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Chapter 21

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I drove around for about an hour not knowing where to go. I ended up at Pete’s hotel. I sat in the car once again not knowing what to do. Until someone knocked on my window. I looked over and there stood Andy. I rolled the window down.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine why?” I asked.

“Because you are sitting in your car crying,” he said. I looked in my mirror and sure enough there were tears streaking down my face. I hadn’t even realized I’d been crying.

“Oh that,” I said wiping my face. “It’s nothing,” I couldn’t think why I came here.

“Why don’t you come on upstairs. We can have lunch with the guys.” I followed him up to the suite he shared with Joe, who was sitting on the couch when we came in.

“Nonnie, you look like hell…”

“Dude you’re not helping,” Andy scolded. “I’m going to call Patrick and Pete and see if they want to join…”

“No…uh…Let’s just have it be the three of us. My friend Janay is trying to get Patrick to come out again tonight and I don’t want to monopolize his time.” I really just didn’t want Pete to see me upset the way I was I mean by the time I was to see him later I would be completely refreshed and hopefully there wouldn’t be any signs of my crying.

“So why not Pete?” he asked in a knowing tone.

“He already hates me and I’ve had a rough day. I would just rather not deal with him right now.” He nodded and picked up the phone.

“What do you want to eat?” I thought for a moment.

“I guess…” I thought of Frank. “Lasagna please. If they have it.” he called down our order then we all sat down.

“So you wanna tell us what made you cry?” Andy asked.

“Me and Frank had a fight.”

“Yeah, relationships can be tough. Especially when you live with your boyfriend or girlfriend.” he responded.

“Frank’s not my boyfriend. He’s my best friend,” I corrected.

“Could have fooled me. The two of you are always hanging all over each other…I just assumed.” Joe said.

“Well you know what happens when you assume,” I said letting the statement linger.

“What did you guys fight about?”

“He doesn’t want me to …work for Pete. He says that I’m worth a lot more. But right now I really need the money to save my house. So he told me to choose between him and the house and I chose my house.”

“That must be some house.” Andy said. “I mean it must laugh at all your stupid jokes. It probably knows what type of movies you like. Heck it probably even runs your bath water after a long day at work.”

“So you’re saying that I should have ditched the project with you guys?” I said still not telling them the real job.

“Non I’m not stupid and I know Pete. We both do, and yes I would have given up the house. Good friends are hard to come by.” Then there was a knock on the door. Joe got up to answer it.

“Hey you guys, what are we doing…” Pete stopped talking when he saw me sitting in the chair. “Oh…what are you doing here?” he asked looking from me to Andy who was sitting close beside me.

“I just came by for lunch,” I said. He didn’t look convinced. He starred at me for a few more moments.

“You were crying.” It was a statement, not a question. “Why?” he said this in a demanding tone, nothing like the gentile way Andy and Joe had been speaking to me. I decided to lie.

“My best friend is leaving to go on tour,” I said.

"That Francis guy?" he said Frank's name wrong and it really pissed me off.

"Yes, Frank is going on tour and I don't know if he's going to be coming back to stay with me when he gets back. I'm afraid he's going to forget about me." these were very real fears, just ones that weren't relevant till he was actually supposed to leave for tour.

"All this for him?" he said motioning to my face. "He must be really good in bed." He couldn't even be nice to me when I was already down and out.

"Screw you Pete,"

"You'll get your chance," my cheeks started to burn. I wanted to hit him instead I just got up and left the three of them in the room. I went down and got into my car. What now? I can't go and complain to Frank, or the girls.

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