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Midnight Phoenix

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4th Chapter.

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Phoenix God

Harry Potter and the Midnight Phoenix
Chapter 4
Midnight Phoenix

Arriving in a soundless appearance, Harry looked around and saw that he arrived in front of the gates of Hogwarts. Disappointed, (as he thought he had enough energy to Apparate in the grounds) he flicked his hand toward the gate and watched it open ominously, making it seem like they were walking to their death, despite the warm castle appearance that it gave off.

Looking around, he saw Hermione, looking shocked at him, apparently she knew only the headmaster can open the gates and not a student. She opened her mouth, to question him but he gave her a quick grin and started walking to the door to the castle, still carrying Luna.

Hearing a disturbance to the left, he turned and saw a bird setting on a limb of a tree on the line of the forbidden forest. Looking closer, he could see it was a Phoenix, how, he didn’t know. If he remembered correctly, they were supposed to be rare and hard to find and judging by Hermione’s coos to the Phoenix she saw it too.

A few seconds of silence, as the Phoenix looked at Harry un-unnervingly, it flapped it’s wings and glided toward him and settled on his shoulder. As Hermione watched in confusion, it tapped Harry’s head in a questioning peck and waited for him to respond.
Watching, in case Hermione tried to touch the female Phoenix, (at least judging by it’s whitish color) he carefully moved Luna, until she was resting on him with only his right hand supporting her on his chest.

Then with more confidence then he knew he had, as this Phoenix could hurt him, since it was a white one, something that he thought had died out, (they were said to be able to control magic and use it better then a wizard or witch ever could) he raised his hand and petted her against her head, watching with fascination, as she began to glow a bright white. Suddenly, she began to change, her once white feathers became black as night, matching his hair color, her eyes previously blue changed into a startling emerald green. Her wings also grew until they were about four feet each, a little big in wing size but it didn’t matter.

As this was happening, Harry could feel, his powers that were still trying to break free, loosen their hold on him. It didn’t mean that they were gone though, it just meant that they were under control for now. He smiled at the black female Phoenix, as he unconsciously began to glow in unison with the Phoenix, both of their auras black as the darkest night.

Hermione, watched in fascination, as both of their auras began to bleed into each other signaling a bond was happening. Then as soon as it started, it ended, with a flash of light it was over. When it cleared, the Phoenix, was singing on Harry’s head and she could just make out a thin line of a lightning bolt on the bird’s head, where Harry’s was.

She watched as Harry moved his sleeve up, revealing a tattoo of a black Phoenix taking flight in the air, surrounded by another white Phoenix, and the moon glowing a startling white behind the black Phoenix, with the white Phoenix in the night, without the moon around it. Giving it a look like it was dark vs. Light theme.

Gasping in shock, as she finally saw something that surprised her, she saw that the female Phoenix had ten tails! Instead of the tail feathers being together, hers were separated into ten different strands, making her even more unique like Harry was. Walking up to the pair, she reached her hand out and as she was about to touch Harry, to get his attention, when the Phoenix screeched and tensed up at her, making her move away from Harry.

Satisfied that the girl was away from her bonded, she calmed down and rubbed her cheek against her bonded. Smiling, (as good as a Phoenix could) she sighed, (more like, did a short melody) and relaxed against Harry.

He chuckled softly, as he watched this, and at seeing the affronted face that Hermione made as she tried to touch him.

“Don’t worry, I think she will have to get used to you, before you can touch me or her. Since she hasn't had a chance to fully bond with me she won't trust you thanks to Dumbledore.” he said full of laughter in the beginning, and with narrowed eyes in the end. As he saw a picture of Dumbledore stopping her from getting to him.

“I wonder, why she won’t let me touch you, and why she is the color of black? I have never heard of a black Phoenix.” Hermione said questionably, toward Harry who lost his laughter as she asked about the color of his Phoenix.

With a serious look, something he thought he would never have to do right now. He looked at her carefully, like he was searching through her soul, and sighed tiredly at her.

“I want an oath, an unbreakable oath that you won’t tell anyone about what I’m going to tell you.” He paused and recited an oath, swearing on his life, that he wouldn’t tell about this secret and watched as she did the same.

“I hope, that you realize what you have done, if you break this oath and tell anyone without my permission then you will die.” Harry said this softly, looking in her eyes, to make sure that she understood what he had meant if she broke the contract.
Seeing, that she understood, he sighed once more and began to tell the tale of the Legend of the Black Phoenix.

“The only reason I know of this is because after I saw Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix, I started to read up on Phoenixes, trying to find something to stop my unknown curiosity about them. I finally, after a few weeks, found a book called, Unknown Legends about Mythical Creatures, where it talked about the first ever reported black Phoenix, otherwise known as a Midnight Phoenix. A Midnight Phoenix, is most powerful when they are in the midnight (hence the name) or when the moon is out. They are said to be the most powerful Phoenixes ever been reported.”
He paused there, watching as Hermione gaze at him without blinking, freaking him out a little bit. Raising his hand, he pet the black Phoenix on her head hearing her trill in enjoyment. He briefly saw Luna up and looking in fascination as the bird, before she tried to pet her, but the Phoenix repeated the actions of earlier and tensed up and tried to peck at her as well. Harry smiled at Luna’s confusion, and shrugged at her questioning glance and then continued with the story.

