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Dancing with myself

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YEAH Mikey Ray and Bob are coming over along with somone else

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“Of course Ali Bo.”

“Thank you Frankie Boo.”

Her phone rang I was mad praying it wasn’t Max, “I hope it isn’t him.”

“Who him? I am curious to know,” Gerard asked me.

“Max Green,” I sighed, “She got in a lot of trouble with him. Hey do me a favor please, no making out or sex with her please. Oh and remember a towel when you shower please.”

She walked up to us, “Speaking of a shower I am going to go take one. For fair warning I am going to probably walk around in a towel for a bit. Long as I ain’t naked right?”

I heard Gerard mumble something. I couldn’t make it out

Gerard’s POV

“I don’t mind that ,” I mumbled quickly hoping Frank didn’t hear me. “I am going to make room for her crap in my closet later.”

“What you need to come out first,” he snickered.

“You think you are so funny what the fuck ever.”

“SHIT,” I heard Ali yell.

We looked at each other “Ali,” we both said I beat him up there and when I walked in the bathroom Ali was laying in the tub short ways feet hanging over the edge. My eyes were locked on her boobs.

“What happened,” I was a little nervous.

“Glass in the foot can you get it out?” I was still staring at her and she said something out of the blue, “They are real, you know a picture last longer but a DVD shows more.”

“Uhm, I got the glass,” I said as I was sweeping up the glass she was singing in the shower escape the fate lyrics. It was beautiful. I pulled the shower curtain open, pulled her to me and kissed her.

As I headed for the door she said, “Want to help me with what to where tonight?”

“Of course and I left. I went downstairs and sat on the couch my head buried in my hands. I couldn’t help but think she was crying, now happy, and I had to pee. So, o walked upstairs to the bathroom right when I was going to knock the door opened, “Hey Gerard,” she stopped, “Uhm I forgot a towel as you can tell but can……” I stopped her grabbed her head and started to make out with her. She grabbed my ass I did the same to her. She was kissing me all the way to the bedroom she threw me on the bed, and felt me
up pulled her head away and just smiled she went down to my pants and undid them with her mouth. I was surprised when she redid them and walked away, “Got to shut the door, Duhhhh.” I shook e my head at her. I could feel I was getting harder. She looked down at my cock and just shook her head.

“What,” I asked and all she did was rip off my clothes, she got on top of me right when I remembered what frank said. “I can’t Frank said……and I rather be with you forever then just this one night thing.”

“That’s okay I understand Frank would kill me,” she said. God I loved her, “Well I got to get a towel be right back.” I watched her walk out the room half naked only in underwear.

Ali’s POV

“Hey, Frank no towel up here coming down. Fair warning,” eh I felt normal I don’t know why. While I was walking down I grabbed a towel and rounded the corner.

Yeah but…..” he stopped right when the guys saw me well all but Ray. They stared as I walked into the kitchen. I went a got a soda they were behind Mikes, so I dead legged him and Frank laughed. I grabbed five bags of clothes kissed frank on the cheek and thanked him then ran upstairs Gerard was asleep. Mikes ran up behind me, “Ali, Ali, Ali,” he caught up to me I felt stupid I a towel, “uh watch out for Gerard you know how he gets.”

“Yeah well I am going to get clothes on now,” I went in the room and got my jeans belt and socks on. Right when I was putting on my bra ray came running up.

“Hey Gerard,” he trailed off and stared at me.
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