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lying the most fun a girl can have while not being naked

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Days past we had our show and the wedding was coming I was so nervous. The maid of honor was Erin followed by Chelsea, Sabrina, Alicia, and two friends of Gerard's. best man was Mikey, followed by Bob, Frank, Ray, Lyndon, and Bam. I just got in my dress when Mikey came running in with a box, “from Gerard,” he finally got out. It was a light blue choker with a guitar charm on it.

“Give him this Erin,” I kissed her cheek and handed he a bag her and she ran off. It was a new belt light blue with a guitar buckle.

“Welcome to the family,” Mikey said kissing me on the cheek and ran off after Erin. The wedding went good I cried when Gerard and I said, “I do.”

We got back to the hotel room. “I love you Gerard Way,” I told him whem I came out of the bathroom in just a robe.

“I love you Ali Way,” I giggled when he said that. He pulled me in bed with him and pulled my robe off. Right when we got done having sex Bam and Steve-O walked in.

“Oh My god Steve-O,” I ran and hugged him.

“hey Ali,” he laughed.

“Ali you didn’t,” he trailed off I knew what he was saying.

“Yes Gerard I did once,” Steve-O put me down, “but you,” I walked over all seductive like, “are much much better,” I said really sexy.

“Can I watch,” Steve-O said.

I hugged them and Gerard fell asleep. I left him a note:
Went for a walk call if you need me

I went down to the bar and ordered a Budweiser paid the man and ran into Bam on the way out that was all I remembered till I woke up. I was naked laying next to Bam who was also naked. I freaked grabbed my clothes and my phone and ran to my room. Gerard was still asleep and apparently dreaming good if you know what I mean. I got on top of him and moved him in and out of me then he woke up.

“I like this wake up call,” we laughed I got off and sat by him. My phone rang Gerard answered. “Hello……What the hell…….Oh okay I will tell her…….bye.” he looked at me and shook his head.

“Only one fucking day we are married and you Fuck it up,” he stopped I began to cry, “just answer this why,” he asked and began to cry as well.

He got off the bed, “same fucking thing as last time.”

“Gerard let me explain please I just……”

He cut me off I cried harder, “I can’t believe you fucked up again.”

I got clothes on and headed for the door he held it shut, “Explain NOW,” he demanded.

“Okay fine I went and got a Budweiser and all I remember is waking up naked next to Bam I swear…I…..I…..didn’t…I…I,” I kept stuttering, “I’m sorry p-p-please forgive me I married you not him.”

He let go of the door and walked away.

“I’ll, I’ll go,” I opened the door, “call if you want me back.”

I felt him grab me I turned around and buried my face in his chest, “I am sorry I love you more then air itself and just please forgive me,” I looked up at him, “please.”

His tears hit my face when I looked up at him, “I made a promise and I love you more then air too.”

“Gerard I love you very much and don’t you forget it and I know Bam is going to try and get me back,” he wiped the tears from my eyes I did the same for him.

“Ali Way I love you very much too,” he wrapped one arm around my waist and stood beside me, “let’s show Bam how close we are.”

We were kissing in the elevator and when it opened Erin and Chelsea where throwing condoms at us and laughed.

“DAMMIT,” Bam yelled in the lobby. Me and Gerard knew what he meant.

Gerard walked up and whispered in his ear, “Never going to work fucker.”

“Oh I did Fuck Her all night long,” Bam whispered back.

Steve-O was running threw the lobby naked, “hey Steve-O come here,” he ran to me, “want to go fool around in the room,” I whispered in his ear. He picked me up and ran, “Steve-O I was kidding I am married put me down Mikey Frankie Gerard HELP!”

Mikey came running and tackled Steve-O. “My hero,” I laughed while saying that.

“We got a show in a hours Chelsea lets go you spend to much time lip locking,” Erin yelled.

“You know what we could do in an hour,” Gerard whispers in my ear and bit the top.

“No I feel fUnKy maybe later okay,” I told him.

“I guess,” he looked like a depressed kid on Christmas.

We were sitting on the bed facing each other, “let’s play twenty questions,” I offered. He looked at me funny.

“Favorite color?”

“Tie between light blue and lime green.”


“Don’t have one.”


“Scrubs, and The Soup. You know you have a chance to ask anything.”

“Uhmmm…when did you loose you virginity and to who.”

“You at fifteen right before you started dating that one chick I hated.”

“All band members on stage,” we heard the announcer. The show went fast and I fell asleep in Gerard's arms like always.
I woke up with two boxes in front of me in colorful wrapping paper. I ripped them open and it was an iPod and a laptop.

“The laptop is for you stories and to charge and put music on the ipod I pu some on the from the CDs I found,” Gerard said scaring me.

“You shouldn’t have,” I hugged him.

We went into the main room and Gerard sat down and started playing with his hair, “don’t do that.”

“Do what Ali,” he looked at me funny.

“Play with you hair I love to do that,” I sat in his lap.

“Go for it,” I started messing with his hair he did the same with mine. I put the headphones in my ears and the first song that came on was Its better if you do by PANIC! At the disco. I started laughing.

“What,” Gerard asked.

I put the ear bud to his ear right when it says, “isn’t this exactly were you like I am exactly were you like me you know paying for love and a lap dance.” We busted out laughing I turned of the iPod now face him but still in his lap.

“I love you,” Gerard said them kissed me.

“I love your soft hair and lips,” I kissed him back.

“I love how your hair falls in you face and how you never were make up.”

“I love your eyes and the way you talk to me,” I kissed him.


They cut him off, “love when you shut up.”
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