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Learn how to Control.

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Harry Potter and the Midnight Phoenix.

Chapter 3

Learn how to control


Looking around Harry sneered at seeing the Minister’s and his cronies faces covered in fear. He couldn’t believe that finally with everything he had learned from Gryffindor, he still lost to Voldemort and failed to kill him. With a sigh he relaxed feeling his powers still trying to break free of the temporary hold he had them restrained in, and watched the Minister run around like a headless chicken.

Another sigh came from his mouth as he felt exhaustion come from all directions from using his power forcing his core to expand, and not being able to breathe for a few moments. Seeing Dumbledore coming over to him he schooled his mask to expressionless watching him as he tried to use Legilimency on him. Since he was tired he had to look away because his shields were starting to collapse from the onslaught of his probing.

“What happened here Harry,” he asked coolly making it seem like he didn’t know what happened in the first place.

But Harry knew, oh yes he knew, he knew that Dumbledore was not as light as the public made him out to be. He knew that Dumbledore meddled in the dark arts and unlike him he couldn’t withstand the temptation to use them for no good making them as evil as they sounded to be. Thanks to this his friend the old Dark Lord Grindelwald became as evil as he was made out to be and thanks to Dumbledores interference Tom Riddle became what he was made to be today. So with his friend being like that he had to kill him and swore to never use the dark arts again unless he had no choice.

But in spite of all of this he was trying to help for the good of everyone else he had meddled in dark arts to learn how to fight them and trusted Grindelwald to help him but Grindelwald couldn’t withhold the temptations and became unstable and turned into a dark lord. Harry didn’t put it passed Dumbledore to know that Pettigrew was a Death Eater as well and deliberately set his parents up to die and make him powerful enough to kill Voldemort.

But now wasn’t the time to get into these things it was time to explain what had happened to him as he was dead. So with a sigh,he told Dumbledore about the training he had to go through. As the minutes passed he talked about how this unknown man made him train with weights that responded with magic, how he forced him to use all of his magic at once, making him stop training for a few days in recovering, He also talked about new spells, and silent spell casting. He didn't tell them about non-gesturing casting which is where you don’t have to swish or flick or jab etc.

He then with a sigh told them about him being able to Apparate in wards like Hogwarts without breaking or disturbing them and wandlesscasting something that made everyone gasp in shock, surprising Harry as he didn’t know that there was anyone there besides Dumbledore that was surrounding him. He could see their faces, as he said this, they couldn’t believe what he just said, so in order to save time he threw his wand towards Hermione, who caught it, and put it in her left hand, and then made a lightening spell, that stuck a box on the other side of the hall and watched as it blown up and then incinerated, as he threw a fire spell at it.

Turning to Hermione, who looked shocked with her mouth open in disbelief, he chuckled painfully as the gash started to bust open again. Quickly, before he lost anymore energy, he ran his hand over it and healed it with a healing spell until, he could get Madam Pomfrey to look over it to make sure it healed right. Then turned back to Hermione who looked worriedly at him, and then handed him his wand back.

He sighed once again, he seemed to be doing that a lot anymore, and ignored Dumbledore and went to his friends who were waiting by the door at the end of the hall, to make sure they stayed out of everyone’s way, with Hermione by his side. He first looked at little Luna, who he consider a precious friends and perhaps a little sister, she was holding her ankle with a painful expression on her face and was looking at him carefully with a hint of a smile even though she was hurting. Her clothes were in ruins, barely enough to be considered covering her properly and turning to Ron, he thought he saw lust in his eyes while looking towards Luna.

Disgusted with his looks, he flicked his fingers in Luna directions and watched as her clothes was repaired and then looked at Ron with a snarl on his face as he told Luna to sit down.

“You need to control yourself Ron, I am disgusted with the way you are behaving, first you are only thinking of the money you could get in my will when I died, and you to Ginny,” he said looking at Ginny’s disappointed face, and then added, “now you are looking at Luna like she is a piece of meat!”

Finished with him, he sighed as Ron and Ginny started to complain about he was being arrogant, when he faced He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Ignoring their childish acts for a moment, he told Luna to lay against the wall as he raised her ankles carefully, and put them in his lap, when he sat down, and then began to grab her injured ankle and heal it apologizing when she hissed in pain when he first grabbed it. A second later, it was healed and he thrown back as Luna finally lost her battle of her emotions, and cried on his chest.

