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Chapter 23

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We ate in silence. I was surprised when I opened the silver plate cover and found lasagna. He explained that Andy told him that was what I’d ordered for lunch earlier. I didn’t tell him that it was Frank and my favorite dish. I missed him already and it hadn’t even been a whole day. He hadn’t called or anything.

“You finished?” Pete asked. I looked down at my plate it was completely cleared. I must have been hungry.


“Wait right there,” he left the room and when he came back he told me to strip. I was over being shy in front of him so I did as I was told. He slipped a plush robe over my shoulders and walked up behind me pressing his body to mine to tie the belt in front. His being that close caught me off guard and I leaned back against his body.

“Not tonight,” he whispered into my neck after kissing it. That caught me even more by surprise and he took my hand and led me into the bathroom where there was a bubble bath drawn it had rose petals around the sides and on the floor. Once again candles lit the room. He turned me so that my back was facing him again and untied the robe’s belt, then took the robe off of me again. He took my hand and helped me into the water. Then he left the room and I heard some music start playing. I smiled as I recognized the Coldplay ballad playing. I closed my eyes, then I felt the water moving and opened them to see that he was climbing into the tub. I started to move toward him. “Don’t you move,” he said. I froze. “Tonight is all about you,” he reached under the water and grabbed my foot and started rubbing the sole in small circles, putting just enough pressure in all the right spots.

I tried not to let myself relax, I tried to keep my guard up, but with the music and the warm water, then the foot rub. I found myself falling asleep. Until he lifted me from the water bridal style, the cold air assaulted my body. He just smiled and wrapped the same plush robe around me. Then he grabbed a towel and started drying me off. Once we were both dry, he wouldn’t let me walk, he lifted me again and carried me to his bed. He laid me down and then took out some lotion, lotioning me down from head to toe. Then he pulled back the covers and made me climb in first, then he climbed in after me. He wrapped his arms around me and we both drifted off to sleep.
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