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Part VI

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In which the sluts get their party on!

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They entered the front hall of the mansion. After seeing the graveyard it was expected that the inside of the house be decorated with the same amount of detail, which it was. Cobwebs and bodies hanging from the ceiling, blood splattered on the walls, and the huge stairway in the hall had random amputated limbs on some of the steps. Steven swore he saw the eyes of one of the portraits on the wall move as the five musicians walked past. They walked over to the pair of double doors; behind which everyone who was at the party was hanging out by the sounds of it. Slash pushed the doors open and they all walked in.

The boys certainly made an entrance. They were the last ones to arrive at the party so it was already full of ghouls, goblins and the usual things people dress up as at Halloween. Upon their arrival the music, dancing, talking and general buzz of the party died. Silence fell as all eyes turned to the five sluts.

Nina, the girl who was throwing the party, pushed past the stunned crowd and walked up to the guys. She took a moment to stare at them before she spoke.

"Holy shit!" She cried, "I didn't even recognise you guys at first! You look amazing!"

As she spoke the party slowly came back to life, the music resumed and people started talking again, no doubt about Guns N' Roses' costumes.

"Thanks!" Steven replied, "I picked out the dresses." He slyly added.

"Great job Stevie!" Nina said, she was dressed as Vampira and as she spoke, fake blood dribbled out of the corners of her mouth.

"Later on there's going to be a prize giving for the best costumes so look out for that one!" She informed them. "Have a great time tonight ok?"

Once she was gone the sluts looked at eachother. It was time to party. Slash and Duff scurried off to the Pirate Bar and Steven and Axl went off on a girl hunt, leaving Izzy on his own. The guitarist spotted some musicians he knew and walked over to them.

Tracii Guns, dressed as a scary clown and Taime Downe, dressed as Batman stared Izzy up and down.

"Izzy? Izzy fuckin' Stradlin is that you?" Tracii asked, gawking at his friend.

"Yeah it's me, like the outfit?" He did a twirl for his friends.

"That's a great idea!" Taime said, "The scariest band on the Strip dressed as girls. Genius!"

"Very hot girls." Tracii added.

Izzy blushed and thought back to his conversation with Axl and Duff.


"Hey babe, what's your name?" Axl put on his sexiest voice as he sat down next to a girl on one of the couches at the side of the room.

"I saw her first!" Steven sat down on the other side of the girl.

"Ignore my friend, he's been castrated recently and he's still kinda sensitive about it."

The girl didn't say anything back nor did she move. She was dressed as a cat with a mask covering half of her face.

"Aww honey why so shy?" Axl draped an arm around the girl's shoulders and quickly realised why she was being so quiet.

Her head fell off and rolled away, revealing a gaping wound at her neck. Both men shrieked and Axl quickly took his arm away.

"Man these props look so fucking real!" Steven exclaimed, as they both jumped off the couch.

"They're good though!" Axl had to laugh. "Well, shouldn't ruin the joke for someone else."

He picked the head up off the ground and placed it back on the body. Axl was expecting it to feel hard and plastic like a mannequin, but it felt almost real. It was even warm. He was very impressed.

"You better not use that stupid castrated line on a real girl." Steven warned.

The two men continued their search for potential at the party.


"Ew gross!" Slash grimaced and spat the drink out of his mouth.

"What's wrong with you?" Duff asked.

The Pirate Bar was decorated very authentically. Skull and crossbones on the sign above the bar, skeletons dressed as pirates all over the place and even pirate treasure. Duff had wisely gone for the rum but Slash wanted to taste the punch.

"This tastes like fucking blood dude!" He cried, "Here taste it."

He shoved the glass into Duff's face, forcing the bassist to drink it.

"Gross that does taste like blood!" Duff agreed. "Do you think it's real?"

"That's really not my concern right now." Slash scoffed, "How the fuck am I supposed to get drunk on this stuff?"

He grabbed a bottle of rum and downed it.


After mingling with some more musicians Izzy was feeling a little peckish. He left his friends and walked over to the table with all the food. It was mostly candy and chocolate apples. Various limbs and eyeballs were scattered amongst the food.

