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Chapter 5

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(Brie’s POV)

The phone rang jolting me from my memories and back to the present, and out of his arms. I walked over and picked up the phone. “Abrianna what the hell were you thinking walking out of class today?” it was Dr. Maddox he and I had developed a father daughter like relationship since I didn’t have anyone else.

“Don’t worry, I already knew what she was talking about I could have taught the lesson myself.” I said smiling. He knew it was true. When I was in my coma they did a lot of experiments on me. I mean Jane Doe in the hospital, no one to claim her oh and lets not forget she’s two minutes from death, but what ever they did made me heal faster, stronger, my senses were super charged my seeing and hearing. I could learn faster, I could have had my PHD three times by now if they would let me. I could run and move faster. My little friend was a side effect of that too.

“Brie that’s not funny.” he said with a sigh. I didn’t ask you to make me this way. “You have to blend in.” they were afraid someone would take me and turn me into a weapon. I figure they just wanted first dibs.

“Look no one even notices me. I might as well be invisible.”

“Haha like me.” there he is.

“Huh?” did he just ask me something.

“What?” I said knowing he would catch on to the fact that my invisible friend distracted me.

“And for god sake take you pills.” I picked up the bottle “You know that he will keep you distracted and you won’t be able to concentrate on anything.” taking one of the pills out. I sat it on my tongue and let it dissolve. I felt him disappear.

“What ever you were saying can be said tomorrow when I come in right Doc?”

“I guess…”

“Good cause I gotta go.” I said hanging up the phone. Since I took my pill I should be able to concentrate at the Gym.
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