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Chapter 37

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I took a deep breath and ran cool water on the wash cloth. Then I got the alcohol and some cotton balls. Then I sat down on the coffee table across from Pete.

“This is probably going to hurt Pete,” I said putting a little alcohol on a cotton ball. He grimaced when I touched the cotton ball to the cut below his eye.

“I’ll pay to have your locks changed.” He said after I was done. There he goes throwing his money in my face again. I mean its not like Frank would ever hurt me, well not physically anyways.

“No need, I’ll have to find a new place anyway.”

“I still think you should change them for while you’re still here. This isn’t a question or a suggestion. You are having your locks changed.” Who does he think he is?

“Listen carefully, I’m not an employee of yours nor do you pay any of my bills…”

“I did yesterday…” he said that same smirk played on his lips from the morning after our first night together. It sent me over the edge, he still thought of me as a hooker, even after I gave him back the money.

“Get out,” I screamed before he could say anything about the money that he paid me before the forty thousand. I pushed him out of the door and closed and locked it. “The locks seem to be working just fine, Mr. Wentz. I guess I’ll see you on Monday.” I yelled the last part. Then I went and called him a cab since I’d driven.

I needed a drink. I needed more than I drink, but I was sure there wasn’t anything in the house, and I could just imagine the disappointment on Marcia’s face if I used again. I mean I was four years clean and I would be throwing all of that away if I did. I took a deep breath. I was losing everything. I walked over to the liquor cabinet and pulled out the half empty bottle of vodka. I was losing everyone and everything that I had worked so hard for over the past four years. I mean my family was blowing in the wind and I was falling for a guy who thought very lowly of me. The other man who loves me used to be my best friend until he tricked my sister into helping him manipulate me into being with him and I fell for it. I fell for it.


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