Izzy stuck his hand out to grab a handful of sweets when another hand came out of the bowl to grab a handful of Izzy.

"Hey! Let go of me!"

The guitarist struggled to break free from the tight grip, so he dug his manicured nails into it making it quickly pull away and disappear back into the bowl.

He decided to try another bowl of candy and to his delight nothing grabbed him this time.


"Where are all the hot chicks?" Steven cried out, waving his pom-poms in Axl's face.

"They're here somewhere, we're just not looking properly." The singer replied, scanning the crowd.

"Hey Axl?"

"What Steven." Axl was getting frustrated with the cheerleader.

"A little earlier, some guy pinched my ass and called me sexy."

Axl looked to his friend and thought back to what Izzy had been worried about earlier. But he couldn't help bursting into fits of laughter.

"It's not funny you asshole! Wait until someone tries to rape you tonight! You won't be laughing then will you?"

Just then Axl spotted five girls standing in amongst the other party people; two blondes, two brunettes and a redhead. They seemed to be much taller than everyone else. They had their backs turned to Axl and Steven but the singer still recognised the girl in the middle from just looking at the back of her blonde head. Axl grabbed Steven and walked over to them.

"Well, well, well Michelle! How goes things? I didn't expect to see you at this -" Axl gasped as Michelle and her friends turned around to face him.

"Oh hi Axl, Steven, how's life?" She said to them, lips painted slut-red.

Michelle was dressed in a nurse's outfit, the type you find in fetish stores. Axl and Steven had their jaws placed firmly on the floor.

"Have you met my friends?" She asked.

She introduced her friends one by one and with each girl the Gunners' hearts dropped a little more.

The red heads name was Alex and she was dressed as a French maid, Isabelle with the dark pigtails was a schoolgirl, Stephanie with the long, blonde hair was a cheerleader and Sasha who had wild, dark curls was a bride. How familiar.

"You stole our idea!" Axl cried.

"Yeah we did," Michelle replied, "We must have just missed you at the salon. The Twins couldn't help tell us all about their new friends and their genius Halloween costumes and seeing as we still hadn't thought of what to dress up as we thought we'd do what you did, except we look better of course because we're, you know, girls."

Axl wanted to slap that smug smile off her face right then and there.

"Oh yeah? You think you look better than us? Well we shall see about that won't we?" Steven yelled, "Come prize giving time we'll wipe the floor with you sluts!"

And with that Axl and Steven flicked their hair over their shoulders and strutted away.


"DUFF! DUFF! DUFF!" The small gathering at the Pirate Bar were cheering on the bassist as he and Slash stood on top of the bar, drunkenly dancing.

Duff got onto his knees and grabbed the garter around Slash's thigh between his teeth and slowly pulled it down the guitarist's leg. He threw it into the crowd and Frankenstein caught it. The crowd cheered and Duff grinned down at them. He was glad he didn't turn around and walk home after being pummelled with kids pranks outside. The party was definitely living up to his expectations.


"I'm a guy! I swear! Look, I even have an Adam's Apple!" Izzy tilted his head up to prove that he had one.

The drunken vampire didn't seem to care and advanced on Izzy, trapping him into a corner.

"That's cool, I've dated a transvestite before so I know your type." His breath stank of alcohol.

"I'm not a transvestite! I'm a guy wearing a dress and make up!" Izzy cried.

"Whatever, you look like a good fuck." Dracula grabbed Izzy by the arm and started dragging him out to the front hall.

Izzy tried digging his heels into the ground but the stripper shoes just slid about making it useless to even try. He pulled back as hard as he could, sure that his arm would snap off. He frantically scanned the crowd for any sign of Axl or Duff or anyone for that matter.

"Help! He's going to rape me! Duff! Axl! Help me!" Izzy screamed as he was dragged out of the room.

Somewhere on the other side of the crowd Steven was bopping about to the music while Axl made out with a witch.

"Hey the screams playing over the music sound very real don't they?" The drummer noted.

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