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And In Enters Our Hero!

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Becky has now got to face the guys at school, can She survive?

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~Next day, outside Nightmare High School~

"Nightmare High?" I asked.

"It was named after a black horse..that did something amazing.."

"And You have no idea what that is huh Bob? gee I thought You were the history buff, not Me" I smirked.

"Now remember, not everyone here is as strong as You so be on Your best behavior" Bob reminded Me.

"I will if They are" I replied curtly.

"I see a horrible injury by the end of the day" Bob muttered.

"Come on Bob hurry up" I yelled as I walked up to the main entrance.

After being enrolled and fixing up My locker Bob and I headed to English with the gang.

"Miss could You please come to the front of the room for a minute" The male teacher called.

I sighed and walked to the front of the room.

"Class We have a new student with Us today named Becky Bryar. Becky why don't You tell Us a bit about Yourself" The male teacher asked.

"Well My name is Becky who would have thought it and I am Bob's twin, and the reason that I was never at this school is because I was in an insane asylum convinced I was Alice in Wonderland"

The entire class was silent except for Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob who were in silent fits of hysteria.

"How nice. Why don't You take a seat" The male teacher replied, attempting to go for happiness but failing.

"Freak" muttered a red haired girl from the back who was obviously classed as preppy with just a hint of slutty.

"And it begins again" I sighed as I sat next to Bob and Mikey.

When the class ended I walked over to My locker and went to find the books for History when I heard someone walk very cockily up and stood still, waiting for Me to swing My locker back.

I closed My locker to find a guy with brown eyes, tanned skin and brown long wavy hair.

"I noticed You in class today" He whispered in an attempt to be sexy.

"Guess what so did a lot of people. What makes You so special?" I asked.

"I'm the captain of the football team"

"And I'm the captain of the kick ass team. Mine sounds scarier so why don't You run along to practice failing at life" I sneered and walked away.

Or I was going to walk away before He raced in front of Me and grabbed My waist.

"Why don't You come with Me, I can show You a good time"

"I got a better idea, why don't You drop dead. No wait You can't Your to fit- I know I'll help" I replied cheerily as I took His hand from My waist, tugged it behind His back and shoved Him hard against the wall.

"Becky what are You doing!?" I heard Mikey exclaim from behind Me.

"Teaching this guy a lesson" I replied as I turned to look at Him, but as I did the guy tried to spring loose.

I let go of His arm in shock and backed away slightly.

"Hey You will be under Me before the year is out. Until then don't You dare forget the name Timmy" He replied smugly.

"...Timothy is Your name? What's Your last name cuddles?" I replied laughing so hard I had My eyes closed.

With My eyes closed I didn't see Timothy coming, but I did hear a snarl, a swift movement in front of Me and then a groan.

I opened My eyes to see Mikey standing in front of Me and Timmy on the floor clutching His family jewels, even vomiting a little.

"You come near Becky or My friends again and I swear on pain of death You will regret it" Mikey snarled to a kneeling timothy.
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