“Once, a long time ago about maybe during the time of the founders, a black Phoenix was sighted. The Phoenix, looked the same as this little one does, that’s in my lap. A man by the name of Godric Gryffindor, found her. As only females could be a black Phoenix. It was said that the man and the Phoenix, bonded because of Godric’s pure-heart and eventually became the only sighted Phoenix that was saw ever by any mortal.”

He paused here, trying to remember the rest of the tale, and briefly conjured with what was almost the rest of his magic, a peach that was in perfect condition and watched as the little female Phoenix, trilled in excitement, and ravished the peach, making Harry raise his eyebrow. She must have been hungry, he thought to himself, before continuing with the tale.

“Continuing on, a black Phoenix was said to represent sorrow, pain, suffering, and it also was the sign of a powerful grey wizard, a wizard that uses the dark and light arts without any problems. It was said that if you owned a black Phoenix, that you could access more magic within you, then you could ever do without one. One thing, that made black Phoenixes hated, was that when they bonded with a person, they wouldn’t let anyone touch or get near their bonded until they approved of them. there is more to the tale but that is all I can remember right now”

He finally finished, watching as the two girls nodded in understanding, about the part where they couldn’t touch Harry unless the Phoenix approved of them. Sighing, Harry turned and began to walk to the castle, intending on having a nice long relaxing bath and then having a good nights rest.

A few moments later, the group arrived at the door to the castle. Harry stepping up touched the door and brushed his hands against the symbol of the four founders, and watched as his hand glowed for a second. A moment later a click, was heard and then the door opened silently, letting them in it’s household. Gesturing with his hand, he allowed the two girls to pass him and then closed the door, waiting for the click of the door to sound out. Hearing the click, he turned to the girls and escorted Luna to her common room, where she turned and hugged Harry, ignoring the Phoenix’s cries of anger at touching Harry, and then went into her common room putting her mask on making her seem like a loony person as she gave off a air of someone that was loony .

After that, Harry turned with Hermione and climbed up the stairs and arrived on the seventh floor, in front of the portrait of the fat lady. Upon arriving, the fat lady looked at them with a smile on her face and asked for the password.

“Password?” the fat lady asked the young Gryffindor’s, watching as they opened their mouth to respond to her question.

“Phoenix.” Harry responded, quickly and tiredly. Before he went into the now open portrait and turned and hugged Hermione briefly before going up the stairs. Ignoring, the whispers and curious glances at the Phoenix on his shoulder and at the way they both looked, he climbed the short flight of stairs and entered the room marked Fifth Years, going toward his bed.
Looking at the Phoenix, that had glided towards his bed, he told her he was going to relax then he would conjure her a nice perch after he got done with his bath, letting her rest against his pillow.

Afterward he turned and headed toward the bathroom that was attached to the boys dormitory and preceded to take a nice long bath relaxing. Laying in the water, he sighed as his muscles began to relax fully, and began to loosen the knots in his back. A few minutes later, he washed up and stepped out of the bathroom and went to his bed.

Arriving at the end of his bed, he saw his Phoenix resting her head on his pillow, and Hedwig, who must have came when he was in the shower, was next to the Phoenix hooting toward his other familiar.

Ignoring the trills and screeches, he went to his trunk and opened it swiftly and quietly, looking through his possessions and settled for a loosen button up collared shirt that was a emerald green and a pair of blue jeans (something that his relatives didn’t know he had, otherwise he would have to give Dudley them, ignoring the fact that Dudley wouldn’t be able to fit in them).

After changing clothes, he then looked toward his familiars and watched as they finally decided to approve of each other and get along. Settled that they wouldn’t kill each other, he reached for Hedwig and began to stoke her feathers softly, watching bemused as she began to lean on his shoulder and rubbed her head against his left cheek. A few minutes later, satisfied that Harry still loved her, she flapped her snow white wings and went through the window and went to her home on the grounds; the Owlery.

Watching as Hedwig left, he turned his head and then conjured a perch for the black female Phoenix and watched as she flew toward it gracefully, almost as if she was bending the air to her will. A minute later, he walked up to the Phoenix and looked her in the eyes.

“It’s time that I talk to you, Emily.” Harry spoke in his mind as he watched his Phoenix, nod in understanding before she spoke softly.

“Yes, it is time for us to talk, I have been waiting for you since your second year of Hogwarts. But your meddling old fool of a headmaster has stopped me from contacting you.” She responded just as softly as Harry, as she saw anger flash in his eyes when she mentioned Dumbledore.

“That old fool,” Harry roared in anger and hate. “ If I could get away with it, I would kill him myself!” He finished as his eyes flashed black and then green again before continuing this cycle as Harry struggled to control his emotions.

“Calm down Harry,” Emily said softly, as she sung for a few seconds, watching as Harry glowed for a second and then nodded toward her in appreciation.
A few seconds later, Harry calmed down, and as he calmed down he decided that he was going to get Dumbledore when this was all said and done.

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