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Give 'Em Hell Kid

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Gee and Frank weren't always best friends you know?

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“No.Fucking.Way.” Frank spat, slamming his guitar down onto the solid concrete floor of the garage. “We cannot have another fucking guitarist.”
Mikey pulled a funny face behind Frank’s back and watched as Gee tried to take charge of the situation.
“Come on Frank. We’ve been practising for weeks now. You know something’s missing so why don’t we just try it.” I had to agree with Gerard, I thought Frank was being pretty unreasonable.
“Because. Because I’m the fucking guitarist, not Ray fucking Toro.” Frank spat. He was right in Gee’s face but wasn’t much of a threat as Gee towered over the tiny guitarist.
“Stop being so fucking selfish Iero-let it go for the sake of this band.”
I could tell Frank was intimidated by Gerard’s stature but he stood solid.
“No fucking way Way. I’m staying put on my decision. End of.” Frank drew an imaginary line with his arm.
“Fine then. All to vote for Frank getting the hell out of this band, please raise your hands.” Gerard said. Gee put his hand up straight away and finally Mikey did-hesitantly though.
I, on the other hand, couldn’t do it. Frank was my best friend, my ‘kindred spirit’ and he just stood there with his green eyes all puppy dog like and shit. I knew Gee had a point, I just couldn’t bring myself to do that to him.
“That’s two out of three Iero, out numbered two to one.” Gerard poked Frank in the chest and Frank ran off, making a dramatic gasping sound as he exited the garage.
“Well done guys.” I said, chasing after Frank. He went all the way upstairs and into the Way’s bathroom. I sat down on the floor beside him and put my arm around his shoulder.
“Don’t worry about ‘em Frankie, their just very stubborn-like you.” We both giggled slightly.
“I don’t know how you can stand to be with him Crys. I could literally smell the alcohol on his breath and it’s only four in the afternoon.”
I was slightly offended by what Frankie had just said and seriously felt like slapping him-however I restrained.
“He’s really not as bad as you think he is.” I said, defending Gerard.” He’s sensitive and sweet and he makes me happy.”
“Yeah. Whatever.” Frank sulked.
I put my head next to his and breathed out heavily.
“Remember when we were kids and we always used to have those sleepovers-and we’d stay up all night talking about random and meaningful shit. You said we were soul mates.” Frank nodded knowingly. “Well that’s what I’m like with Gerard. I can talk to him for hours about whatever I want to talk about and I don’t have to worry about him passing judgement.”
Frank kind of smiled slightly and kissed me on the side of the head.
“I know. I’m sorry.” Frank apologised.
“It’s okay. Come on, your going to apologise to Gerard and give this Ray Toro guy a chance.” I pulled him up, practically kicking and screaming and down to the garage where Gerard and Mikey were sitting on an old leather couch sipping coffee. “Go on, give ‘em hell kid.” I said, pushing Frank into the garage.
“Frank’s got something to say to you.” I said, kicking Frank in the butt which caused to him to stumble forward.
“I’msorry.” He mumbled under his breath.
This time I kicked him harder.
“I’m sorry!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air dramatically.
“Good.” I said. “Now can we please do some more practice. If this Ray guy is as good as you say he is Gee, then we’ll have to get lots of practice to make him want to join this band.”
The boys did as I said and we kicked into the chorus of a new song, bring more knives.

“Well, today was dramatic.” I said, slumping down on the couch next to Mikey. “Where’s Gerard?” I asked. It was a simple enough question but Mikey gave me the dirtiest of looks.
“Where do you think he is? He’s drinking himself stupid in some fucking sleazy ass bar.”
I hugged Mikey close. We were both scared for Gerard. Recently he had begun to drink constantly. He would drink in the morning, afternoon and night. It wasn’t normal.
“We don’t know he’s drinking.” I tried to bargain with an upset Mikey.
“He drank all the milk-we both know he’s gone on an all night bender.” Mikey sighed.
Right now I was so angry at Gee. For hurting me, for hurting Mikey and most importantly for hurting himself.
Sorry this chapter was so long coming-I’ve been really ill. Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter. Expect some pretty exciting things to happen before chapter fifty-one.
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