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Mony, mony

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Frank finds out about the band.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-07-08 - Updated: 2008-07-09 - 525 words

“They are called boobs Ray,” I said .

“Oh my god Ali,” he threw me over his shoulder and ran downstairs. I had a bra in hand this time so when we got downstairs he put me down and I put the bra on. I stole Mike’s drink man did it burn since my tattoo on the inside of my lip. That spelled G-E-R-A-R-D I-L-Y.

We started talking randomly and Bob just had to ask, “Gerard tell me you are in a band how’s that going?”

Frank gave me a death glare he hated the thought of me being in a band. I finally spit out, “Pretty good it me four other chick and my guy fill in, we are supposed to tour soon and are manager is trying to get someone to go with us.” I looked at Frank he was still mad I took a drink of my sorry Mike’s Jones soda, when my phone rang.

“Oh my god, Erin how are you,” I asked her.

Franks eyes widened, “The chick from Grams?”
I shook my head yes he jumped up. “So, Guess what,” she sounded really happy.

“What tell me.”

“I am in town at the airport come get me!”

“Okay,” I ran and jumped in the car and left.

Frank’s POV

“Wow I can’t believe right after me and Maria break-up Erin comes to town,” I was so happy I get to see her.

“Frank last time you couldn’t handle her. What makes you think you can now,” asked Gerard.

“I don’t know,” and I ran upstairs and hopped in the shower. I didn’t bother clothes just ran downstairs in boxers and fixed my hair a bit. I and Gerard had on matching boxers. Man I felt gay standing next to him. But right when I got down there the girls walked in they matched too. At the same time they ran Erin jumped to me Ali to Gerard and hugged us kissing us and everything.

“So how is Frankie Boo?”

“Really good, Erin Lynn I missed you,” I was happy to hear her voice. Ali interrupted, “ you want to go partying later?”

“Of course,” Erin answered her quickly, “But now I want to sleep.”

“You can sleep in my bed,” I quickly said.

“Erin did you get yours done?” I was so confused by Ali’s Question Gerard was too. Then Erin pulled down her bottom lip and it said something.

“You,” Ali did the same. I pulled her arm to look she quickly covered up her lip then rolled her eyes and showed me. Gerard looked to.

We both read out loud, “Gerard ILY, what about Erin’s,” hers said, “Frank ILY”

Mikey yelled, “What the fuck does ILY mean?”

Ali and Erin yelled back, “I Love You.”

I went upstairs a laid down with Erin. Gerard and Ali where sleeping and Mikey was downstairs. A few weeks later Erin and Ali had to leave they were going to perform with Max. I didn’t want them to go but I got two tickets to the concert Gerard and I were going.
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