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Delayed Reaction

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So how do You treat a guy that You know has saved Your butt while still retaining independence?

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I stood there in shock.

Mikey had just rescued Me.

I growled and started to walk away.

"Becky? wait up! BECKY!" Mikey yelled, but I didn't care, I just kept walking.

~Lunch Time, Under a tree~

I walked over to the guys feeling very confused.

"Mikey what's wrong? and where's Becky You were supposed to bring Her" Bob asked.

"She walked off somewhere" I mumbled.

"WHAT!?!?! why?" Bob half screamed.

"I kind of saved Her from being atacked by Timmy. She was handling Him pretty well until She started laughing, closed Her eyes for a second and then opened to find that I had just taken care of Him" I mumbled again.

"Oh...yeah that will do it. Don't worry Mikey, She's not mad at You, She's just mad She put You in that situation of being the hero" Bob stated.

"Why? would it be so bad if She was saved occasionally?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Becky has always prided Herself on being able to look after everyone around Her, so when She gets rescued She feels like She fails everyone around Her-"

"Bobby are You giving all My secrets away?" I interupted.


"Oh damn. Bobby will be worried about Me" I remembered as I did a U-turn and hurried back in the direction that Mikey was walking away from.

I shouldn't be so hard on Mikey, I thought.

I shook My head violently at that thought. There was no way in hell I would start falling for the guy.

As I got to the tree I could here Bobby eaxplaining why I acted the way I did.


"Sorry Becky. You know how I am, I love a good story"

"Speaking of stories- band practice tonight?" Gerard asked.

"How did You get to band practice from stories?" Ray asked.

"I took an itty bitty red bricked road in My mind that's how" Gerard stated quite proudly.

"And I thought I was weird. Yeah band practice is on tonight" Bobby replied.

"WOAH wait! I hope Your not saying it's at Our house" I cringed.

When You have sensitive hearing it's not so good for a loud and screamy band to be ihe same house as You.

"Yeah, We have always done it at Bob's place" Gerard replied.

"Whatever- just get it over and done with fast okay?"

"Whatever highness wants highness gets" Frankie sarcastically replied.

"How about Your testicles on a stick?" I grinned menacingly.
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