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waterproof towels

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Ali and Gerard fight well kind of

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“Calm down please it was because of that one chick. I was really jealous. I started cutting and drinking and doing drugs, Frank caught me and found out why and told me I should live with gram. So I did and I left all my stuff at home and my mom found it and sent me to get help. She wanted me to stay there for a bit. So I did till I was 18 then I went to tour
with my band and when I got back I got a random text and it was to you from Frank saying Gerard I miss Ali dude haven’t seen her in years I wonder how she is. I am sorry I wanted you, that’s why. I hope you understand,” I sat there in silence.

“Pull over,” all he said.


“I said pull over” he came to the driver side and told me to move I did. I started crying I was I reached in my purse he pulled it away from me he knew I wanted to cut. He started yelling I cried even worse.

“What the hell Ali I tried to make you jealous you wouldn’t talk to me, why?” He looked at me a while.

“Frank told me not to talk to you because he didn’t want something to happen and I get pregnant or hurt.” He didn’t say anything and I got kind of worried so I turned up the radio. He turned it down.

“One question, why were you traveling?”

“I am in a band,” he looked at me in disbelief.

“Fuck whatever, what band.”

“Voices of Insanity”

“You serious I Love the guitar in that band.”

“That’s me. I just want to go home and don’t tell frank please.”


I thought it over before I asked, “can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Of course, I just need to talk to Frank first.”

Frank’s POV

Ali ran upstairs crying, and went straight to the bathroom. “What the fuck happened,” I stopped him, “What did you do?”

He calmly said, “She told me.”

“Told you what you’re an ass for making her cry,” I was lit.

“No, why she left it was me. I can’t believe me trying to make her jealous did this,” the look on his face was blank slash scared. I was scared.

“I’ll be right back,” I ran up to Ali and knocked on the door, “Ali Bo come out please I want to talk.”

“Even better you got an amp?” I was surprised she was smiling not crying I didn’t know what to think.

“Yeah, why?”

“Oh nothing. Help me with my stuff,” she had a smile on her face.

“Okay,” she grabbed my hand and drug me down the stairs and on the way grabbed Gerard. We help with everything then I came across two bass guitars, “Ali why bass you only know guitar?”

“About that,” Oh no here we go again, “You see I know bass, guitar, and how to play the drums. I want to see Mikes Ray and Bob tonight please?”
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