Knowing their was nothing to do at the moment to help her, he simply wrapped her in his arms and had the magic that he could control, as he didn’t want to hurt her, wrap around them in a cocoon-like shape. The color was white and it gave off a aura that was calm and peace, before it disappeared a moments later, showing Harry looking down at Luna that had a smile on her face and was asleep.

Deciding not to disturb her, he pick her up like it was nothing and looked at Ron who repeated his statement again with more anger and jealously looking at Harry hatefully. Harry’s flashed black for a second, but it was so fast that it looked like it was a flicker of their imagination, before Harry answered his question while looking coldly at the two younger Weasley’s.

“Do you think I enjoy this?” he asked rhetorically to Ron, “think about it, I don’t like being so cold but this…..power, I have gained is fighting right now against me, I can’t control it fully, why do you think I was trying to hurry. It was trying to control me and right now as I talk to you, I’m fighting it because it wants me to attack you, and it hurting me slowly, more and more, as I fight it.”

Harry looked at them again and showed Neville a quick grin, at his performance tonight and then smiled at Hermione, before turning away and starting to walk away, going to Hogwarts. A moment later he stopped, Luna still in his arms snuggled in his chest, before he turned his head, showing his black eyes and spoke slowly.

“If you ever accuse me of something like that again, it’s over with our friendship and don’t look at Luna or for a matter of fact Hermione like that again or I will castrate you myself and let the girls decide on what to do with you.” Harry whispered deadly to Ron, as he saw Hermione look at Ron with disgust, before he added something else to his threat, “Oh, if I find out that you tried to rape any girl or try to use a potion on a girl, or make someone use a potion, I will personally hunt you down and kill you slowly.”

When he finished the sentence, he looked at Ron, with a look so deadly that the whole crowd that was in the hall, Dumbledore included, froze in fear, the only one that didn’t was Hermione who was by his side after he began to speak with Ron, and Luna who was somehow still asleep.

Ron looked at Harry with fear openly showing in his eyes, as he watched his eyes began to get darker, if that was possible, making them look like two endless holes that were on his face. He decided right there that he was going to never get on Harry’s bad side.

Harry then began to turn around, Hermione following him, and was about to walk out of the door making everyone sigh in relief, before he stopped, making everyone hold their breath and turned to the Minister who squeaked to the amusement of Harry and several others.

“Almost forgot about you Fudge.” he said softly, exhaustion showing in his face and voice. “If you don’t get your act together and straighten up this mess that you have made I will call a vote of no confidence by the Potter family.” Making everyone gasp since that hasn’t happened in a long time. “ The first thing you could do,” Harry said, looking at Fudge, “ is announce Voldemort is returned,” he ignored the gasps at the name, and rolled his eyes with a sigh, “ is back, like you should’ve done last year, and to keep me from ratting about your little thing you did a few weeks ago that you do almost every week, if you know what I mean.” he said coldly again, talking about the bribes that he has been taking from known death-eaters. “Is to clear Sirius Black of all charges to his name, he was not the secret keeper of my parents, if he was he would’ve killed me earlier, isn’t that right Sirius?”

He said this to a black dog who transformed with Fudge arrived, and who was now wagging his tail in excitement because he could finally be free, before growling as Auror’s started to come towards him.

“Back off of him before I do something that you will all regret.” He spoke harshly, towards the Auror’s who backed up in fear. “I expected for this to be in the morning paper of the Daily Prophet,or I will be telling everyone about this. Am I understood,” pausing to watch Fudge nod, “ good. Get started on it right now, and lower the restriction degree so underage children can practice and defend themselves in case of an attack.”

Turning around, Harry told Hermione to grab his waist before he Apparated with Hermione and Luna towards Hogwarts.


In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t like the Weasley’s I believe that they are using Harry but that is my opinion and I might not have Ron with Luna, now that I think about it. I know that Harry is acting, “I am almighty and you will do what I say,” but it his powers, that are effecting this personality, he will be back to normal soon, but he will always have a little of that cruel trait for certain situations. I mean I can’t make him a miniature god (no offense or anything of that sort if you are offended) without any complications of any sort. Anyway hoped you enjoy the chapter I am working on the next one right now, if you see a mistake since no one is perfect leave it in a review and I will fix it if it doesn’t make since.

Thanks to my Beta T-G Man
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