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Holiday World Trip

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-07-10 - Updated: 2008-07-10 - 658 words

“Oh uhm I have to put you down for this present,” Bam kind of scared me when he said that.

“Bam don’t tell me not Rabb,” all Bam did was shake his head yes. Rabb came running up and tacked me I got up and we started fighting. He picked me up and threw me Gerard came running I jumped up and picked up Rabb there was a open locker but he couldn’t fit so I just threw him and yelled, “truce truce.”

“Gerard I love you come on,” I jumped on Bam’s back and we went to the roller coaster.

“As I promised cutie lets go,” Bam said to me. We walked up to The Legend. It had sharp turns and long drops. Bam wouldn’t let go of me the whole ride. When we got off I grabbed Gerard's hand and he pulled away.

“Fine then,” I grabbed Bam’s hand he looked at me funny but went along with it, “Bam want to go swimming.”

“Heck yeah,” he said I was o happy to see him. We went to change and I came out in in a bikini black of course. Gerard in black trunks and Bam in purple trunks with a heartagram on it.

“Wait,” I ran back and but on my purple one Bam sent me awhile ago, “you like?” Bam laughed. Frank didn’t talk to me the whole day. I decided to ride back with Bam and everyone.

“Gerard I am going to ride with Bam okay I don’t want to put up with Frank. I love you and thanks for not getting jealous he likes you and thanks for putting up with him okay,” he looked mad.

“Yeah and I was a little jealous then I remembered you hadn’t seen him in a while so I understood and I love you too,” I kissed him and walked off. I started to cry and I felt bad.

“Aw is Alejandra Rae crying,” Bam was starting to be and ass so I slapped him, “you remembered I like it rough.”

“Stop Bam please.”

“Why do you so that?”

“Do what?”

“Make me want you like this?”

“Like what?”

“Forget it,” he looked sad.

“Okay remember I Love you but I love Gerard more you are my brother okay and you know that and tomorrow I need your help and the concert okay I have a plan.”

“Remember I LOVE you more then air and I will help you after we skate.”

“I cant I don’t even remember.”

“It’s like riding a bike you never forget or like fucking me. We can relive that.”

We pulled into grams and said, “Yeah it is easy to forget when you have Gerard he’s better babe I am sorry,” I kissed him good night and he drove off.

I walked into the tour bus and Gerard was in there he was in bed I hoped on him he freaked, “Dude I was jerking off what the….”he stopped, “hey baby.”

“I can help you with that.” I got under the covers and took off my clothed and worked on getting his off and we made love till the crack of dawn. When I woke up he was gone. I grabbed my skate bored and went to the park.

“CUTIE,” all the guys yelled.

“Hey guys let’s skate.”

“Uhm questions first,” one guy asked.

“Sure,” I was kind of nervous.

“Are you really getting married,” another asked.

“Yeah why,” they were worrying me.

“To who and is Erin?”

“Gerard Way and she is getting married to my bro.”

“Oh,” they all said.

“Yeah now lets go.” We skated for an hour when Gerard and Bam pulled up.
I got scared and fast. Gerard came up and started kissing me, “Babe let me skate some more and we will go okay?”

“Yeah sure,” he sounded a little jealous/nervous.
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