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Chapter 38

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“Great job Nonnie, you sure know how to pick them.” I slurred taking another drink from the bottle in my hand. I leaned back onto the couch so that I was lying down. This had been quite a few days for me. I lost my sister, and my best friend. My other friend was lost to her new boyfriend. I mean I hadn’t seen or heard from Janay in days. “Let’s see what else have I lost this week?” this was shaping up to be a fun game. Name the things we’ve lost in the past four days. “Oh my house, my dignity, uh my…my…there’s more I know it.” I let my eyes close while I was thinking. I shot up off the couch as cold water soaked through my clothes.

“What the hell?” I screamed my head began to ache with increasing pain.

“I won’t let you do this.” I looked up and there stood Marcia.

“What do you want?” I said. I was freezing, but I didn’t think I would be able to get up to my room to change into dry clothes.

“Tell me about what’s going on with Pete,”


“Oh so now you’re lying to me too?”

“Don’t you dare try that with me. As if you didn’t lie?”

“I did, and I’m sorry. Nonnie I’m so sorry, but Frank’s a good guy. He wouldn’t…”

“He wouldn’t pay me for sex. You’re right he wouldn’t, he would just manipulate me until I slept with him. Along with blackmailing my little sister, who he knows I’m over protective of into helping him. How does that make anything okay?” I smiled “And now you’re here defending him. Sweet real sweet, you know I always said you were too nice.” I forced myself to my feet and the headed up the steps. Now I remembered why I had chosen to do drugs instead of drinking, hangovers are much worse. Well for me anyways.

“Are you using again?” I stopped on the top step.

“No…No not yet,” I said going into my room.
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