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Chapter 39

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I’m not sure how long I lay there in my bed, but when I finally got up and looked out of my window it was dark. I wasted my whole weekend. I knew what I needed, but was a willing to throw away the past four years of sobriety?

I made up my mind quickly and got my keys and rushed out of the door before Marcia could ask me where I was going. I knew she was going to try and stop me and all I wanted to do was forget everything that was happening to me. I needed to forget before it drove me insane.

I drove about three blocks and walked up the steps of a red row house. I knocked on the door. I started second guessing myself. What was I doing, was I really about do give up all that hard work?

“Wow two of my old friends stopping by in one night huh?” Bert said looking me up and down as he opened the door wide for me to come in. Bert was my dealer. The four of us Bert, Gerard, my ex and I used to hang out and cocaine was our favorite past time. Frank and Marcia both worked hard to get Gerard and I clean.

“What do you mean two?” I asked, even though I had a feeling I already knew. I walked into the house and saw Gerard sitting on the couch, a mirror on the table. He was cutting lines, I could tell he hadn’t snorted any yet. “What the hell are you doing?” I yelled. He looked up at me, I could tell right away he had been crying.

“What the hell are you doing,” he countered mirroring my tone. I couldn’t lie and tell him that I came to stop him, he knows me almost as well as Frank by now he would be able to tell.

“Gerard don’t.” I said.

“Nonnie leave,” he stood up and walked toward me.

“I won’t leave unless you come with me.” I said stubbornly.

“She told me about Frank.” he said. “I kicked her out.”

“Gerard nothing happened.”

“Just the fact that she thought something did and she didn’t tell me…”

“If she had told you what would you have done? Kicked her out. So now that she knows nothing happened and told you cause she thought she could trust you, you kicked her out?” I said making him listen to the situation from my point of view.

“It doesn’t matter, I kicked out Frank too.”

“Sweet so now you’re breaking up the band? Over a girl?” I rolled my eyes in frustration.

“Why are you here?” he said turning the tables. Bert just stood there watching us go back and forth. I guess he didn’t care one way or the other he knew he was getting high he just didn’t know if he would have to share or not.

“I don’t…” I was about to lie. “I…just…” he grabbed my wrist and dragged the both of us out of the house then we went to my car. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it. “I wish I smoked then I would have something to replace using.”

“No you don’t and if I ever catch you smoking or here again…”

“I could say the same for you.” I said.

“We can’t let them do this to us Non. Its not healthy.”

“Look for me its not just Frank, its Pete, my house, Marcia, My dad. The list goes on.

“Aw Sugar, if it helps I’m always here. Well not here, but you know what I mean. You think any meetings are nearby?” he asked. He was talking about NA meetings. We hadn’t been to one in years.

“I don’t know, but I don’t feel like going to one anyways. I’m surprised I’m alive after all I drank last night.” I said he frowned at me.

“Non, don’t trade one bad habit for another.”

“You did,” I said motioning to the cigarette in his hand.

“Non, please don’t compare the two of us. I’ve been at this a lot longer and I’m sure to be more screwed up than you.” I smiled.

“I wouldn’t be so sure.”

“Come on let’s get you home.”

“Marcia’s there I don’t wanna go there.”

“How bout my place. Frank’s not there anymore. I think he’s crashing at Bob’s. So you have the lay of the land. I’ll follow you in my car okay,” I nodded and he opened my door for me. Maybe a platonic night at Gerard’s will make things seem a little less bleak.
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