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Chapter 24

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"House keeping," I reached over to pull Pete over to me, but he was gone. I opened my eye to see a petite black woman standing over me. "Uh I’m here to clean your room."

"What time is it?" I shot up and asked frantically.

"It’s 11:00am."

"Crap, I was supposed to be at my office at 9:00." I jumped out of bed completely naked. Why didn’t Pete wake me up, we were both going to the same place? I rushed around the room gathering my clothes. I didn’t care if I was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I grabbed my keys and rushed out to my car. I sped to my office. Then rushed into the building. "Mr. Howard. I’m so sorry…"

"Save it, you’re fired." he said only stopping for a second.

"Mr. Howard please…" I called after him.

"No you’re nothing but dead weight here. Now clear out your office and go home." he stopped and walked back over to me.

"Mr. Howard I really need this job, please just give me one more chance. I swear." he seemed to be thinking about it.

"Okay here’s your last chance. Your clients are in the conference room right now. I was going to send Maxine in there when she got here, but if you can show them what you have and they like it. You can keep your job."

"You won’t regret this," I said already headed to my office to get the samples.

"You only have until she gets here Miss Woods." I rushed and grabbed the work I’d done the day before. I was so happy that I’d done those samples yesterday I could have screamed. I entered the conference room and the guys sat around the table just like they had the first day I met them. "So this is what I have. This is what I think you are." I showed them my samples. "Why is this you? Cause you’re real you’re tangible. I mean you are just a group of guys who have something to say and the best way you know how to do it is with your music." I didn’t even look at Pete, I just kept my eyes on the others and they seemed to like it.

"I like it," Pete was the first one to say anything, I looked at him with surprise.

"These are really good," Patrick added. I could have kissed him. The other two also liked them.

"So you like them, you really like it?" I said in disbelief.

"Yeah this is the one." Andy said. I took a deep-relieved breath. I smiled as Mr. Howard and Maxine came into the room. "We have made our decision. We like this one."

"Are you sure, Maxine here has some ideas you might like." Mr. Howard wasn’t trying to let this opportunity to fire me slip through his fingers.

"Yes I’m sure." Patrick said.

"I’m happy with what Non has done." Andy said Joe nodded in agreement.

"I’ll see what she’s got," Pete said, I looked up to see he was looking straight at me. Our eyes locked and I knew he was just doing this to mess with me. I wanted to scream. To tell him this may be a game to him, but this is my home, my job, and my life. He’s playing around like it’s a game of monopoly.

"Miss Woods you can wait in your office, I’ll come and give you their answer.
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