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silent prayer for earplugs

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How do You tell Your twin brother that You think His band needs alot of work?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-07-11 - Updated: 2008-07-11 - 520 words - Complete

Walking homw with My twin brother used to be fun.

That is until He made friends.

"Gerard for the last time I will not talk about bats" I growled, glaring at the ground as I walked and cursing Bobby for finding friends.

"Why not? They are very interesting" Gerard smartly replied from My right while getting a piggy back from Ray.

"The only time I found a bat interesting was when a Ozzy bit it's head off" I muttered, begging for Our house to appear from the horizon I started to glance at.

And then, just as I had finished begging, I saw it.

Instead of walking with everyone else I figured now was a good time to escape, and escape I did.

I ran so fast that no one could keep up, reached the front steps, unlocked the door and raced upstairs to My room.

What foolowed was sounds.

I heard walking through the door, then the kitchen being disturbed, then clomps down the stairs and into the basement.

And then It started.

A wild, thrashing cacaphony of sound was reaching My ears and trying to kill Them. And it was coming from the basement.

Clutching My ears I walked slowly out of My room, down the stairs, and into the basement to see 5 sweaty and jumpy boys attempt music.

After They realised I was standing there They stopped and waited.

And waited.

"Well? what did You think?" Bobby asked.

"I think if You guys are gonna play down here I need to go get earplugs" I replied.

"Why?" Ray asked.

"Because it doesn't sound like music- it just sounds like clashing sounds"

"Bitch" Frankie growled.

"FRANKIE" Bobby yelled.

"What? She is. Things would be better if She was dead" He stated.

I walked casually up to Frankie and leaned in so I was right next to His ear.

"I-" That's all I got out as I was flung backwards.

I hit the wall hard and crumpled in a pile on the floor.

"I'll show You why You should never have come back" growled Frankie as He walked quickly over to Me and lifted Me up by the neck, effectivly strangling Me.

I was gasping for air when suddenly, I flashed back to the night I was attacked.


Men in shadows with red, haunting eyes.

"Don't worry Becky- You will be like Us. Tainted, haunted, and disturbed for all eternity"

A sharp pain on My neck, then blood drained from Me.....


I snapped back into Myself when Frankie had been wrestled to the ground by Bobby.

"Are You alright?" Ray asked as He and Mikey lifted Me off the ground.

Gasping for breath I nodded as I watched Bobby try and kill Frankie.

Frankie kicked Bobby off of Him and, in one swift movement, grabbed His guitar and bag and left.

"Becky...what's that on Your neck?" Ray asked, almost touching the bite mark I had.

"It's nothing" I muttered as I brushed His hand away.

"I'm going upstairs. Sorry to disturb You guys" I mumbled and walked up the stairs and back into the safety of My room.
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