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You Were Mine: Part 1

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Brendon’s POV

I’m laying here trying to figure how in the hell I wound up so lucky. The most beautiful woman in the world was just lying next to me, off away, visiting some unknown realm of dreams. Sleep was impossible to me now. I could barely see the dawn light poke through a crack in our room’s curtains.

I cast my eyes down upon her. Half of her naked body was showing from underneath the bedspread. I draped my arm over to pull her closer to me. “Oh, Alena,” I whispered. I had made love to her. Love . I’m not afraid to say that because that was what it was. Love. The word was one that usually came with a lackluster feeling involved. But not today, nor tonight nor any other night to follow. Every second of mine was to be devoted to her, her needs, her wants, her whole being. Everything I did was to be for her and for her alone. /No, not love /, I thought. /I’ll name the emotion Alena/. For she was the only thing I thought of when I thought of that word.

I rose silently from my bed and made my way into the bathroom to shower. I was going to take her out today after I was through with Spencer and FueledbyRamen. I was going to show her the wonderful town of London. The boys and I had decided that we were going to take a mini-vacation here and stay at the hotel for a week or so. Longer, if that was what Alena wanted. Before we left Las Vegas we got everything finished with Alena. We called and canceled her studio apartment in L.A. where she had been living. I told the guy to send whatever there was left. Her landlord, name Charles, said that most of the furniture belonged to him but he would send her remaining clothes and other personal items. Then, we made her some appointments with Dr. Gray for after we returned from the U.K. He was pleased to hear that she was doing well and I agreed. Then to top it off Greg would be emailing her later today our pictures so she could finish them then send them to Abbey Roads to make the first print out of our album.

I turned off the water and sighed. I couldn’t wait to get through with work to take her shopping. She told me that she had never really shopped somewhere expensive. Just like at Wal-Mart and JC Penny’s and Target. I told her not to worry about a single price tag. I had saved up so much from not spending it that it was time I put it to use. The only time I spent money was to make house and car payments or to eat or to buy the occasional hoodie or Nike shoes. She only laughed. She had such an amazing laugh. You could feel her joy vibrate through her body when she was happy.

I wrapped the towel around my hips and walked out of the bathroom, feeling slightly better about myself, about today and the world and everything God had so graciously put in it. Alena was still asleep, her naked body covered only by a thin sheet. She stirred only slightly then opened her large eyes, filling the room with the color that poured from her irises.

“Brendon,” she whispered.

“Good morning, baby,” I told her, taking a spot next to her on the bed. She reached out and touched my arm gently.

“I feel like the luckiest woman in the world,” she told me, just staring up at me with those large eyes.

“Well, that’s because you are!” I exclaimed. She gave me a playful push. “Baby, don’t get mad. I mean look at me! I’m hot!”

“Yes,” she said, giving a small, seductive smile. “Yes you are.”

I leaned in, making our lips meet. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Ryan’s POV

I’m sick of sitting here. It’s making me sick. Seriously, I’m about to fucking throw up. The thought of them entangled with each other, so ‘in love’ with each other. Neither of them knew the half of love. Well, maybe Alena knew, but Brendon is still completely clueless. He actually thought he ‘loved’ Audrey! Ha! If that was love then someone drown me quick. That was fucking lust. Or a whole lot of fucking. Whatever. It was fucking disgusting if anything.

Brendon and I were going to be late. We were supposed to meet Jon and Spencer downstairs in the lobby in ten minuets and I guarantee he wanted to slip in a little quickie before work. He was such a skeez. Seriously. Why did the girls fall for him? It captivates me still. What was so wrong with me, anyways? I mean, I guess some girls think I’m hot and what not. I mean there are always the creepy girls who having nothing better than to write fan fiction about me and to pin posters of me to their wall all day. Whatever.

I rose from my bed (and all the anger I had been lying in) and left my room behind. I want across the hall and knocked on Brendon and Alena’s door. Ugh. I hate saying their name together like that. It makes them sound…

“Hey,” Brendon said to me suddenly. He was standing there in a pair of jeans and his hair was wet. He must have just gotten out of the shower.

“Hurry much?” I asked, making sure I added a certain sting to my voice.

“Yeah, sorry buddy. I’ll be down there, don’t worry.”

“Yeah, you better be,” I threw at him before he shut the door.

“Damn you all to hell Brendon,” I said under my breath as I went to the elevator. “She was mine.”

Alena’s POV

“I have to go baby,” Brendon said. He was fully dressed in jeans, a black Etnies t-shirt and a white Hurley jacket with black and white Nike Airs to accompany him. I could smell the axe spray wafer from his body.

He reached down and wrapped his arms around me. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too,” I said, giving him a quick a kiss.

“I’ll be back in a few hours then you and I can go out for lunch. If you’re hungry right now there is like a continental breakfast downstairs if you want it.”

“I’ll just wait for you,” I told him.

“Okay baby. See you later,” and with that and another quick kiss he was out the door and on to work.

I sat up in bed, stretched and yawned then headed toward the shower. The paparazzi had nearly eaten us alive at the air port, like mosquitoes on human flesh. I wanted to be more prepared this time. I wanted to look nice with Brendon. I wanted them to see ‘the next celebrity couple’. How would they combine our names? I wondered. Balena? Brendena? Who knew!


2 Hours Later

Okay, Brendon will be in at any given moment. I just stood there, looking at myself in the mirror. I was dressed in light fade wash jeans with a black tank top over a maroon tank top with a black studded belt on the outside of it. And on my feet were a pair of black flats. My hair was straightened around my shoulders and I thought my makeup looked all right.

“He will like it,” I told myself aloud.

“Baby!” I heard him call.

“In here, Brendon!” I called back.

He opened the bathroom door and he only stared at me. I suddenly began to feel very self conscience. Why was he looking at me? But suddenly I felt relieved. I saw the softness in his brown eyes. I could almost feel his heart lighten.

“Alena, you look wonderful,” he said.

“I just wanted to look okay, you know? Just in case we run into paparazzi trouble or whatever. I don’t want them to take you down. But my only problem is these glasses. I look like such a nerd…”

But suddenly he disappeared from the doorway. I watched as he pulled out his large black suitcase and began to rummage through it, searching for something.

“Baby what are you looking for?” I asked. He didn’t answer. He only continued to search through his bag.

“Here we go,” he said, holding up a contact case and a glasses case.


“Watch this, babe,” he said. And I watched as he opened the contact case and pulled out his right eye contact and his left eye contact and put them in the case. Then he pulled out his glasses and slid them on his face. I could tell he was kind of uncomfortable, but he looked happy to do it.

“There honey,” he said. “We match now.”

“Yes,“ I said laughing. “Yes we do! But baby you look so uncomfortable!”

“Nonsense. I need to get back in the wing of wearing these things again.” He reached out and took my hand. “C’mon sweetheart. Let’s go have some fun.”

I squeezed his hand back. “Let’s do.” I grabbed my cell phone and our hotel key and we were out the door.

[Sorry this was so late!! Forgive me? And this is a two part chapter. I'll have the second part up soon!]
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