater to bring her to him. A minute later, he sent a Cruciatus at the Death Eater for taking so long and looked at the Mudblood.

“How dare you talk to me Mudblood!!” He raised a hand and tried to smack her. Just as he was about to smack her someones hand came out of nowhere and grabbed his hand, breaking it with the pressure of it being squeezed.

Turning his head he saw Harry Potter, glaring at him with black eyes. Power was rolling off of Harry in waves and Voldemort could honestly say he was scared. Harry was supposed to be dead but here he was right in front of him, one arm holding his hand and the other around the Mudblood’s waist, holding her to his embrace.

“H-How, you-your, supposed to be dead!?” He exclaimed in shock as everyone looked at Harry with disbelief, fear, and joy.

“I came back to kill you, Riddle.” He spoke softly, and coldly as well, making a shiver go down everyones spine, “It’s time I get rid of you Riddle, you have been too much of a problem to begin with.”

Harry let go of Voldemort’s now broken hand, and without a wand or anything else sent a spell at Voldemort making him fly back and hit a wall making it crack in a few places. Completely exhausted, physically, Harry raised himself up with pure magic alone, and hugged the sobbing girl in his embrace and he gently and warmly whispered assurances that he was alive and this was real as he kissed her on her forehead.

A second later, with Hermione still in his embrace, he summoned his and Dumbledore's wands to his hand, and Apparated them to Dumbledore and tossed him his wand, and gently coaxed Hermione to go by Dumbledore so he could finish Voldemort. Who was shocked at him being alive and Apparating through non-apparating wards without breaking them at all.

Turning to face Voldemort, he sent ten spells and rapid succession without pausing and Apparated a little to the right, as he watched Voldemort block nine spells and dodged the last one. Voldemort the retaliated with six spells that were dark and dangerous at him. With a flick of his wand he raised a shield that withheld all but one spell, making him dodge it by rolling to the left.

Deciding to use a tactic that was sneaky, he sent a few basic spells and hid a Cruciatus spell behind a tickling charm. Silently watching with pride, Dumbledore watched as Tom grew confident and let the last one hit him and then proceeded to scream bloodily murder.

“How does it feel Tom? Feel the pain as hundred of hundreds of swords pierce you over and over again, this is what I felt before your little bitch killed me!” Harry spoke calmly before roaring, “Crucious Maximus.”

Voldemort, who was in a lot of pain, began to bleed from any hole his blood could find as the maximum version of the Cruciatus was cast at him. Everyone watched in horror and fascination as Harry Potter was torturing the Dark Lord and making him scream as well as bleed, something that said that he was in a lot of pain because it shouldn’t be possible to bleed from that curse.

“How do you feel Riddle?” taunted Harry over the cries of Riddle, “How does it feel to know that I am beating you right now and there in nothing you can do about it?”

Finally, with a grunt from forcing his Occlumentry shields at max, he broke the spell and stared to leak magic that fought against Harry’s. His black, wild, and uncontrolled magic clashed against Harry’s powerful, calm, and peaceful magic, making small explosions as soon as they touched. Everyone watched in fascination, as Harry began to leak even more magic, before finally passing up Voldemort who looked shocked.

Harry’s features also began to change, his hair started to rise like moving in a invisible wind, his muscles started to bulge and then contract before finally stopping giving him a slim and athletic build, his eyes also changed. Instead of being black like they were before they started to glow to emerald green, but instead of the green being stopped in the iris it continued into the sclera, making his eyes look like two glowing emerald green orbs.

Finally, Harry smirked as lightning began to form around his hands, giving his hands an inexplicable glow. For a few seconds this happened, as the audience that was in the DoM watched in silence, then a green colored orb appeared in each hand of his before he shot then towards Voldemort.

One of the orbs came at Voldemort and hit his cloak, as the other just missed his head, making his sweat a little at the heat coming from the little five or so inch ball of pure magic.

Looking down, Voldemort’s eyes widened at the burnt and destroyed cloak that looked like rags that hung off of his shoulders as it fell apart and burnt into crisps. He pondered in fright on what would happened if he was hit with one of those balls, and decided with a gulp that it was time to retreat. With a snap of his fingers, Voldemort unbounded all of his Death Eaters and then sent a spell at Harry who failed to see it due to his exhaustion from earlier. The spell then proceed to leave a large gash that covered from his left shoulder to his right hip, that was surely going to leave a scar that would be huge.

Grinning from this little victory, he decided now that his opponent was now to tired to kill him as the blood he was losing was making him even more tired. But a moment later Harry sealed the wound up making it no longer life-threatening but it was still bleeding a little bit.

Angry at this, Voldemort sent a killing curse at Harry and then Apparated away to lick his wounds, just in time to see the Minister see him and gasp in fear and shock.


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